Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/22/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/22/2012Two young men in Chicago (one of them a minor) attacked another young man, knocked him down, beat him up, and robbed him. They told police they were angry about the killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida. The two attackers were black, and the victim is white.

In other news, National Front leader Marine Le Pen took 20% of the vote in the first round of the French presidential election. This stunning result will give Ms. Le Pen a “kingmaker” role in the runoff election on May 6, which will be between President Nicolas Sarkozy and the Socialist challenger François Hollande.

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  1. To the anonymous commenter who left this on the Dutch Cabinet post: This comment should have been here, on the news feed. It was off topic anywhere else.


    Anonymous said…

    It is interesting that Tadic is in Hanover, because he is the one to Handover Kosovo because of Europe budget problems, and some People say that one type of Handover is for the Handover.

    We have heard that the Croatian President Ivo Josipovic, said on the commemoration to victims of the Jasenovac death camp that the crimes committed there must not be forgotten.

    He went on to say that oblivion and denial represent the biggest dangers for democracy, freedom, and humanity and that is why we must not allow the things that happened in Jasenovac to be forgotten.

    They will not be forgotten, because they will be remembered and celebrated as part of the Operation Storm celebrations which is one of the foundation cornerstones what Croatia’s so called democracy and the so called democracy of the much of the European Union is built on.

    We know that Croatia is to join the European Union, and now they have no obstacles to blackmailing Germany, as they have everything the want from Germany.

    Germany can secretly pay all of Croatia’s and all of Serbia’s Debts and to Handover an additional 15 Billion Euros in Croatia’s Bank Account, to Handover additional 15 Billion Euros in Serbia’s Bank Account, with no questions asked, and with a minimum of Delay, and Croatians are not worried about the reputations, because they want the Money.

    Croatia knows that NATO committed War Crimes, and the Voters of Europe will know to too, if the Money is not paid, and Croatia and Serbia do not care if it is Printed Money, because it will keep its Value more than enough for Croatia’s and Serbia’s purposes.

    It does not matter that the Croat Nationalism wanted it, because NATO committed War Crimes, and we will put a Motion to the United Nations General Assembly if the Money is not Handedover within a reasonable time.

    Croatia knows that the Balkans have been given to Eurarbia for the European Union Debts, and that Tadic is their man in Serbia.

    Tadic is from Sarajevo, and Many People know that it is called Janissary City.

    A Modern Day Janissary in Political Office is more dangerous that the old style Janissary, and we know Serbia will only receive false promises with Tadic and the DS, but no Money.

    We know that the Genocide suit can also be put back on Croatia after they receive the Money from Germany, but this can only work if the Serbs can act intelligently by not Voting for Tadic and the DS, but by Voting for the Proper Political Parties.

    Serbia has the choice to be Handedover to Euroarbia with Tadic and the DS, because Germany does not want to Handover any Cash, except to Tadic and Clique, and that Handover could be why Tadic is in Hanover.

  2. Antiracist Stasi at work

    In Sweden, 150 000 individuals to be trained by Labour Organization, LO, to work as Stasi agents in workplaces around the country

    Saying things like “there are too many immigrants” will immediately be taken care of by the nearest Stasi trained agent

    – OIC is already well infiltrated in Sweden?

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