Mass Brawl in Sunndal

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Another day, another brawl among culture-enrichers at a Norwegian asylum center.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has the report:

Here’s another episode of standard Islamic conflict resolution. This time it involved forty representatives, ranging from khat-chewing herbivores from Somalia, to ‘stateless’ Hamastinians.

The stage? A Norwegian reception center housing international welfare fraudsters.

Sunndal is an idyllic town nestled between tall mountains in the north-western part of Norway. At least it was idyllic until the dogs from Arabia arrived in town.

This incident has been hushed up by the MSM. This was the only story that I could find on Google News.

The translated article from Tidens Krav:

Brawl at asylum center

One person has been charged with assaulting a police officer after two groups consisting of approximately forty individuals went head to head in a mass brawl at an asylum center in Sunndal.

The police in Sunndal received a report at 20.54 on Monday evening that two residents at the local asylum center had been injured in the scuffle

At the time of the brawl police officers from Kristiansund were in Sunndal performing a search after an avalanche had blocked off a section of highway 70. However these police officers were on the wrong side of the avalanche and thus were unable to assist the local law enforcement agents, police superintendent, Espen Bakk tells TK.

Tempers at the asylum center eventually rose sufficiently that canine patrols from Molde were brought in. One of the individuals who took part in the brawl was armed with a knife and acted in a threatening manner, according to Aura Avis.

Sources that Tidens Krav have been in contact with claim that the brawl was a result of a conflict between a group of about ten Somalis and a larger group of about thirty Arabs, which consisted of pretty much everything from Moroccans to stateless Palestinians.

“We have received a formal complaint about a 16-year-old being beaten. We are now looking into whether this could have triggered the brawl. So far the explanations we have received includes everything from the choice of TV channels, the use of pool tables and individuals who have failed to show sufficient respect for other people’s honor,” Bakk says.

Police eventually managed to get the situation under control at 00.30.

Three people were brought in, of whom two were released after questioning. A 26-year-old stateless person has been charged with attacking a police officer.

“He did not obey orders from the police and he resisted arrest,” Bakk says.

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  1. I bet the mohammed co-efficient is off the scale , we might need to buy a new mo-o-meter

  2. Totally OT, but I figured I cheer you all up a bit. The video is from a swedish copy of “Most Wanted”. The speaker voice at the end says: “The police is very interested in the second man (entering through the door). If you recognize this man, call….”

    (And from this, if you´re swedish, you will at least know that the guy they want is from out of town… Had he been swedish of origin, they would have shown his face.)

  3. Oh,here is the promo for the upcoming TV program:

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