Veiled Soldiers in the Army of Islam

Burqa mural #1

Laine’s comment on last night’s post is not unrelated to my previous piece on Sergio Redegalli and his “no to burqas” mural.

The entire comment is reproduced below. It has been edited for punctuation:

The [commenter] makes a grave error dismissing full Islamic veiling as insignificant. I remember the first such woman — assuming she was a woman — that I saw in full black regalia pushing a loaded shopping cart in a supermarket with her bearded keeper-husband bopping along beside her during what should have been working hours. The sight was utterly creepy and unusual at that time. Now, only a few years later, that entire part of town is indistinguishable from any Arab country, with such creatures seen at every intersection while white people are now a shrinking minority in more ways than one.

No less an authority than Al-Qaeda’s Ayman Al-Zawahiri Declared that Muslimas’ drapes make them warriors in his declared mission of Islamic world domination:

“I congratulate every Muslimah observant of her Hijab and chastity in the face of the fierce Crusade against the Hijab, which exposes their immorality, decline and degeneration. And she should know that the Hijab, symbol of her modesty and purity, tears them apart inside, because it exposes the depravity of their civilization. And I remind her that by holding fast to her Hijab and Deen, she is a soldier in the battle of Islam against the Zionist Crusade and its helpers, the traitorous idol-kings.”

That veiled wraith is a soldier in the army of Islam…

…Her mummification is an outward sign of her family’s belonging to the most devout, i.e. the most extreme, Muslims. It’s the equivalent of having immigrants wearing Nazi regalia congregating in the West after Hitler’s aggression had started. Also please note: the direction is always one way, toward more veiled ones, more hijabs covering the hair, never the other way around.

The Muslim pressure by both men and women is constant on bareheaded Muslimas. Try to think of a single acquaintance, school chum or shop girl who stops wearing the hijab in the West. There have been a few high profile cases of Muslim girls who wished to assimilate with Western ways, including refusing the hijab. For their rebellion against their families they were murdered in honor killings.

6 thoughts on “Veiled Soldiers in the Army of Islam

  1. Not sure why my post wasn’t accepted before, but will repeat it here:

    I come from and live in (50% of the year) a part of Europe that is very traditional; the people go to church, we speak a local language/dialect and the family unit is very important/strong. At church, we see 9and socialize with) countless immigrants from Bengladesh/Pakistan, Africa and Eastern Europe who have abandoned Mohammedanism for Christianity in order to be a part of the community/society they live in.

    The point is there ARE many Mohammedans who DO convert to Christianity all around Europe. But you cannot ask a Mohammedan to replace their faith and ethics (wayward as they are) with nothingness; there has to be a viable alternative. And most of Western Europe is simply incapble of providing an alternative at this point. Hence the reason you see the hijab/abaya more and more.

  2. What i find so sad, and annoying (to put it politely) by reading this post is that no matter what we say in the West, myself being in the UK, we are classed as racist by the MSM.

    I have read, and watched many of the posts of Lt Col West, and he speaks the truth which here in the UK condemns a potential MP as a racist or the new political taboo, Islamaphobe.


    Because all our MP’s are party guided rather than constituent representatives.

    Unless we get funding, as the way the parties who want to take over our country get funding, we will surely become another userped calaphate country, ruled by wahabi’ism.


  3. I believe Qualis Rex raises an interesting point regarding some Muslims who wish to assimilate into what is left of Western culture. The religious aspect of some people’s lives will always be uppermost in their thinking and unless there is something on offer to replace the Islamic ideology, such as Christianity, those Muslims who desire change will not do so.

    But that kind of thinking is based on the assumption that those who wish to leave the ‘religion of peace’ desire another religious ideology to assimilate into. No doubt there is much to consider here on that thought, but what are the numbers of Muslims who would wish to do this? And for example, how would a Church utilize it’s position in combatting the backlash that would be expected upon prosletyzing the local Muslim community?

    Not all Muslims assimilate due to a desire to change religious beliefs, many I suspect succumb to the hedonistic lifestyle that now so typically represents modern Western culture, and are happy to be rid of the straightjacket that is Islam.

    Still, what has been raised is a good point to ponder.

  4. Nemesis – I cannot tell you how many Mohammedans I have gotten drunk with in my youth. Yes, alcohol is “haram” in Mohammedanism. Yet in the west, the hedonism you quote is indeed an escape, albeit a temporary one, from the constraints of Mohammedanism. Very few Mohammedans that I have known have left Mohammedanism for hedonism as a lifestyle. I have known many “ethnic” Mohammedans (mostly Persians) who are nominally Mohammedan (especially around EID) but who don’t really practice anything. Those are not the people I worry about, since they would do or say anything to save their own wealth/skin in a pinch; including renouncing Mohammedanism or changing their names if need-be.

    So, no, I don’t think hedonism is a viable alternative, since it eventually leads BACK to Mohamedanism as the individual grows older and more mature (i.e. stops rebelling). One thing we MUST be honest with is this: Mohammedanism provides a very powerful support network and sense of “Ummah” or community. The more you adhere to Mohammedanism, the more respect you get from that community. This is probably the biggest reason for the Abaya/Hijab/Chador…not because the men necessarily make the women wear it per se. It’s because of the overall pressure from the entire family and wider community to do it (i.e. both positive and negative reinforcement). And once again, if you cannot provide anything to substitute this, all attempts to steer them away from it will fail.

  5. Qualis Rex has a very good point!
    Sure, replacing their mohamedan faith with hedonoistic nothingness is not a path and is improbable.


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