Hey, The Lights Are Flickering!

*** UPDATE ***

We’re alive and well. Juden was right. Strangest storm I’ve ever seen. Like King Lear on the heath but no rain for our parched ground. Winds from the south/southwest, dervishes swirling everywhere. And then it was gone…taking the light and water with it…

It’s 100+freakin’ Farenheit degrees right now…further update in a separate post. Blooger is being difficult…

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If you don’t see your comments go up, or if your mail isn’t answered, here’s why:


* until 1030 PM EDT

* at 917 PM EDT… Doppler radar indicated a line of severe
thunderstorms capable of producing destructive winds in excess of
70 mph. This line was moving east at 75 mph.

The lights are flickering here but the radar shows only a heat zone and the rain over the mountains, some miles away…

9 thoughts on “Hey, The Lights Are Flickering!

  1. We are getting clear skies and 107 degrees Fahrenheit. I can cope with 90 degree weather without difficulty but high humidity and temps over 100 make me feel as though I’m cooking inside my own skin. :p

  2. Hope you rode out the storm okay. That was the scariest weather event I’ve ever been through, and I’ve been through several hurricanes, including Camille.I went outside to scan the sky for funnel clouds and got a face full of sand particles, more than a few of which I inhaled or got in my eyes. We need storm sirens over here in the valley. I hope you’re feeling better, and that the Baron will be home soon!

  3. Dymphna,

    Please email me when you are able to. Look in the donations for something marked AC fund. I want to put up a post on PC to help you and Baron get some sort of AC for your home. I will not do this without hearing from you first and letting you proof BEFORE I post anything. An AC fund raiser of sorts. Maybe just enough for a one or two room unit for sanctuary for your collective health! I did try to email you but weather have NO IDEA if you have gotten it or not.:)

  4. It’s been crazy in the UK as well. Flash floods in Gateshead – some astonishing footage on the news. Came out of nowhere apparently.

  5. hi, y’all–

    First of all, Patriot: not to worry. The motor on the heat pump was within its 10 year warranty, so we be cool, so to speak. Right now we’re camping out in a small motel in Bluetown, watching all the liberals go by. City lights and all that. Suddenly here, I have no desire to shop. Amazon is just so much easier than dragging my fibromyalgia bod thru crowded aisles.

    BTW, the mullahs and their EMP is the best reason to vote for Romney

    Since the devastation is so wide, who knows when we’ll

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