Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/1/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/1/2012Irish voters gave their strong approval to the EU fiscal treaty, with 60.3% voting in favor of the pact that aims to solve Europe’s financial woes. Across the Atlantic, the unemployment rate rose to 8.2%, causing the stock market to drop by 2%.

In other news, in a recent poll half of Britons say they would prefer that the Prince of Wales step aside in favor of his son William, the Duke of Cambridge, as the next in line for the throne of Great Britain.

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3 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/1/2012

  1. Getting rid of the Latin?

    Because it is
    – the language of the Church
    – the language of Roman law

    Would there be a more “modern” language, “more compatible” with sharia?

    They keep saying that Latin is dead. Phasing out Latin, to give way to what(?)
    Any forces at work here?

    A new book “Without The Latin” (French) insists on the necessity of keeping the Latin alive.

    “Without Latin, French is heading into a foreign desert. Without the latin, we will be suffering from ammnesia of a heritage which nevertheless is ours.”

  2. High circles’ Christmas in Morocco

    La France, Pays des droits de l’Homme, the Land of Human Rights, now has a

    New, minister of Women’s rights in the French government Najat Vallaud-Belkacem,
    honored by His Majesty(…) the king

    Why choose a minister of a single French citizenship, when you can have a two-in-one, French and Moroccan?

    Btw, who decides who is going to be a minister i France?

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