A Gift from the Religion of Atrocity

An article in this morning’s Sunday Times about female genital mutilation in the UK has been much discussed today in Britain. Our English correspondent Seneca III presents a summary of the article, and adds his own thoughts on the whole sordid matter.

FGM: 'patient' and knife

100,000 Genitally Mutilated Girl Children in Britain — And More to Come

by Seneca III

The leading article in today’s Sunday Times is a story of more cultural enrichment. Essentially, it reports on an undercover investigation into the extent of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Britain.

And, as ‘thetimesonline.com’ is behind a subscription firewall and cannot be linked, here follows a short review/synopsis with some comments from me connecting the quotations and elaborating in a politically incorrect manner in a couple of places (direct quotations from the ST are in italics).

Forward, a charity that campaigns against FGM, revealed this weekend that 100,000 women in Britain have undergone mutilation. A further 24,000* girls are thought to be at risk of suffering the agonising procedure**.

Such acts which are widespread in parts of Africa*** and the Middle East are illegal in Britain.

* Estimates place the worldwide figure at 140 million — guess where most of them are (apart from those now setting up their occupied territories in Europe and the USA)?

** I will include no details here. It is Sunday, and even after so many years of exposure to the ideological root causes of this atrocity, those years have still have not inured me to the horrors of this and all the other joys of Sharia.

*** The ST did state “Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia”(Whereas they didn’t actually clarify the Ogaden region of Ethiopia that is tribally and culturally Somali Muslim as opposed to the Christian North, or Islamic North Sudan as opposed to the Christian and Animist South. Those areas in fact long conquered and subjugated by The Religion of Peace.)

Despite the scale of the problem, the police have failed to secure a single conviction. This weekend, as campaigners called for crackdown, police were accused of failing to pursue prosecutions for fear of inflaming racial tensions. (My bold)…

…The Metropolitan Police having received 166 complaints of FGM since 2008 but, as with all 43 forces across England and Wales, having secured no convictions. (sic)…

…Waris Dirie, a former model who was mutilated as a child and is now a United Nations Ambassador for the abolition of the practice, said: “If a white girl is abused, the police come and break down the door. If a black girl is mutilated, nobody takes care of her. This is what I call racism.”

(Well, yes, Waris, but ‘self-inflicted reverse racism’ would be a better description as the police wouldn’t be afraid to help you if the race card were not played without fail every time a non-white is arrested on suspicion of a criminal offence — do try to get your head around the [race] incident/hate laws and the Orwellian definition of them as constructed by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)…

“Any incident, which may or may not constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate.” [is a hate incident]

“Any hate incident, which may or may not constitute a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hate.” [is a hate crime]

…and perhaps you will begin to understand why the poor bloody coppers on the ground who have to do the actual dirty work are more than a little reluctant to risk their careers and livelihoods by in any way interfering in even the nastiest cultural habits of non-whites. What you sow is what you reap.)

Inside the newspaper on pages 10 and 11 is a full-length article describing the investigation and which named, with photographs, three of the practitioners of FGM.

Hence hereunder are some of their responses when approached by a female undercover reporter who first paid a £60 consultation fee to a medical practitioner to ask if he could arrange for two girls, aged 10 and 13, to be circumcised. Dr. Ali Mayo-Aways, who runs a private clinic in Birmingham, replied thus:

“Yes, I can help you. I have a doctor that will do [it]. He is here in Birmingham. I will give him a call… I can help you but this one is very dangerous”*

(*For him or the girls, I wonder, but doubtless the former consideration was uppermost in his mind.)

Dear Dr. Ali then gave the reporter the contact details of one Omar Sheikh Mohamed Addow, a Somali-born Dentist! Who, reluctant when first contacted until later he realised that the reporter had been sent by Dr. Mayo-Aways, is reported to have shown the reporter the medical clamps and scissors he would use and said…

“I’ll do it for you, OK , I’ll do it for you…nobody should know [anything about] it — between you me and Allah only.”

The third person exposed by the ST, in Barking, East London was one Mohammed Sahib, a Faith Healer

Mohammed Sahib, wearing flowing robes and a white prayer cap, ushered another (male) undercover reporter into his dimly lit bedroom and when offered the same two children under the guise of the reporter pretending to speak on behalf of a Ghanaian couple and replied…

“I can do it here” confirming that he would… (sordid sexual details redacted by me)…“this is my work. I know what I am doing. I’m going to do it. I will tell you how [much] to pay [for one]: £750.”

Obviously the actual article went on in far greater detail and depth than can be commented upon in this short review. Furthermore I have chosen to spare GoV readers the worst of the gory, clinical and inhuman details, but I wish to emphasise that this article and the work that went into it constitute an excellent piece of open journalism, rare these days when the MSM is usually so reticent in detailing the politically incorrect realities that contradict the picture of the Marxist/Islamofascist conquest as is normally peddled by our political and chattering classes.

The Sunday Times is to be commended, although I doubt if they will be happy to be so appreciated by the likes of me as. Getting better though they are, they are not fully healed, not by a long way yet.

However, from my non-blinkered perspective, here, soon, in a street next to all of us, is coming yet another gift from The Religion of Atrocity, Death and Slavery, all to the greater glory of enforced Multiculturalism (not).

I will leave it to the Baron to work out the Mohammed Coefficient, I’m going for a late lunchtime pint.

— Seneca III
Sunday morning, England, early spring CE2012

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6 thoughts on “A Gift from the Religion of Atrocity

  1. Seneca…’I’m going for a late lunchtime pint’.

    Theakston’s perhaps?

    Well done Seneca. This problem, as you have probably guessed, is now spread world wide by the ‘religion of peace’ and those who serve Allah against the infidel.

    You and I have both grown up to see first hand the destructive cultural nature that MC/PC under Human Rights laws, brings with it.

    Is it any wonder why our major political parties, from whatever Western nation, choose to do nothing in redressing the slow destruction of our cultures because they can skirt our Constitutions, or Bills of Rights under the United Nations Human Rights legislation which has become a standard pseudo-international law in all our nations which overrides our national legal codes.

    I guess the only reason that the Sunday Times has spent time and money on this FGM investigation is due to the issue being a female one. And a big issue it is; one that has the politicians ducking for cover whenever it is mentioned.

    But, going on past revelations when it comes to exposing the practices of those who propagate the ‘relgion of peace’, I have a feeling it will, like all the other exposes, be shrugged off as just another aberration we can expect from those who live in a medieval culture and one that will gradually disappear in time when the practitioners realize they now live in the 21st Century.

    I wish I could be a wishful thinker like that!

  2. HOLY CRUMPETS!!! Seneca, I am at a loss for words at your intellect and education. With regard to FGM, so many people (see: Mohammedans) point to Ethiopia and say, “See? Even Christians do it!” And this is of course absolute hog-wash, as you point out, the vast majority of practitioners are a) Somali and b) Afari…both Mohammedans. Oromos (split right down the middle between Christian and Mohammedan) also practice this, and some recent Oromo converts to Christianity still do so out of family pressure, although the Ethiopian Orthodox church and government forbid it (however, Mohammedan Oromos require it as a condition for marriage).

    Waris (and God bless her for her strength and courage, and I hope she finds the strength to overcome her other current obstacles as well) is absolutely on the money; if these were white girls, this would all be a non-issue. But as they are a) African and b) Mohammedan the topic has been swept under the carpet for 3 decades. Once again, I can’t tell you how happy your article made me; it’s good to see someone in Britain so informed on the subject.

  3. The Sunday Times has committed actual investigative journalism serving up truths for public consumption that are unpalatable to the lib elite and their Muslim clients. I’m gobsmacked. The Great Unwashed being given factual information instead of having it hidden from them by their “betters”? What if they (gasp) form their own opinion based on these facts? What if that opinion is very different from that of the lib elite who can and do pass off female sexual assault of all kinds as culturally acceptable if committed by brown people? Did the tectonic plates of elite information control just crack?

  4. One of our readers sent an observation yesterday re this post. I asked for permission to share her email with you.

    From “A Canadian Reader”:

    “Long ago when I was a grad student in London I met an interesting woman in the Fawcett Library who had been a teacher in Sudan in the nineteen-thirties when the British administration tried to stop the practice…as part of the campaign [against fgm]she wrote a novel, THE DESERT ROSE…[I]t was graphic, horrifying and very enlightening.”


    I did a little digging on “The Desert Rose” novel, not hopeful I could find such an old piece of fiction. My pessimism turned out to be true this time (often NOT the case regarding out of print books since the advent of the internet). However, other related information turned up, to wit–

    “Rose” is often used to refer to female genitalia. And “cutting the rose” is a widespread euphemism for fgm. Ughh… the mixed image is even more horrifying – i.e., beauty and cruelty juxtaposed so that cruelty wins.

    Found a modern book on Amazon. Not a novel, but a first-person account, here.

    Desert Flower: The Extraordinary Journey of a Desert Nomad

    I love stories of survival and of the transcendence of life’s tragedies, but I think I’ll skip this one. I read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s account of her own experience and one is enough to make a person reel…

    Meanwhile, there’s this wiki, Efua Dorkenoo, which leads directly to the group referenced this post – FORWARD (Efua D. is a founder).

    FORWARD has been formally organized in the UK since 1983. Maybe some Brits of a certain age can tell us how high on the cultural or political radar this problem was thirty years ago??

    I’d certainly never heard of the problem in 1983, never mind the attempted push-back.

    Re the comment by Canadian Reader – it’s good to know the British govt was working on fgm in Africa back then, (if not at home). There is credit due for their attempt, though it’s not an appreciation our current US president would ever acknowledge, weighted down as he is with his own anti-Brit baggage.

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