Back to Normal in Mogadishu

A bomb blast in Mogadishu killed at least four people today. Some news accounts list a death toll of eight or ten. The explosion occurred during a re-opening ceremony for the national theater. It was either carried out by a female suicide bomber (according to the Somali prime minister), or was planted in advance (according to the terrorist group Al-Shabaab).

In any case, the bomb went off while Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali was at the microphone speaking to the assembled crowd. The prime minister was uninjured.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are some excerpts from a BBC article on the same topic:

Somalia Theatre Bombing Kills Top Sports Officials

The head of Somalia’s Olympic committee and its football chief are among eight people killed in a bomb attack on a high-profile event in Mogadishu.

Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali survived the blast unhurt after it struck the newly re-opened national theatre in the capital, Mogadishu.

Militants from the al-Shabab group say they carried out the bombing.

African Union peacekeepers said the “despicable” attack would not deter peace efforts in Somalia.

The President of the Somali Olympic Committee, Aden Yabarow Wiish, and the Somali Football Federation chief, Said Mohamed Nur, were both killed. They were among a group of dignitaries who had gathered to mark the first anniversary of the launch of Somalia’s national television station.


Three Somali television journalists were also wounded in the blast, sources told the BBC Somali Service.

The theatre had closed in the early 1990s as Somalia descended into civil war and was only reopened last month, amid a new period of relative optimism.

‘Unimaginable’ scene

Police and hospital sources told BBC News in Mogadishu that eight people had been killed.

Also speaking to the BBC, the prime minister said a woman suicide attacker had carried out the attack.

The prime minister was addressing the crowd of about 300 high-profile guests gathered to celebrate a year since the government-owned TV station took to the air — meant to be yet another milestone in Somalia’s slow return to peace.

But scenes of chaos ensued when a blast ripped through seats. The rescue effort was haphazard and some wounded journalists say they were left to organise their own lifts to hospital.

Police say initial investigations point to a female suicide bomber as being behind the explosion, but the Islamist group al-Shabab said it had planted a device at the theatre ahead of the event, which was announced on television on Tuesday night.

All guests were thoroughly frisked as they entered the theatre, so suspicions are growing that it may have been an inside job. It has also prompted people to question why officials would publicise the event when the government is unable to guarantee security — even for its own prime minister.

Condemning al-Shabab, he said it was in the group’s nature to “kill innocent people” and described the attacks as “the last breaths of a dying horse”.

Abdullahi Yussuf Abdurahiman, 22, survived the explosion. He told BBC News: “I saw mutilated bodies, shoes on the ground, bloody mobile phones and chairs cut in half by the force of the blast.

“A lot of people were being carried out and there were dead people on the floor. It was unimaginable. Then everyone was running away.”

Soldiers started shooting after the blast, witnesses said.

In a statement al-Shabab said it was behind the bombing but referred to a planted device rather than a suicide bomber.

“The Mujahideen successfully planted the explosives before the gathering,” it said on Twitter.

Al-Shabab spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab told Reuters news agency: “We were behind the theatre blast. We targeted the infidel ministers and legislators, and they were the casualties of today.”

11 thoughts on “Back to Normal in Mogadishu

  1. If they want to kill each other in their own hell holes, I find no problem with that.

    Just keep then out of civilized countries!

  2. For those of you who don’t understand why this was targetted; the “National Theater” (along with the two other movie theaters that were open in the 80’s in Mogadishu) were very seedy places; because they are dark inside during the performances, many patrons (especially young ones) used these spots for “hook-ups” (this is not uncommon in many Mohammedan countries, FYI). So, one of the first orders of business for the Mohammedan Al-Shabaab regime was to close all of them to prevent immorality.

    But here’s a hint: Somalis are some of the most sexually immoral people in the Mohammedan world. The HIV infection rate(while generally accepted at 1.9% is estimated by WHO to be as high as 10% given that a) Somali men kill the doctors/nurses who give them the bad news of them being infected and b) the kind of sex they have is very high risk, due to female circumcision (which is not a deterrant for immorality…not by a long shot) and c) the high incidents of rape.

  3. “It was unimaginable.”

    Actually, the bombing is EXTREMELY imaginable – and predictable if you understand Islam and believe what Islam means for Muslims and non-Muslims!

    The real reason that this theater was targeted was because Islam is violent. Within that context, we can split hairs, but it is crucial to ALWAYS bring the discussion back to Islam as the root cause of violence rather than whatever false ‘reason’ Muslims would present – as if eliminating that false ‘reason’ would eliminate any Muslim violence.

    P.S. Another reason that AIDS is rampant is that African men engage in anal sex. Anal sex is viewed as a method of birth control, but it is also a real life result of Islam and Muslim participation in boy rape.


  4. Egghead – you are wrong. Anal sex is not used as a form of “birth-control” in Africa. That is ridiculous as birth control itself is seen as a Western invention in Africa (which is why condoms will never work there as a successful deterrent to the spread of HIV). Traditional African society holds that men should have as many children as possible, so birth-control is seen as nonsense to them.

    There is a much more sinister and graphic reason which I will refrain from commenting on here due to the fact that the blog owners have informed us children read this here.

  5. Here’s a 2003 article about the contribution of heterosexual anal sex to the spread of AIDS in Africa:

    “Currently, anti-AIDS education in Africa focuses on ‘heterosexual transmission’, usually taken to mean vaginal sex. According to Brody and Potterat, the fact that health warnings have avoided mentioning anal sex – despite its “substantially greater” risk of HIV transmission – may have contributed to the AIDS epidemic. Their research suggests that both men and women in Africa have receptive anal intercourse, often believing it to be ‘safe’ since it is not featured in public health education programmes.”

    “In sample studies, 42% of South African truck drivers, 35% of young Zimbabweans, and 41-75% of South African prostitutes reported engaging in heterosexual anal intercourse.”

    Royal Society of Medicine: African sexual health programmes “misguided”


  6. Ok the Muzzies are blowing each other up. That’s pretty much how they settle disputes. Civil discourse is beyond the ken of Muslims and why they need a tyrant to rule them.

    As long as they keep blowing each other up like human firecrackers its fine with me.

  7. This is getting to be a bit graphic, but I never said Africans do not engage in anal sex. I said it was not done as a form of birth control. To be blunt, when a woman has undergone pharaonic circumcision (which is 99.8% of adult women in Somalia) and is a virgin, a rapist has only one option. It has nothing to do with birth control.

  8. I tried to find scholarly citations for the idea that Africans use anal sex for birth control – which I have read on previous occasions – but all that I can find tonight is anecdotal evidence for that particular idea.

    Even so, I would have to call it a draw because African women might have very different (unexpressed) goals from African men and thus might steer African men to anal sex as a form of poor women’s birth control – using the idea of AIDS prevention as a mask for their hope for birth control.


  9. OK, so it is well documented that the incidence of rape of women and girls is staggering in Africa – which is part Muslim and part not.

    My physician sister met a Muslim doctor who sadly claimed that ALL Muslims (boys and girls) are raped and molested in childhood. I am guessing that the Muslim doctor meant ALL Muslims living under Sharia Law.

    And, African and Muslim men have ZERO problem penetrating vaginas of stitched virgins upon marriage.

    But, the bad ‘rub’ is that Muslim girls and women who get pregnant from rape and molestation (prior to marriage which hides many sins) would be subject to death under Sharia Law.

    So, the dilemma in a society where essentially 100% of girls and women are raped by a combination of relatives and strangers is WHO would be left for Muslim men to marry if Sharia Law is actually applied.

    Thus, the solution is to rape and molest the girls and women without leaving evidence (babies being the biggest evidence) of copulation.

    So, it IS logical to conclude that even the rapists use anal sex as a method of birth control.

    As anecdotal proof, I offer the idea expressed here recently in the comments to an article about Muslim gang rape that Mohammedan gang rape often features anal rape of Western women. The men perform the crime that has been performed on them as the pearls of Islam – and perform actions that mirror the actions of their ‘enriched’ culture.

    We frequently hear of Western women whose entire plumbing is decimated after Muslim gang rape.

    Ah, the more we ‘know’ Islam, the more we (gasp!) hate Islam. How could it be otherwise?!


  10. And, African and Muslim men have ZERO problem penetrating vaginas of stitched virgins upon marriage.

    OK, since the moderators let that stand, I will reply. It IS a “problem” to have sex with a circumcised woman after marriage. It can take hours or days; it’s not something men can easily do, and that is the reason for it; hence the reason for anal rape. To think or say that African (namely in this case Somali) men anally rape women out of kindness so as not to get them pregnant is beyond ridiculous. If you ask any Bantu Somali, they will tell you how women are constantly subject to rape (vaginal as well) as the Somali think they are actually doing a good deed by giving them lighter-skinned/more Somali-looking children. Once again, nothing to do with birth-control, everything to do with expedience.

    The only thing you stated correctly is in many Mohammedan cultures, specifically in Somalia, most (I cannot say all) of the children have been sexually molested.

  11. Ah Qualis Rex: Shades of gray! When living under Sharia Law, (statistically) every Muslim baby, girl, or woman is the victim of forced clitorectomy – and (statistically) every Muslim person is the victim of childhood and/or adulthood family and/or stranger molestation and/or rape and/or gang rape so understandably circumstances vary depending on the situation – and instinctive and learned human responses to systemic Islamic evil are nuanced.

    If you want to discuss the heinous physical ramifications of forced clitorectomies, then ramifications depend on the type of operation imposed upon the baby, girl, or woman. Some clitorectomies merely preclude pleasure – rather than vaginal sex or rape. It depends!

    Although I might have better used the word clitorectomized rather than stitched, I believe that my greater point stands – which is that, just like Mohammed, Muslim men have vaginal sex when they want and have anal sex when they want. So, we may appropriately speculate WHAT wide variety of human factors influence and/or determine their decision?

    Molesters often rationalize their deviant moral behavior via a wide variety of irrational reasons. I have read anecdotal comments that Muslim men molest their female relatives via anal sex – again to keep the girls marriageable – aka keep everyone alive under Sharia Law.

    I have read anecdotal comments that Muslim immigrant men choose to rape Western girls and women instead of Muslim girls and women because Sharia-compliant Muslim families would give Muslim females “a hard time” for being raped in contrast to Western families who accept women who have been raped.

    Interestingly, Muslim men fail to realize that ALL Muslim girls and women are raped when their Sharia-compliant families force them into ‘marriage’ against their will.

    In direct contrast, I am sure that the Muslim girls and women who are forced into ‘marriage’ against their will are fully aware that they are living a life full of rape!

    Dec 2001: Male complications of female genital mutilation.

    2012: Female genital mutilation

    Aug 1976: Africa’s Dark Secrets


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