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An incident involving firearms occurred today at a welfare office in a culturally enriched neighborhood of Oslo. Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the breaking news, and includes this note:

This incident just occurred in Tøyen, an immigrant neighbourhood in the downtown region of Oslo. According to a slightly more recent article in Dagbladet (which I haven’t had time to translate) a female eyewitness claims that the man is in his 60s and of foreign heritage. She says that he was arguing loudly with a guard and another man before he fired the shots.

The human torch outside the courthouse a couple of weeks ago had apparently experienced some ‘problems’ with NAV, the social services agency. My bet is that this guy had run into similar difficulties getting his hands on some ‘welfare money’ and that this caused him to take this step.

According to the SSB (statistics bureau), if current trends continue, by 2020 the expenses of the government will be higher than their revenues, which mean that welfare reforms will have to be introduced. And that means no more free handouts for Hassan and Muhammad…

Residents of Oslo: be prepared for more of this in the years to come.

The translated article from

Fired shots inside the NAV office in Tøyen

(VG Nett) A man has been arrested after he allegedly entered the NAV office in Tøyen, and fired shots into the ceiling.

Eyewitnesses claim that the gunman took a female hostage when he first entered the building and then made his way further into the premise. The Oslo police have confirmed that they arrested a man at 1.59 pm, but that they are still performing a search of the area.

“It was packed inside the NAV building in Tøyen, when we heard a loud noise. I don’t know what it was, whether it was shot or something else. It was complete chaos, everyone panicked. People were running for cover,” one eyewitness says.

Another eyewitness says that she has been informed that the shot was fired into the ceiling.

The armed police response unit has arrived, another person at the scene says.

“A man came out of the building and told us that there was a man with a gun inside the NAV building. The armed man apparently dragged a woman into the elevator on the first floor. Police have now cordoned off the entire Tøyen centre.”

“There are several armed police officers here at the moment. Several witnesses have informed me that several shots were fired into the ceiling inside the NAV building in Tøyen centre,” freelance photographer Joakim Fjeld tells VG Nett.

“As I was leaving the Co-op store two police officers with shields asked us to leave the area. There were four or five police officers at the entrance to the underground (subway) station. They were armed and were in the process of loading their weapons. They also had a dog with them. There was also an armoured vehicle parked outside with approximately ten police officers inside,” Lana Karasniqi (24) tells VG Nett.

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  1. Norway and all Western Civilisations- there is little time left.
    Last time the caliphate got to the gates of Vienna… this time the infection is in our houses.
    There is little time left to “take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them”

  2. Farther West, still in Oslo this Friday, is admiring the decoration in a chain around the mayor’s neck showing St Hallvard, the protector of the city, saving a pregnant woman

    VG forgets to mention that he is a Saint, only calling him “Hallvard”.

    Hillary Clinton

    Hillary is touring the North, later going on East to visit the former soviet states, and Armenia

  3. “There is little time left to “take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them”

    I totally second that. This is why European nations need their second ammendement. We need te right to defend ourselves as sacred.

  4. The next day, VG told us that the perpetrator had been interrogated, and that he said he was displeased with the fact that his application for disability pension had not been approved. VG also write that the police describe the perpetrator as a Norwegian citizen, well known by the police from before. And that, I think, is our main problem, at least as I know it: all our criminals, who are not “heavy”, but just sad human beings with serious personal problems, usually involving drugs.

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