Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/28/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/28/2012Local politicians as well as members of the Dutch parliament were critical of the way Amsterdam police handled the Sharia4Holland demonstration on the Dam last Saturday (see last night’s report). Reacting to the criticism, police have now arrested the Islamic zealot who threatened the “Roman dog” Geert Wilders.

In other news, managers of some of Europe’s largest funds are divesting themselves of euro-based assets, in anticipation of a possible Eurozone crash. Meanwhile, after Greek depositors withdrew an estimated 25% of their money from banks, Greek police warned the general public that withdrawing their money was a bad idea, since it would then become more vulnerable to theft.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/28/2012

  1. Vatican – Religious holidays

    Why was the bad news about this employee in the Vatican released at this moment? Why at Pentecost? Who is behind this timing? Why is Christianity attacked on holidays? Why do North African youths throw pebbles at churchgoers during mass in the St Joseph church in Carcassonne, France at Pentecost 2012?

  2. Breivik – Utøya

    The court will only broadcast “expert witnesses”, like Strømmen, Gule etc. Bruce Bawer and Andfindsen, who are the real experts here, will not be broadcast from the Oslo Court.

    The regime fears that more people would open their eyes if they let Bawer and Andfindsen speak.

    Won’t this secrecy make people curious, wondering why are these forbidden speakers? What do they have to say that we mustn’t hear?

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