3 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson on Norwegian TV

  1. The sad thing is we are not all that far behind the U.K. as our current administration allows thousands of Muslims to immigrate to the USA, many from know terrorist countries- sickens me!! The Muslim’s attempt to build Mosques in areas with few Muslims such as in Tennessee’s Bible belt. I believe they are doing this on purpose so as to outnumber the Christians someday, a form of colonization. Already you have radical groups like the Circle of North America that want to make Sharia Law as wholesome, to Americans, as apple pie. We need to wake up NOW! Stop Muslim immigration now into America!!

  2. To say that people will be driven to mass murder because governments won’t listen to our cause is a dangerous non-sequitor. Mass murder, and murder and crime in general, is caused by insanity, drugs/alcohol and/or severe brainwashing. No one is “driven” to murder, anymore than anyone is “driven” to rape a woman just because she was wearing a mini skirt.

    We need to keep this debate on track for the sake of the weaker souls in this struggle. Islam is about a way of thinking, it is NOT about humans, ethnicity, race or skin colour. Islam is an ideology and anyone, anywhere, can become a muslim. You can’t kill an ideology; you cannot even deport an ideology (especially in today’s world), our only success lies on the level of the intellectual war, of words and symbols. Love muslims, help them leave Islam, convert them: only hate the deeds of Muhammad and teachings of the Koran.

  3. Happy to welcome Hanan Ashrawi”
    to Stiklestad
    , the Christian cradle of Norway

    Stiklestad was actually, the battleground where Olav, later St Olav, managed to win Norway to Christianity, on 29 July, Olsok, in 1030.

    This very site has now become the ground which the Stoltenberg government is establishing as a foothold in Norway, for the ummah.

    Støre was also supposed to speak at Stiklestad last 29 July, 2011. Those plans were naturally changed after 22 July.

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