Deconstructing the Cairo Speech

In this important video, Vlad Tepes draws on material from Geert Wilders’ book to illustrate the misinformation, misdirection, and outright falsehoods contained in President Barack Hussein Obama’s landmark or notorious (take your pick) speech in Cairo three years ago.

3 thoughts on “Deconstructing the Cairo Speech

  1. To say that I am ashamed of our current administration would be an understatement…
    Do they not have a grasp on history?
    Even today we have our admin. making “pacts” with Af/Packis that are contrary to our best interests.
    It is funny when I debate in “real time’ how different my opponents think I think than what I believe.

  2. It’s time to turn off moderation, Baron. I understood when and why you temporarily blocked free speech on your blog, but it’s been too long now. Please go back to embracing freedom.

    Thanks in advance.

    (I can’t log in to google because I’m blocking their nosy cookies)

  3. Kevin —

    In a word: No.

    I regret having to say this, but moderating comments has made life much easier for Dymphna and me. You can’t imagine the vile, nasty, foul-mouthed stuff that we no longer have to host in the comments section until we wake up in the morning and delete it. That stuff never sees the light of day, and we are better off as a result.

    The idea that we are interfering with anyone’s “free speech” is spurious. You and those people who like to post hateful invective and obscenities are entirely FREE to set up your own blogs and say whatever you like there.

    This blog is like our living room. It is not a public thoroughfare. We would not allow that kind of “free speech” in our living room, and we will not allow it here.

    Every comment that sticks to our clearly stated rules of discourse will be accepted. If that policy makes some of our readers unhappy, it’s unfortunate. But better a few unhappy readers than to have our site destroyed by trolls, infiltrators, provocateurs, and plain mean-spirited nasties.

    Which is what would happen if we reverted to the old policy. Those days are, alas, gone forever.

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