Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/2/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/2/2012A racially-tinged violent incident in Norfolk, Virginia, was covered up for two weeks by the local newspaper. The incident — whose white victims were reporters for the newspaper — involved an attack by a group of more than 20 black teenagers, at least some of whom maintained they were avenging “Trayvon”. The victims are expected to recover.

In other news, the Islam-critical Pro-NRW organization held a demonstration in front of a mosque in Solingen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The demo included some Mohammed cartoons, and Salafists from the mosque responded by attacking the police.

Meanwhile, the OIC “expressed dismay” about Geert Wilders’ newly-released book.

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5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/2/2012

  1. Mette-Marit, representing the Norwegian Royal family, choses Seattle conference, Global Young Leaders, over Swedish Royal baptism

    Excuse: Seattle was already plotted into agenda

    Being politically correct is obviously more important to Norway.

  2. Dymphna & Baron

    17 May is the day when Norwegians are celebrating its status as a free and independent nation. Above all, children are wearing their 17 mai best, and waving the flag in around noon processions in every corner of the country.

    In Oslo, most schools end up in front of the balcony at the Royal Palace, where the Royal Family is saluting the little citizens.

    Three days after the nationwide celebration, on 21 May 2012, there will be a revolution in Stortinget, as the parliament will discuss removing the cross in the flag, originally based on one of the oldest flags in the world, the Danish one.

    The parliament is going to treat changes in the Norwegian constitution, Grunnloven §2, regarding the relations between Church and State.

    Other things on the agenda, are “human rights”, and intensified efforts against “”

    17 mai photos

    Greetings from connections in very far away

  3. “Scream” to Qatar

    Not surprisingly, Edvard Munch’s “Scream” went to Qatar, after yesterday’s auction at Sotheby’s, didn’t it?

    What will happen to it now? Will they resell it in the future? Will it stay in the muslim world forever? Lost for the rest of the world?

    This painting is one of four of the same motive, though.

  4. If they remove the cross from the flag it will just be a red flag. I guess that is fitting…

  5. Edit

    Norway, the flag, the state church
    and “human rights obligations”

    Other things on the agenda, are “human rights obligations“, and intensified efforts against “hate” and “extremism

    Sorry about the poor editing. Also, the wording in the source seems different from earlier today. Not able at the moment, to look up the original. Anyway, the idea is clear – gradually dissolving the European countries’ constitutions, to comply with sharia “human rights obligations”

    Could the dhimmi societies’ obligations be expressed any clearer than that?


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