A Subtle Cultural Shift

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Pierre Picaud returns with a look at an unusual type of “honor killing” in the UK, and the larger significance of its Islamic cultural context.

A Subtle Cultural Shift
by Pierre Picaud

This case of enricher-on-enricher crime is fascinating on a number of levels. A Muslim boyfriend foolishly puts pictures of his naked Muslim girlfriend up on the internet. In revenge the girlfriend’s mother lures the boy to her house, where she bludgeons him so hard with a table leg that he later dies.

Placing the murder weapon in her daughter’s hand in order to throw police off the scent, and in the knowledge that the daughter is under the age of full criminal responsibility anyway, the perpetrator Gedu Bibi gets away with murder for six years.

The cover-up having of this inter-Bengali “honour” crime was discovered, and Mrs Bibi has today been found guilty at the Old Bailey in London.

Bibi, however, was initially and self-evidently perfectly happy for her 21-year old victim, Sumon Miah, to view her daughter as a sex-object and let them be “boyfriend and girlfriend” even though her daughter was but thirteen years old. (And why shouldn’t she have been? Her Muslim faith told her after all, that her daughter had reached maturity.)

But that was, of course, up until Mr Miah tarnished her family’s honour by positing the naked pictures online. Then he had to die. And was deliberately brought to a spot and killed effectively. And then the killing was covered up… the obliging culturally-sensitive British jury though (no doubt operating under the judge’s instruction) found her guilty only of manslaughter:

Mother who lured 13-year-old daughter’s boyfriend, 21, to his death after he posted topless pictures of her online is facing jail

A mother who arranged for her 13-year-old daughter’s boyfriend to be battered to death after he posted topless pictures of the girl on the internet is facing jail today.

Gedu Bibi, 47, lured 21-year-old hospital worker Sumon Miah to her home after being shown the photos of the schoolgirl.

Once there he was hit over the head with a table leg and fell into a coma from which he never recovered.

Mr Miah died nine days later from brain damage on October 17, 2006.

Bibi got her teenage daughter to tell police she had hit the victim in self defence after he turned up with a knife. Her 12-year-old son Fhalak also backed up the story.

Detectives shut down their investigation in 2008 but fresh information emerged two years later which led to Bibi and her former lover, 48-year-old cafe owner Lilu Miah, being charged with murder.

After a trial at the Old Bailey, jurors cleared Bibi of murder but convicted her of manslaughter and perverting the course of justice. Lilu Miah was cleared of both murder and manslaughter.

Just days before the attack, Lilu Miah had shown Bibi four lewd photos of her daughter he had discovered on the internet.

On October 8, 2006, he was invited into Bibi’s family home in Walthamstow on October 8, 2006.

After being knocked out with the table leg, the weapon was immediately wiped clean and then thrust into the hands of [daughter] Shuhina to ensure it held her fingerprints.

When Bibi was finally arrested, she claimed she was asleep when the killing took place, while Lilu Miah claimed he had been working at his cafe.

She was overheard by a police officer fluent in her Bengali dialect muttering: ‘One bastard died, and we have to go through this.’

While being photographed in the police station, she added: ‘It’s good the b*****d died.’

Did you spot it? The subtle cultural shifting prompted by demographic change?

In Western civilization for some time now, grown men do not have 13-year-old “girlfriends”; they have 13-year-old paedophilia victims.

Unless of course the man’s called Jerry Lee Lewis or Roman Polanski, in which case they would face howls of universal public derision and the ostracism of every right-thinking person in civilized society.

This is a story in The Daily Mail, possibly Britain’s most right-wing sympathetic newspaper, yet in the very first sentence it has unconsciously accepted that Islamic premise of a 13-year-old female child as a viable object of the sexual attention of grown men.

No doubt tomorrow the paper will run a story about yet another Muslim child-rape gang, and incredulously ask itself: “Why?”

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5 thoughts on “A Subtle Cultural Shift

  1. This is also at least partly the fault of left-liberal reformers, who sought to undermine the traditional family as the base-unit of society by encouraging children to be sexually active. Along comes beard-and-burqa imperialism and, cuckoo-like, places its young in the nest the reformers have built – almost seamlessly.

  2. “In Western civilization for some time now, grown men do not have 13-year-old “girlfriends”; they have 13-year-old paedophilia victims.”

    Two honest observations:

    1. Even Western Christian grown men ‘married’ too-young teen girls in the recent past. In the early 1900s in the United States, my own Catholic Italian immigrant great-grandmother was 13 or 14 years old (under debate) when ‘married’ to my 26 year old (I think) Catholic grandfather. Her recollection of her wedding night was painful.

    2. Some modern Western American men have too-young preteen and teen ‘wives’ and girlfriends. Mormon offshoot groups routinely ‘marry’ too-young preteen and teen girls in polygamous marriages to grown adult male relatives. Inner city black men often impregnate too-young teen and preteen girls in relationships that would even be deemed polygamous if marriage were involved.

    Men of all ages, races, and religions routinely abuse too-young preteen and teen ‘prostitutes’ who are really just victims of societally-accepted sexual exploitation. Often, the only way that police can get the abused girls ‘off of the street’ is to charge them with a crime – even though the girls may have been kidnapped, beaten, drugged, seriously threatened, and enslaved into child prostitution. So, the young girls end up with a criminal record while their adult male johns continue to patronize other child prostitutes.

    Conclusion: ALL civilization is always only ONE generation and/or subgroup (offshoot Mormons, urban blacks, devout Muslims) away from girls (and boys, as Islam makes clear) being societally-accepted sacrifices to adult male sexual aggression. Civilization MUST take great care to avoid allowing helpless children to be sexually abused.


  3. It should also be kept in mind that effectively all 13-and-under prostitutes are slaves. Yes, slaves.

    Slavery in this form exists, illegally but with enough cover from corrupt police and perverted johns, in most or all developed nations. It can be kept in check to some extent, but eradication seems to be impossible. The authorities just don’t have the will to really lower the boom on the pimps/slave dealers.

  4. Egghead

    The problem is Islam legitimizes the sexual enslavement and hence abuse and murder of women of all ages.

    In a healthy Western society, any Muslim man engages in typical Islamic behavior towards women would be spending a decade or so in jail for statutory rape.

    Whereas the Mormon’s nasty penchant of marrying and having sex with underage girls is not accepted by American society at large except for other Mormon’s who tacitly support it.

    As for the conduct of inner city Black males. What do you expect. The welfare system set up and maintained by liberals encourages out of wedlock births and rampant sexual behavior and multiple partners. And because of the PC/MC mentality now reigning here in the West, public condemnation of such behavior is no longer possible. Instead we are forced to view this as cultural enrichment.

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    The greater point is that too many men – here, there, and everywhere – seem to have an inappropriate sexual attraction to repeatedly rape children and young teens (girls and boys).

    In my opinion, this is WHY too few Western men are particularly upset about the incursion of Islam. It seems that Western men might very well be as easy to convert to Islam as Eastern men attracted by the Islamic sanction of child marriage, forced marriage, polygamy, and autocratic societal and familial ruling status over all Muslim women, girls, and boys as well as all non-Muslim infidels.

    Islam is simply SIN codified as law, and too many men in the West are ready to actively participate in or passively accept that sin.

    P.S. The West has legitimized sexual enslavement by pretending that prostitution is anything but the repeated rape of vulnerable girls, boys, and women.

    Also, Americans remain largely undisturbed by the child sexual exploitation and polygamy endured by the children in Mormon offshoot groups. It’s hard to convict the leaders of such groups – let alone the rank and file men who clearly violate the laws of the United States. Offshoot Mormons figured out how to control law enforcement in certain counties, and everyone else has left them alone to abuse their children – except for the occasional show trial here and there.


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