Racist Zionist Injustice in Quebec

A culturally-enriched member of the Quebec legislature was recorded making certain intemperate remarks about Zionists, apartheid, and so on while speaking at the University of Montreal. Vlad Tepes has this brief report on the incident:

Montreal member of the Quebec legislature makes some concerning remarks at U Montreal

Amir Khadir is the man whose daughter has recently been arrested for, among other things, allegedly smoke-bombing a Montreal subway during ‘student’ riots. Amir, the father, is the man who regularly boycotts a shoe store in his own riding because they sell shoes made in Israel. There is a book about him in French called The Hidden Faces of Amir Khadir. It may be reasonable to suspect his remarks carry a more sinister meaning that they may have been presented to imply, if questioned.

Many thanks to Gandalf of VV&D for the translation, and to Vlad for the subtitling:

Audio transcript:

0:00   I think we don’t need that.
0:04   One just has to speak of an apartheid system, of injustice,
0:08   of racist Zionist injustice which governs us.
0:13   We are for the disappearance of this system of control,
0:18   and colonial occupation called Zionism and apartheid.

4 thoughts on “Racist Zionist Injustice in Quebec

  1. My comment to the post (linked above) would be:

    Do not be surprised by anything that occurs in Quebec or comes from there.The province as it exists in this day is the product of irrational and corrupt ideology along with unfounded sense of entitlement.

    Quebec today is populated mostly by immigrants without any connection to the traditions of that region (province of Quebec) or of Canada (referred to as The Rest of Canada “RoC”) as a whole.

    The cultural purists who wish to have the entire society to themselves are a toxic oleo of communist, progressive, delusional and cultural fascists. The core of this swamp fever mixture of humanity are the self proclaimed “Pur Lain” … the whitest wool …whose nebulous claim on cultural purity rests on the assumption that some historical connection to the European French royalty (house of Bourbon or such parasites) assumption of cultural superiority actually bestows THEM with a moral and intellectual superiority to all others. In short … a delusion built upon a previous grand delusion.

    In order to build their great “Nation” these self important losers have adopted two key strategies. The first is to maintain complete denial of reality in all matters of their own self importance. The second is to pursue any policy they can think will irk, try, inconvenience or harm the RoC.

    Key among these is the trifecta policy … lose,lose,lose… of immigration.

  2. This creature is a popular politician outside his own riding with French Quebeckers who share the love of French in France for communists. Journalists visiting his home found and publicized a print of a classic painting in his living room that had his face substituted for the conquering general slaying a half naked and bloody figure with the face of the present Liberal Premier of Quebec substituted. (Keep in mind that Liberals in Quebec are the least left of their numerous leftist parties). When there was some criticism directed Khadir’s way for the tastelessness of the painting, he justified it as no worse than the picture of Che he also had hanging in his home (Fidel’s mass assassin). So his smoke bombing daughter is true to her red diaper upbringing and a French cultural milieu that is friendly to marxism.

  3. Pure Lain: “Toxic oleo of communist, progressive, delusional and cultural fascists”, also known as a “swamp fever mixture of humanity”.

    It is intresting to notice the similarities of thoughts. It almost makes one think back of some other lovely descriptions within the Quran… regarding my own fellow Jewish brethens.

    Verily interesting indeed…

  4. He does, however, speak for the majority of Canadians. Who, I can assure you, detest Zionist criminality, and the illegal grip it has on our government, judicary and media.

    Being an ignorant partisan isn’t going to change those very basic facts. But you’ll keep trying, I’ve no doubt at all…

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