5 thoughts on “A Backwater of Superstition and Ignorance

  1. Mary,

    That doesn’t occur on either of my computers. It must be a personal Youtube setting on your browser, “show subtitles” or something similar.

  2. Strange quirk of the net.

    Good stuff as always from Pat Condell, but I think he should have made it clear that the problems of Saudi Arabia are a natural consequence of Islam.

    What about those “pearly boys” in Islamic heaven?

    Incidentally, a nurse I met who had worked in Saudi Arabia (huge tax-free salary) told me that it was riddled with AIDS, mainly because the men exercise their Allah-given right to have sex with “infidel” women in more liberal Dubai, and then come home and infect all their wives. Officially AIDS isn’t a problem. I believe the nurse.

  3. Obama is the premier takiya artist for Islam in America and the world today. How many Islam aggrandizing lies and exaggerations were crammed into this short excerpt? Is the Cairo speech where he also claimed that the US was “one of the largest Muslim nations in the world today?” (not even in the top 20 by Muslim population). It’s certainly where he volunteered himself to defend Islam and Muslims anywhere in the world where they needed defending. He said no such thing about Christians and Christianity, the faith he pretends to follow.

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