Gavin Boby Before the Planning Council in Sunderland

Update: I am told that this mosque application was in Sunderland, rather than Newcastle. As you can see, there is no clear identifier in the video itself, so I had to go by Vlad’s title.

Gavin Boby of Law and Freedom makes it his business to oppose applications for new mosques before local planning councils in England.

Mr. Boby’s most recent effort was to oppose a mosque in Newcastle Sunderland yesterday. He didn’t succeed — the plan was approved — but you’ll notice the spontaneous round of applause from the spectators at the end of his presentation. This is not typical public behavior in England.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this hidden camera video:

13 thoughts on “Gavin Boby Before the Planning Council in Sunderland

  1. ChristianInfidel says:

    Bravo for Mr. Boby, and thanks for the cultural note about the unusual nature of the spontaneous applause. Am I right in my impression that political correctness in Britain is beginning to be challenged more and more, even if the challenge so far is still small?

    I hope the day when the planning council is held to account comes soon, and I hope that for them it is a very long, hard day.

  2. Why all this focus on “parking spaces”? Is this the only objection one can have in Britain? Does the preaching of an ideology where at least one verse of its “holy book” – 9:29 – breaks UK law on “incitement to violence” not count?!

    Enough of this PC nonsense. The issue is NOT parking spaces. And even if it was, the main issue is the vicious, aggressive, violent ideology to be preached in these mosques. THIS should be the main focus of all these “planning applications”…

  3. This is Sunderland – NOT Newcastle. True they are in the same geographical area but are two very different cities.
    Sorry to be pedantic but there are strong rivalries between the two and Novocastrians would be insulted to be called Wearsiders and Sunderland residents would be insulted to be mistaken for Novocastrians. Suggest you either change to “North East” (generic) or “Sunderland” . Tis still a little tribal in these parts although the rest of the UK thinks they are all “Geordies” (only Novocastrians are Geordies).
    Mr Boby was totally correct. A domineering mosque will be totally out of character in that area – just as is the huge one just outside Sheffield railway station.

  4. They’re afraid. Afraid of disorder, riots, etc. It’s the only explanation for their behavior.
    Let them remember that Britain has endured rounds of civil wars that have lasted DECADES!
    If the multiculturalists and their friends want to go for another, let them keep this kind of repression up.
    Islam, this is your Vietnam.

  5. bewick —

    As you can see, there is no clear identifier in the video itself, so I had to go by Vlad’s title. Romanian vampires are not generally familiar with the geography of northern England, so it’s no surprise that he goofed.

  6. @Green Infidel
    Mr Boby is the right person in the right place at the right time: an accomplished barrister at planning law who is savvy to the problem of Islam.

    He is also wise enough to know that his primary task is not to take a dramatic stance on Islam, and inspire one and all with his corageous stand, as he goes down in flames and failure while feeling self-satisfied at being righteous.

    He knows that his only responsibility is to do all he can, and everything he knows, to stop vulnerable communities from being blighted by these ideological bridgeheads and visual eyesores, known as mosques.

    And I for one salute him in his efforts without reservation. Taking his approach, rather than yours, has brought unrivalled success in this practical and effective way.

  7. I have a feeling that the cultural marxist one worlders have actually finally overstepped the mark of English tolerance and that the farce of the Multicultural Olympics might be as far as they get with their insane project. The English probably thought, hang on what’s happened to England and are they trying to say we have been pushed out and replaced by the immigrant hordes? All totalitarian psychopaths finally go too far, Napoleon and Hitler in Russia etc.
    We must remember that these people are pyschopaths because they actually hate their own kith and kin in whichever country in Europe. It is interesting that although the Group 4S employees at the Olympics are mostly non-white immigrants, the spectators cheering on Team GB are all indigenous whites. I suppose this is because they are privileged
    and the underprivileged blacks and Asians cannot afford to go. However, there are an awful lot of rich Asians at least. Is it that they have no feeling for the games? It is strange that there are virtually no Asians taking part. Perhaps the blacks will come out to cheer on the black athletes which will then demonstrate that like goes to like and multiculturalism does not work.

  8. @Pierre Picaud –

    He may be winning “battles” (although not this one), but is he, and his side, winning the “war”?! Is Islam being stopped and forced into retreat? Or is its advance merely being slowed?

    With Islam’s rapidly-spreading demographics, and with pro-Islamic writers having near-total dominance of the UK media, I’ll leave you and the other readers of this thread to ponder that question.

    The core point: unless Islam’s core advantages – its appeal and its demographics – are stopped, Islam won’t be. And there’s no chance of stopping its appeal, without winning the media war. Which means getting the majority of British people to:

    a) see that Islamic ideology is a problem.

    b) see that it’s enough of a problem to be of equal, or greater, importance than other problems, such as the economy or the NHS.

    How can this be accomplished if, in the core battlegrounds (such as courts) we ignore the key issues, and only ever talk about parking spaces?!

  9. We need Gavin Boby’s excelent services up here in Scotland, i know of probably 3 applications for Mosques here in the Glasgow area, problem is we have differing laws here in Scotland to the rest of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Keep up the good work Gavin, what you are doing is admirable and very very inspirational.

  10. Green Infidel,

    The whole point is that to stop a planning application, you need to demonstrate that the application violates/may violate existing rules and/or laws, and council policy on that area, or whatever. You can’t oppose a planning application to a mosque by saying “I don’t want them Moozlims near me!”. They will dismiss you immediately, and it’s game over. This is by far the best way to defeat a mosque application. And you might be surprised how effective the traffic argument is, a hundred times more so than saying “they’re gonna make us live under shariah law!”

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