Muslim Rape, Liberal/Left Complicity

Paul Weston, the Chairman of the British Freedom Party, has recorded the video below in response to the recent arrest, prosecution, and conviction of vicious Muslim paedophile rape gangs who trafficked underage white girls in major cities all over Britain.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is the full text of Mr. Weston’s talk:

Muslim Rape, Liberal/Left Complicity
by Paul Weston

The liberal/left need to take a long hard look themselves in the wake of the appalling Muslim gang rape revelations. I don’t blame the Muslims particularly, they are simply living by the 7th century rules of a desert warrior, but I do blame the liberal/left for quite literally enabling the brutal rape and violation of our children.

All you liberal/leftists are complicit in these crimes against humanity. You could have stopped it years ago, but you deliberately chose not to.

The BBC, The Guardian, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Child Protection Agency, the Politically Correct Police Service: I accuse you and the entire liberal establishment of deliberately covering up the multiple rapes and ruined lives of countless vulnerable young girls because of your utterly immoral and obscene attitude toward your own people, and your cowardly appeasement of a religious and political ideology that sanctions the violation of non-Muslim females.

Even now, when the facts are presented before us, you tell us it is not a Muslim problem, nor apparently a racial problem, unless of course you happen to be a vaguely all-encompassing Asian. But no amount of politically correct liberal/left evasion can disguise reality, and reality confirms the overwhelming culture of these paedophile rapists to be Islamic, and the overwhelming race of the majority of the victims to be indigenous British girls.

And this is not just a one-off case. It’s not only in Britain where this sort of thing happens, because the multiple gang rapes of indigenous girls by Muslims is replicated in every country where Muslims co-exist with non-Muslims:

  • There is a rape epidemic in Oslo. The vast majority of the perpetrators are Muslim, the vast majority of the victims are Norwegian Girls.
  • There is a rape epidemic in Malmö. The vast majority of the perpetrators are Muslim, the vast majority of the victims are Swedish girls.
  • There is a rape epidemic in Copenhagen. The vast majority of the perpetrators are Muslim, the vast majority of the victims are Danish girls.
  • There is a rape epidemic in Sydney. The vast majority of the perpetrators are Muslims, the vast majority of the victims are Australian girls.

I think we can safely say, then, that it is indeed a matter of one particular religion, Islam, rather than the liberal/left’s obscene portrayal of it as simply an Asian problem, and it is indeed a racial problem when the victims are overwhelmingly native Europeans.

Thirteen separate towns and cities have been identified in Britain where this has been happening, and it now turns out the authorities have known about it since the early 1990s. In other words hundreds, possibly thousands of vulnerable and under-age British girls have been raped and both physically and psychologically damaged for life, with at least two taking their own lives, because the liberal/left refuse to accept the reality of Islam.

What is worse, even when the whole disgusting issue is dragged into the limelight, they still refuse to recognise that Islam is a supremacist ideology. But Islam considers non-Muslims to be second class citizens, and Islam considers women to be second class citizens. Infidel females therefore can be raped with impunity in the House of War — a Koranic label for all parts of the world which are not ruled by Islam.

On BBC Radio 4 this morning John Humphrey’s suggested that by identifying the rapists as Pakistani Muslims rather than just Asians was to give ammunition to the right-wing. So the BBC continues to cover up the brutality of Muslim gang rape rather than the face the reality of the modern Britain produced by malignant and catastrophic left-wing ideology. By doing this the BBC — overwhelmingly a feminist organisation — is complicit in the rape of our children.

Years of indoctrination by the liberal left have produced policemen with no sense of their duty to protect the most vulnerable in society. Politically Correct police chiefs have no morals, no decency, no empathy. They are now driven by the fear of being labelled racist, apparently a far worse crime than racist gang paedophilia.

And the worse thing here is that I can guarantee not one policeman will lose his job, even after they admitted they wilfully ignored the ongoing abuse carried out on their watch in the interest of some sort of perverted community cohesion. The British police are now more than just a disgrace, they are a stain on the history of this country.

The left-wing Politically Correct indoctrination that has enabled these shameful events means one thing and one thing only: By deliberately ignoring crimes against humanity and subsequently seeking to disguise these crimes, the liberal/left have lost their very own humanity, along with their morals and their souls.

If they had any basic common decency they would be ashamed of themselves, but I don’t think they are. Despite facilitating genuine evil and wickedness their prime concern now is to hang on to their jobs and seek to halt the rise of what they term the “right wing” — you know, those nasty people labelled racist — when they drew attention to Muslim gang rape over a decade ago.

But they cannot stop us. We are rising only because the public are awakening to the results of all that the liberal left stand for. There is good and evil in this world and the liberal left is evil. Betraying your country via mass immigration and Multiculturalism is bad enough, but to betray, and to continue to betray your own children is simply a step beyond the comprehension of all decent people, and no amount of liberal/left propaganda and evasion can alter this one simple fact. For the first time in a very long time I feel deeply ashamed to be part of a country that you, the liberal left, have produced.

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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35 thoughts on “Muslim Rape, Liberal/Left Complicity

  1. I don’t want it, it will be horrible, but unless the government(s) do something about it there will be a civil war. I give it 5 years or less.

    Clamp down on crime now. Stop all PC and start calling Islam for what it is. Racially profile and stamp on the 7th century sand rats.

  2. He speaks very well, reminds me of Pat Condell but without the joking.

    But while people here know he is right regarding islamic ideology and rape of non-muslim women, he needed to show some evidence for all those MSM dimwits.

    BTW, I think it’s time Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc Asians stood up and demanded that the MSM stop using the term in regard to these criminals. Their ‘asian-ness’ is not the relevant factor here, but islam is.



  3. Well said Mr Weston. And may you long continue to offer resistance to the evil that you correctly identify in both leftwing and muslim ideologies.

  4. What has always fascinated me is the workings of the minds of the lefty/liberals. I have come to believe that the obvious distortion occurs early in life at a point when pressure is put on that mind, causing some sort of unbalanced directional shift.
    It’s like coming to a fork in the path, and then being put under a lot of pressure to decide the correct path to take. Clearly these types, of whom there are many, make the wrong decision and then stick by that decision throughout life.

  5. On the one hand, he is correct in identifying the liberal media and the liberal left as his political enemies. However, I would much rather have my kids go to a party with a group of liberal left kids than a group of Muslims. He excuses Muslim behavior but not the behavior of the liberals. If this is a strategy to awaken fellow British, then fine. But, I would try to figure out the best strategy for recruiting their hearts. The real enemy in the room is Islam. The best strategy is to make all non-muslims recognize that.

  6. I applaud Paul Weston’s incisive thinking and clarity of speech.

    That the liberal/left is so willing to sacrifice the young of the British working class, including especially those who are the most vulnerable in British society as a whole, in the name of political correctness is a disturbing—and yes, disgusting—phenomenon.

    Bravo for Weston for having the courage to challenge the British establishment for its moral cowardice. I wish him and the British Freedom Party well.

  7. Shame on Question Time (10/05/12) the ultraliberal opinion formers of the left and right, the great and the good with an audience that is touted as a cross section of British public opinion sacrificing the vulnerable on the alter of multiculturalism.

    When will we see a shared press conference with all the mainstream British political party leaders condemning any assertion of assault by invitation and apologising to the British peoples particularly the vulnerable social strata for the infliction of hostile aliens set upon their communities.

    At least a sober inquiry of the magnitude and scale of the Leveson Inquiry.

    Jolie Rouge

  8. Wow!!!!

    It’s about time that a non-fascist freedom party rose up in the UK. The BFP is now fulfilling that role and Paul Weston is a fine spokesman.

  9. “Who is merciful to the cruel will in the end be cruel to the merciful.” That very old saying is proven by the actions of the Leftist/Liberals in the case of this pandemic of the Muslim gang rapes of European girls. Oddly enough, the Left maintains its silence on the issue simply because they cannot allow themselves to be seen as wrong by the hoi-polli who vote for them and buy their newspapers, and they certainly cannot afford to irritate the Muslims who contribute so much cash to their election campaigns and private coffers.

  10. “Who is merciful to the cruel will in the end be cruel to the merciful.”

    What a profoundly true thought.

    The main problem is that the West enabled cruel Muslims to control world oil and all its wealth – wealth which cruel Muslims used to buy Western politicians and attendant control of Western countries.

    It is clear that we Christian Westerners have yet to see the worst of it….


  11. “There is good and evil in this world and the liberal left is evil.”

    You are right. Thank you for saying this.

    They mustn’t get away with this. We have to keep repeating that they are the ones truly responsible for this, and the countless other atrocities they have caused since they gained power.

    Their ideology is evil. To the extent they adhere to it, they are evil.

  12. How widely are Mr. Weston’s remarks distributed?
    He is preaching to the choir here at Gates. I just wonder if his message is getting out to others.

  13. I wonder; In all the countries that Mr. Weston mentions where the young girls are raped by muslims…..where are the dads?

    If the tables were turned and it was muslim girls being raped by the native British, Swede, Dane or Norwegian what would the reaction of the muslim fathers be, or the authorities?

    The question answers the question does it not?

  14. Mr. Weston always impresses me. He is certainly leading the way in challenging the radical leftist liberals. Quite frankly that is the only way to do it. Dare to be politically incorrect! One never wins on defense. You must always stand up for your principles as well as your country. The radical leftist liberals have thrown them both away. In their mindset, European girls are the COLLATERAL DAMAGE that they are willing to sacrifice on the way to that imaginary utopian society of theirs. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WANTS TO LIVE IN THAT SOCIETY? Nothing makes rational sense there!

  15. Thank-you Paul for speaking truth about what is happening. The mainstream media are total scum with their outrageous attempts to call a table a chair and deflect blame from themselves. Liars! The whole liberal establishment as you say is complicit in this. They are utter, worthless rubbish.

  16. > Susan:

    ‘He speaks very well, reminds me of Pat Condell but without the joking’:

    I had exactly that same thought. .)

    Michael Laudahn

  17. Actually danaigh, the question does
    NOT really answer the question,mainly
    as Moslem fathers in the same position as the Rochdale or Oxford
    fathers, will ALL blame and severely punish THEIR OWN DAUGHTERS.In some cases they will even murder their own daughters [ for being raped!!!]
    and for bringing dishonour on the
    [father’s] family.

  18. I have great admiration for Mr. Weston and the EFP/EDL. However, I do not see why Mr. Weston only blames the Liberals/Leftists and not also the other political parties. The Conservatives, the LibDems and the UKIP are in fact as islamophile or dhimmi as the Labour Party. Even Mr. Farage seems not to understand that the EU is only part of the problems of Europe. Perhaps, the problem is not political correctness and Islam, but the unevitable moral decay of the Western civilization as a whole. And perhaps there is no cure for it at all.


  19. I suspect the Lefties probably like reading about working class White girls being turned into sex slaves given their collective hatred of Western Civilization and those of European descent.

    Also people don’t get that Lefties do not value people or rights. if they do, it is only to further their agenda and nothing more. Sort of the same way Muslims put the Koran above all. It’s no wonder the Left gets along so swimmingly with the Muzzies.

    I also suspect the Left is using the Muslims as foot soldiers to wreck Western Civ and are willing to sacrifice women, Jews, gays and non-believers to achieve it.

  20. Yes, this has been happening all over Europe for years. It’s not only just a disgrace, it’s a systemic illness that our governments and leaders have allowed to fester and spread.

    It’s about time people called for an EU-wide enquiry into Muslim gang rape, trafficing and paedophile gangs. It’s time to put victims first, for once.

  21. he doesn’t mean nick clegg’s party, he’s referring to those who falsely claim that label

  22. Well-said. Would you also support a statement about the rape of white women by non-whites in the good ol’ USA? The fact are out there, if you want to look. It’s not all about Islam…

  23. @ the last anon-sans-name – would you care to be more specific? Across Europe, there are statistics for these charges. In the states, data-gathering is spottier.

    Here in the US, the assaults against women are carried out by equal opportunity rapists. Women KNOW what places are safe after dark and which aren’t. And that goes for women of all races here.

    I worked with rape victims – the most common occurences were race specific: white rapists chose white victims FOR THE MOST PART. And black rapists chose black FOR THE MOST PART.


    The serial rapists/killers in this country have largely been white. They usually had an M.O. which limited their choices to particular kinds of women: college girls, prostitutes, etc. IOW, they worked where they knew how NOT to stand out from the crowd.

    Are you just dying to say that more black men are rapists than white men? That may be true; I have no idea – rape is very often a matter of opportunity.

    But the really gruesome serialists? Sorry, dude, but they’re almost entirely white.

    You won’t be permitted to start any race wars here: I’ve seen too much to be in the least interested in your bait. Please find another fishing hole – lots of them out there.

    For women who are scared of the vulnerability they face, I will suggest again Gavin de Becker’s book on how to survive:

    The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence

  24. One missing link needing attention, though now is not the moment – it would detract from Mr. Weston’s call for action and would bring out what sgt redwhite said about women whining – and that is children’s education in this area and PARENTAL SUPERVISION:

    It is absolutely crucial that families rein in their children very early, while protecting them from the degradation all around them. This culture, without any help from aliens, sexualizes children far too early and then grants them too much “independence”.

    And yeah, it’s a Leftist thing across the Western world. Sweden with it’s sex ed and sex toys in kindergarten shows an abysmal ignorance about children’s emotional development. And yet little boys can be arrested for kissing little girls on the cheek: sexual harrassment. It’s insane.

    Two Canadian docs with a lot of experience in this area:

    Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers

    Those girls who are victimized by predators — where are the fathers? Suffering for sure, but BEFORE these events took place, where where they?

    Read the book mentioned above to see girls being inculcated by our cultural norms, designed to turn them into predators. Age 13 isn’t too young anymore.

    Those girls pimped out by Muslim drug lords didn’t deserve their fate, but their own culture betrayed them first or the creeps never could’ve gotten to them to begin with.

    It isn’t an exaggeration to say their lives are ruined. On average, it takes seven years to reclaim one child from that kind of ill-usage. Communities and families have to be utterly determinedto “bring them back” to some semblance of normalcy.

    The grown-ups will have to do it because the smashed self of each of those girls truly believes she particularly is beyond deserving redemption. In a culture which depends on the state or the authorities to “take care of things” reclaiming these children isn’t likely.

    And the ones who survive the damage to their reproductive systems? Why they’ll have children too – fodder for the future predators.

  25. Oops…before the Grammar Police write me – yes indeed, gentle reader, that should be “Sweden with its sex toys”. No apostrophe. My bad. Just pretend you don’t see it.

    Just got carried away whilst pontificating.

  26. I don’t know what people say. About my personal experience, 98% of people from Italy are against muslims incivil attitude. But this is Italy (and anyway we still have the problem with muslims and mass immigration because our president is a communist with the ‘hammer and sickle’ symbol on a red flag, and almost all italian politicians, other than being mediocre are leftists, including those that claim to be conservatives). About other countries, i saw more goodist attitude, for example some leftist (and i talk about regular people, not politicians) think west and white men are the most evil culture and human being in the world, so we deserve muslim invasion. Christian-extremist think islam is the punishement sent by God becuase we forgot religion.
    From what i see, the problem is what the article say: The goodist left-wing. (‘goodist’ is the translation of the italian word ‘buonismo’ and it stays for ‘politically correctness’)
    Left wing sucks for another thing. Calling incivils just ‘asian’ include japaneses, chineses, indians, koreans, russians (where even a lot of muslims are sick from islam and are leaving it) and a lot of other people that have nothing to do with islam. Is this that may generate true racism.

  27. It’s not just in Britain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden or Sydney.
    But also in:
    Brazil (involving a diplomat too!)
    Indonesia – specifically aimed at Chinese women.
    Holland – where the pimps are called “lover boys”

    And doubtless most other places with a large Muslim population…

    Is it not said that “There is no smoke without fire”? How much more evidence do people need, before seeing the connection??

  28. Hi Dymphna,

    Controversial? Yes, but….

    We MUST serve the truth; and the truth is that, statistically, modern day white men only rape white women whereas modern day black men rape BOTH black women and white women. Ironically, in the days of slavery, I’d bet that the phenomenon was completely reversed – which, in essence, shows that, via lack of criminal prosecution of ‘selected’ rapists, society essentially ‘selects’ the victims of rape based on race and color.

    In the past, society failed to prosecute white slave owners for raping black slaves, so white men raped black women. However, in the present, society vigorously prosecutes only white men for racial hate crimes so white and black men rape white women, and black men rape black women (with zero threat of hate crime prosecution).

    Statistically, white women have a quite large chance of being raped by black men – which stands to reason because society ‘teaches’ blacks that whites are the source of black problems and that only whites may be racists.

    Indeed, the statistics of violent crimes (including but not limited to rape) being perpetrated by blacks UPON whites (in apparent but non-prosecuted hate crimes) are so damning and disturbing that Obama’s (in)Justice Department purposely STOPPED showing (perhaps even compiling) crime statistics that could be used to prove that blacks are targeting whites for violent crime on a societal level.

    Now, we here in the United States hear that Obama’s minions will try to start race wars in all of our major cities prior to the November elections in order to delay or cancel the elections. Whether the rumor is true or not, in the idea of race wars, which race would be starting the race wars? Really, which race? And, why? And, which race would be raping the other in these race wars where the inhabitants of urban ghettos spill out in unmitigated violence against inhabitants of the suburbs?

    Now match this idea with the fact that, via knowing and purposeful inaction to prosecute Muslim men and protect white Western girls, British police actually ‘selected’ white Western girls to be raped by Muslim men.


    The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States (By: Lawrence Auster, Thursday, May 03, 2007)

    Alabama: The Color of Crime (Interracial Rape) posted on May 13, 2011

    “The FBI web site had crime statistics on this.
    “35,000 cases of black men raping white women per year.
    “10 cases of white men raping black women per year.
    “In 2009, all that data was taken off line, and now all that remains is hate crimes against blacks data.”

    This review is from: White Women, Rape, and the Power of Race in Virginia, 1900-1960 (Hardcover)

    Blog with 2005 Department of Justice: Crime Statistics by Race

  29. Dymphna–

    “And black rapists chose black FOR THE MOST PART.”

    That’s interesting. Does this apply to assault/stranger rapes or to domestic rapes or both?

  30. Dylmphna,

    Blacks have never “assimilated” into the USA and commit nearly all the interracial crime, while whining about evil White racism that does not even exist. The difference is that they discuss it openly, even on Television.


    Even the Newspapers cover for black crime against Whites, unless the speaker is black. Here for example is New York Attorney General Capehart who is black and his reaction at looking at the crime Stats in a city that is only 25% black:

    “In short, 95.1 percent of all murder victims and 95.9 percent of all shooting victims in New York City are black or Hispanic. And 90.2 percent of those arrested for murder and 96.7 percent of those arrested for shooting someone are black and Hispanic. I don’t even know where to begin to describe the horror I still feel looking at those numbers. But the word ‘hunted’ comes to mind.”

    Here is a website listing all the murders in New York City by race. Click on race of perp!

    By refusing to acknowledge the racial aspects of crimes you do a disservice to your people and the truth. Your Leftist politicians have let the wolves loosed amongst the sheep and are closing their ears to the screams of the lambs.

  31. You say “7th century rules of a desert warrior”. That is exactly so, and back in the 1980s, I undertook a very systematic cross-cultural review of human violence around the world, without any prior complaint about Islam. But the Muslim world turned out to be THE most violent culture-type in existence. See here for details:

  32. These are bad muslims, I personally support the tough action based on law should be taken against these filthy animals which tarnished Islam as a whole..

    they should not have a gut to be called muslims

    I must say that the very basic of the problem is because these immigrants came from very low/poor economic classes and at the same time many of those such countries are Islamic country

    for me as muslims myself, education is the very basic thing..if we educate them well enough, they should realise Islam forbid rape,killing, cheating, take over other people countries and so forth.. i believe there are still lot of good muslims out there.

    many more to say but that’s just for now =)

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