5 thoughts on ““Race Isn’t Relevant”

  1. 95% of men on the sex offenders register in Manchester are white? If true, isn’t it racist to draw attention to the fact?

  2. @ anonymous. It may well be except…
    Except that the muslim, and it really is predominantly that, humiliation and exploitation of under-age indigenous girls has been ongoing for at least a decade and likely much longer with authorities “stepping back” for fear of accusation of racism.

    Ann Cryer MP brought attention to this some 10+ years ago and was studiously ignored. She knew it had been going on for somewhat longer.
    Had the authorities listened to her and acted maybe we’d find that muslims were 50% or more of those registered on the sex offenders register rather than less than 5% – that is far far in excess, per capita. of their demograph – just like in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

  3. What race is Islam?

    Islam is not a race. “Race”, which has been debunked about 50 years ago, has nothing to do with ‘bad behavior’. Until people separate ‘ideology’ from ‘race’, we’ll never get anywhere with convincing people that there is a problem with Islam -the ideology -, and our efforts will backfire.

  4. “Race” as a strictly set categorization of humans has been “debunked”. “Race” based on population with a large scale shared history and geographical origin is real. One would have to be willfully delusional to look at an indigenous Australian, a black person from the depths of the Congo, and a Native American and say they are all the same type of human. For example, indigenous Australians can be categorized as their own race because they have an arguably shared evolutionary path that allowed them to adapt to their environment. There was minimal genetic flow from other areas of the East to stop this. The same thing can be applied to other populations, although one must keep in mind that there is in the grand scheme of things a spectrum of human population phenotypes and that race does not have a specific cut-off point. Archetypes themselves are admittedly arbitrary – but it is a fallacy to claim that these archetypes cannot be selected or that they do not exist.

    That rant over….no, Islam is not a ‘race’, it is a ‘religion’. That said, there are some ethnic groups that practice this religion en-mass, particularly in the middle east and southeast Asia.

  5. ….no, Islam is not a ‘race’, it is a ‘religion’

    No, Islam is not primarily a “religion.” It is a totalitarian political ideology, as shown by Sharia law, pretending that it is a religion.

    It is much easier for the idiots and political opportunists to swallow the religion meme than the we are here to take over every facet of your gov’t and culture.

    I got over the whole “Islam is a religion” thing many years ago. The further you delve into Islam the more apparent it becomes that it is actually a political ideology.

    And a violent one at that.

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