Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/1/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/1/2012Five anarchists who plotted to blow up a major highway bridge in Ohio were nabbed by the FBI today. The young men — said to be affiliated with the “Occupy” movement — planned to use explosives to blow up one of the bridge supports, which they hoped would bring down the whole structure. Fortunately for Ohioans, the explosives the arnachists bought from an FBI informant were harmless fakes.

In other news, Iranian policewomen in full hijab are out on the streets of Tehran as the hot weather begins, watching out for shameless women who may attempt to escape the heat by wearing un-Islamic clothing.

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  1. Fair enough, But what I’m wondering about Baron and Dymphna is why you are unconcerned about the African population where you live.
    It is higher than than the African population where I live.
    Granted, what is happening ”over there” is horrible, but are you not concerned with the country you live in?
    I live in Florida, these days I’m quite concerned with those who claim that they are slaves and those who never had any slave owners in their family should give those who were never slaves special rights.
    Bring this subject up with Zenster. YES, that Zenster (the one with the ”no white flag” icon).

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