Paul Weston at the British Freedom Party Meeting

Last Saturday evening members of British Freedom gathered in London for a party meeting. They came in from all over the country for the occasion, not just from England, but reportedly also from Scotland and Wales.

Below is the speech Paul Weston gave at the meeting. Many thanks to EDL Buck for recording this video, and to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading it:

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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9 thoughts on “Paul Weston at the British Freedom Party Meeting

  1. Why are you pushing the British Freedom Party ?

    How come you don’t report on BNP activities such as the demonstration outside of Liverpool Crown Court for the 47 Muslims charged with Paedophilia, rape etc due to grooming WHITE FEMALES under the ages of 16 ?

    The embarrassment of the UAF for supporting Paedophiles and having P.I.E (Paedophile information exchange) support the UAF demo.
    It didn’t last long as the UAF were humiliated.

    Come on GofV, you don’t really believe the lies and smears that Britains TRAITORS and ENEMIES throw at them?
    Griffin is now a Liability, with most of the main Activists leaving the BNP due to Nick Griffins destruction of the real chance the BNP had of breaking into main stream politics.

    Have you not been called a Racist, Nazi, Fascist by the FAR LEFT ?

    Now, what has Paul Weston done to save Britain from a Multicultural hell hole ?

  2. Silly K. —

    But I did post about the Nationalist demonstration outside Liverpool Crown Court. Perhaps you missed reading our blog that day…?

  3. At the risk of being called a real jerk, I see a more than just a little irony at the plight of modern Britain, given their treatment of Rhodesia…

  4. If there are guys travelling down from Scotland to listen to an Englishman speak, then you know the situation is pretty dire …

  5. @ Silly Kuffar,

    Have you read about Operation Bullfinch? It’s had some coverage in the Oxford papers, but hardly a mention in the national press.

    The suspects have been named (most of them anyway) and there’s nary a Harry or a William among them.

    What sort of culture do the perpetrators of such crime live in? What sort of values are taught in their homes?

    If they can treat young girls like mere chattels, and worse still deliberately target girls from different races for the worst of their abuse, is it not true to say that they are not just misogynists but also racists?

    Why isn’t this highlighted, and discussed openly in the press? Why isn’t it debated by our MPs, who are after all supposed to represent their constituents?

    Why don’t the UAF unite & protest against such heinous crimes, in order to have them discussed in the press & by our Members of Parliament?

  6. Seeing Paul Weston and his intelligent, factual and reasond debate is a light in all the darkness that is Britain in 2012, his frustration and anger are justified and apparent in his debate, this man is up against it due to the seditious factions that have infiltrated UK institutions in every manner. Paul is a winner. 110% support fro Scotland.

  7. Silly Kuffar,

    Maybe because the BNP is over as a viable political party people like you are flogging a dead horse.

    Also maybe GoV dont want to have their image tarnished by association with the BNP whos image is real muck and supporting the BNP now makes you not just a laughing stock in the eyes of the public but also the eyes of all reasonable and sensible Nationalists.

  8. “we, we, we…”. Define “We” Mr. Weston. “We” here at GoV already acknowledge that islam is our mortal enemy. “We” in the anti-jihad movement, “we” in the conservative movement, “We” in the pro-Western, pro-freedom, pro-Individual, pro-Republic, con-EU side are not confused at all about who is the enemy and who “we” are.
    When the government, the police, the media and the academia refuse to acknowledge that we’re at war with islam, then they are not part of “we”; they are already with the enemy and they too must be defeated and swept away like the oikophobic traitors that they are.
    To defeat islam “we” must defeat the colaborationists. Islam will then pale into insignificance without the political and social clout to menace us. Radicals would just be treated like the criminals that they are and expelled, their assets confiscated, their dole-fed families deported at their own expense.

    One thing is obvious: waiting around for the government is never the solution to anything. Englishmen, Scottsmen, Wellshmen and Irishmen must come together in this party or the UKIP to put down the false conservatives, the socialists (who don’t even pretend they stand for the working class anymore)and the invading barbarian hordes of asian and middle-eastern origin.
    Even foreigners like me who love Brittain, foreigners who integrate and contribute constructively to the society (Hindus, Sikhs, Afro-Caribeans, Pols, etc), all of these people have a dog in the fight. We’re running out of Western countries to run away to. We must stand and fight.

    I haven’t watched TV in well over a year and every time I go to GoV i’m reminded again of why I don’t miss it.

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