A Petition to Ban the Koran in Spain

Back in February we posted about a apostate from Islam in Spain named Imran Firasat who has petitioned the Spanish government to ban the Koran.

Mr. Firasat has just learned that his petition has been formally accepted by the Spanish parliament. Below is the report from today’s Minuto Digital. Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for the translation:

The Congressional Constitutional Committee will consider the request of Imran Firasat to ban the Koran in Spain

April 24, 2012

Imran Firasat, a Pakistani national with legal residence in Spain as a political refugee, has accomplished what at first seemed impossible: his petition to ban the Koran in Spain will be discussed in the Constitutional Committee of the Spanish Congress, as shown by the document displayed above, which is reproduced exclusively here at the Minuto Digital website.

A few weeks ago Imran handed over a formal document to the Ministry of the Presidency, the Congress of Representatives, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior, in which he presented 10 points to back his request:

1.   The Quran is not a sacred and religious book, but a violent book, full of hatred and discrimination.
2.   The Quran is a horrible book which provokes a community it calls Muslims to undertake Jihad, kill innocent people and destroy the peace of the world.
3.   The Quran is responsible for all the terrorism we have seen in recent years in which thousands of people lost their lives.
4.   The Quran is a book which contains evil teachings and forces its believers to capture the entire world and total power at any price.
5.   The Quran is a book which legally permits and incites hatred and violence, and for that reason it is not compatible with the modern world, including Spain.
6.   The Quran is a book which directly discriminates between human beings.
7.   The Quran is a book which does not allow either freedom of expression or religious freedom.
8.   The Quran is a book which causes women to suffer and be tortured through the totality of its injustice and macho laws.
9.   The Quran is a book which, rather than teaching unity, teaches disunity, and in this way does not allow its believers to form friendships with those who are not Muslims, because in the eyes of Quran they are infidels.
10.   The Quran is a major threat to the free society of Spain. A book which clearly preaches the messages of jihad, killing, hate, discrimination and revenge. For that reason it cannot be compatible with the Spanish system in any sense. It is a book totally contrary to what the law and constitution of Spain say, and it incites hatred and violence in our country.

Coincidentally, we received an email this afternoon from the petitioner, Imran Firasat. He sent a photocopy of the official acceptance of his petition, and included this note:

This is Imran Firasat (A Pakistani ex Muslim residing in Spain). I hope you still remember me. I am the one who some weeks ago lodged a formal petition with the Spanish government for prohibition of the Quran in Spain. Today I get back to you again with the fantastic news that my petition has been admitted successfully in the parliament of Spain and has been sent to the next level.

When I lodged the petition, many Muslims sent me the messages calling me stupid and commenting that the Government of Spain is “not going to entertain your petition and they will tear it up and throw it away”.

Well, the good news is that I have received a letter from the Parliament of Spain, in which they informed me that they have admitted my petition and sent to the “Constitutional Commission” of the Parliament:

Petition admitted

Even though it is still not a formal prohibition of the Quran, it is still a big success for us. At least the fight against the violent Quran is going to the next level. Actually, I suspected that the Spanish government would never reply to my petition, or that they might ignore it because of not wanting to have conflict with Muslims. But salutations and ovations to the Spanish parliament that they took this matter seriously admitted the petition and sent it to the Constitutional Commission.

It is an encouraging news for all of us who want to get rid of Quran, Islam, Muhammad and Sharia. And it is also an example for the world that nothing is out of reach, if we wage an intelligent and hard fight. The admission of my petition in Parliament encourages me and propels me to do much more against the spreading Islamism. That is why soon I am going to lodge more petitions in Spanish Supreme Court and European tribunal. Let’s have a face-to-face fight with Muhammad (The self-claimed but fake prophet).

As an attachment to this e mail, I send you the scan of the letter which I have received from the Spanish Parliament. Also, here are some links to Spanish newspapers which have published this good news today:

Thank you very much for your co-operation

Imran Firasat (Madrid — Spain)
World without Islam

Hermes has kindly translated the text of the official acceptance of Mr. Firasat’s petition:

Dear Petitioner:

I inform you that the Requests Commission of the Congress of Deputies has taken notice of your petition in its session of April 10 of 2012 and, after examining it, has arranged for it the agreement literally reproduced below:

File: 280 / 000877 / 0000

Author: Don Imran Firasat

Subject: Request to ban the Koran in Spain


Pass on to His Excellencies the Spokespersons of the constitutional commission.

Yours sincerely:

Chairman of the commission of requests


14 thoughts on “A Petition to Ban the Koran in Spain

  1. I have mixed feeling about this but if you really understand the history of Islam and what is happening in the world today, then it does make sense.

    I can imagine if this went through the Islamic world would go nuts!

    This could never happen in the USA because it would violate our First Amendment.

  2. Anything that gets western libs (especially legislators and judges) to actually read the book they defend out of abysmal ignorance as a “holy” book of a “great” religion instead of a hate spewing manual for world supremacy is a worthwhile endeavor.

  3. Wow! This guy not only has cojones the size of durians, but he must also have some major clout here. You have to have some pull to get anything submitted to Spanish parliament. This will be very interesting indeed, since it will bring out some very politically incorrect things about he Qur’an that Mohammedans in Spain will not appreciate.

  4. Praise the Lord if this goes through! And may the love and truth of Jesus Christ triumph over all so that we ALL may have eternal life by believing and living through Him. Many of us have been witnessing and debating Muslims about the love of Jesus and that He is more than just a prophet. It has been a very circular argument. But a friend posted and I reposted on a wall and have been met with temporary silence. I will continue to share this link on other walls. If God wills it, this will pass and the Quran WILL be outlawed in Spain.

  5. Why not pay a visit to this brave man’s website and give him your support and thanks?
    Paris Claims

  6. It’s a tricky question, and I don’t know Spanish law in the area.

    In Germany and the Netherlands, for example, they have laws against racist and violent material, which of course applies to a supposedly ‘religious’ book as the Quran as well.

    My preferred strategy is a different one, namely targeting the specific problems of the book, requesting any organisation using it to explicitly denounce passages that are racist, violent, destroying the rights of women and the like.

    As others have done, translating the Charter into Spanish and requesting all Islamic organisations to sign it would be a usable method to distinguish moderate Islamic organisations from fundamentalist ones.

    If any organisation doesn’t sign, it should be considered fundamentalist and a danger to democracy – thus a task for the intelligence services to take care of.

  7. For once, the good guys might be on the right side of ‘the process is the punishment’ as happened to Levant, Steyn and Wilders.

    Presumably this has to go to a court to decide if the koran or parts of it is deserving of banishment. That allows all the evil to be tried in public, and commented on by the MSM (Moslem Servile Media); I will hold my breath when the trial starts.

    I think that that could take months or years, considering mohammedans have been discussing the minutiae of djinni, muddy suns, and four rape voyeurs for 1400 years.

    The progeny of mo WILL riot! If ANY part of it goes against them, they will riot more, and appeal ad inf., even to the servile European Court.

    This is not the end, it’s not even the beginning, but it is the start of the beginning.

  8. WOW- Congratulations!!
    A big step!
    All the best for Spain!!

    dont get this one wrong, its meant to prevent Nazism…read the comments?

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