The Federal Refugee Industry

Lampedusa refugees #17

Readers in D.C. or the wretched hive of scum and villainy Northern Virginia may want to schedule a little excursion to Arlington on May 1. That’s the day the State Department will huddle with leading representatives of the Refugee Industry to plan how many more Third-Worlders will be invited in to enrich American culture next year.

When we hear the word “refugee”, we tend to think of “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. That image, however — the earnest but impoverished foreigner, lined up along with hundreds of others on Ellis Island eager to work hard for a pittance to make a new life in America — is at least a hundred years out of date.

The typical “wretched refuse” of the 21st century is an illiterate from a backward and barbaric Third World despotism, usually a Muslim one. He’s eager to make a new life in the land of milk and lavish welfare benefits.

An entire industry has been built around the “refugee” process, because big money can be made by the well-connected symbiotes of the federal government inhabiting the public-private penumbra that surrounds the American immigration bureaucracy.

Ann Corcoran at Refugee Resettlement Watch is encouraging everyone to take note of the details and make their presence known at the public meeting on May 1:

State Department refugee meeting: Your chance to voice your opinion!

Every year the US State Department holds a meeting/hearing to learn what US citizens are thinking about the refugee resettlement program and so they can ‘help’ the President determine how many refugees we will take in the next fiscal year.

The meeting is dominated by federal contractors (LOL! they call them “voluntary agencies”) who stream in and ask for more refugees. In past years few citizens or local elected officials have questioned the notion that the US can take in more impoverished immigrants from the world’s political hot spots.

This is your chance! Either sign up to attend the hearing or send your comments. Here is the Federal Register notice. Note that they are specifically disallowing video taping of the proceedings because they don’t want large numbers of taxpayers to see the parade of contractors with their hands out!

There will be a meeting on the President’s FY 2013 U.S. Refugee Admissions Program on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Refugee Processing Center, 1401 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1100, Arlington, Virginia. The meeting’s purpose is to hear the views of attendees on the appropriate size and scope of the FY 2013 U.S. Refugee Admissions Program.

Persons wishing to attend this meeting must notify the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration at telephone (202) 453-9257 by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24, 2012, to reserve a seat. Persons wishing to present written comments should submit them by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 via email to or fax (202) 453-9393.

The use of any video or audio recording device, photographing device, or any other electronic or mechanical device designed for similar purposes is prohibited at Tuesday’s event.

If you have questions about the public meeting, please contact Delicia Spruell, PRM/Admissions Program Officer at (202) 453-9257. Information about the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program may be found at

Dated: March 22, 2012.

David Robinson,

Acting, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, Department of State.

Keep an eye on Refugee Resettlement Watch between now and May Day — Ann has promised to keep us updated on this meeting.

11 thoughts on “The Federal Refugee Industry

  1. Thank you for training a spot beam on another gaping hole in the hull of the sinking Ship of Fools, where celebrations on the upper decks continue, mainly to laud the Emperor’s new wardrobe or to launch another campaign against whitism, racism and bigotry…
    Takuan Seiyo

  2. Not sure where you got your statistics here. Yes, Somalia leads refugee applications (by 10,000K more than the next runner-up, which is Ethiopia). But from the top 10 countries on the list, only 4 are Mohammedan countries, and from there, the majority of people leaving (Sudan and Bosnia) are in fact Christians fleeing the Mohammedan violence against them. So, I wouldn’t say the “typical” refugee applicant is as you described at all.

    I would say we do need to revisit the application process as many other countries and regions (i.e. Quebec in Canada) have done; namely giving preference to refugees who can quickly assimilate into our Christian culture (for example, Ethiopians have the lowest time spent on public benefits out of all refugees) and directing other Mohammedans to other countries where their values are more similary (i.e. Kuwait, Qatar and other Oil States). This would seem to be the best way forward.

  3. And one of the first things they demand is a passport, to go visit their home country?

  4. The asylum industry is primarily established in order to spread the islamic masses over to the West.

    Where are the Christian Pakistanis, the Copts, the Christian Nigerians, the Christian Syrians, etc etc, seeking refuge in our countries?

    No room for them, as all the available rooms were taken by the muslims? And the construction of the new rooms are also for the muslims?

  5. Refugee Industry – brilliant! I smiled when l saw the headline, keep up the good work 🙂

  6. Reposted here:

    No More Muslim Refugees Infiltrators in the US – Your Chance to Make Yourself Heard

    @Qualis Rex,

    The US has no obligation and no reason to take in refugees who adhere to Islam or to any other enemy, totalitarian ideology.

    Non-Muslim refugees and apostates from Islam who are fleeing Muslim countries should be allowed entry to the US – but only after having declared, both in writing and in public vocal affirmation, that they are not Muslims. Once the refugees are here, any of them that have regular contact with imams, mullahs, mosques, madrassahs, Muslim “charities,” or other Muslim organizations, should be deported immediately for having made a false statement.

  7. I think you are arguing with the wrong person. I never said the US was under any obligation to take in Mohammedan refugees.

    But if you are waiting for a “Mohammedan denunciation” clause for all new immigrants to the US, as wonderful as that would be, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Now, what the US COULD legally do would be to tighten restrictions on anyone having associations with ANY organizations which donate to terrorists. That would eliminate the vast majority of Mohammedan applicants (CAIR, the Red Crescent, etc all have ties to terrorist funding). But as we all know, the people who work for Homeland Security aren’t always the brightest coins in the jar, and since this would require actualy work (i.e. background checks) I wouldn’t hold my breath there either.

  8. As with any organizations, it is always good to review periodically what works and what needs to be changed. In this case, it is especially to be cautious who and what kind of people are allowed to enter our country. It is not prejudice , but good common sense to not agrivate a situation by adding people who would be especially unlikely to integrate into our culture. A nation that cannot coalesce around the same goals will not be able to stand long (A House Divided – Cannot Stand!)

  9. Refugee Industry – brilliant!

    If you liked that one, what do you say to this?

    Swedish politician Jan Emanuel Johansson, social democrat, made roughly 33 million USD – 223 million SEK – on the refugee industry.

  10. The more of these so-called Muslim refugees we allow in the closer we are getting to Sharia Law becoming the law of the land. But, Liberalism the mental disorder!

  11. Isn’t the idea of allowing refugees into the country supposed to be about the best interest of the country? I don’t think importing poverty into the US is in the best interest of American citizens.
    Senator Ted Kennedy dramatically changed the “legal” importation of people into the country. He did no American citizen a favor.
    Importing Somali Muslims with no education has, in my mind, caused more problems than they are worth.
    The jobs Somali Muslims currently occupy used to be occupied by native american citizens.
    And lest you think me talking out of my hat ask yourself where your high school graduate son or grandson can get a job in the US? Can he drive a cab? Can he work at an entry level in construction?

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