So You Think You Can Do It Without Mosquebusters, Eh?

Well, think again. With Mosquebusters’ help, planning for mosques was refused in twelve English localities in a row. But the folks in Derby didn’t know who to call, and look what happened to them…

From Vlad Tepes:

When you call us you win: An article by the people at Law and Freedom Foundation ‘Mosquebusters

By Lawman

… and when you don’t, you lose.

To my pleasant surprise, we’ve won every case we’ve fought. Is this just luck? A lucky streak of 12 on the trot would be a very lucky streak indeed, though maybe not impossible. What confirms my view that it is more than dumb luck is that the applications we haven’t got involved in have gone the other way.

The City of Derby is a classic example. They were recently the fortunate recipients of an application for “A MOSQUE that could cater for 600 people, with a minaret towering 21 metres into the sky, will be built in Derby”. See the image above [at Vlad Tepes].

The good people of Derby didn’t approach us for help.

The mosque got planning permission on March 15th.

And this in spite of the Council Planning Officer recommending that permission be refused because of “physical dominance”, “overbearing height”, “mass within the plot” and “undue harm to the amenities of adjacent and nearby residents”.

The Councillors evidently believed that no mosque could possibly be intended to dominate its area and, therefore, granted planning permission. The Chairman went so far as to describe the mosque as “an addition to some of the finest architecture in Derby”.

The campaign against this mosque was heartfelt, but ineffectual.

There were 17 objection letters, and 63 letters in support. The Councillors went with the numbers.

As usual, this application teaches us the following:

  • Councillors know better than anyone the division and harm that Islam creates, and is creating. They are in a position to see it every day. They will have understood why there were 17 objection letters and a petition of 106 signatures against the proposal.
  • Councillors, like most other ruling elitists, don’t care about the harm to the community. Their concern is with their careers, which nothing must interrupt. Unfortunately, this all too frequently means “allowance”. They don’t get paid — but it isn’t only MPs who like expense accounts, and if you are ever approached to become a Councillor, one of the first things you will be told about is your expense allowance, which averages out at about £12,000-13,000 per Councillor, and rising fast. See this table [Excel spreadsheet] for 2008, from the BBC.
  • Councillors can be relied on to go with whoever creates the most fuss. So far, this has been Muslim populations who, as we all know, can get quite irrational if they feel their religion is thwarted.
  • Councillors’ resulting aim is to see out their tenure in peace, and pray that the collapse comes afterwards. No Councillor seriously thinks the Derby mosque will be some of the finest architecture in Britain, or that architecture is the only or even the main aim. They know the harm it will bring, and they’re betting on enjoying a few more fat years before the chickens come home to roost.

Politicians of every stripe know the sound of the people waking up, and fear it coming sooner than they calculated. They fear Muslim irrationality, but they dread far more the judgment of their English peers, whom they have been busy ignoring for so long.

Councillors’ cowardice and opportunism — the reason why mosque planning application so often succeed — are also the reason why a well run opposition campaign is successful.

But you need to run it well and make it count. So call us.

In the meantime, I wish the City of Derby well. I hope they enjoy their mosque, because they will have at least a decade in which to do so. Before the tide turns far enough to reach them.

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5 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Do It Without Mosquebusters, Eh?

  1. This will be one of those infamous triumphant mosques, dominating the landscape in some yet to be conquered land. The symbolism behind it encourages the burgeoning muslim population to take over the neighbourhood, as it has done countless times before. Living on the border with Dar-al-Islam causes natives to leave inland. _ Jiri

  2. Derby, my roots, is where the advancing Jacobites halted in 1745. They eventually took fright and retreated to Scotland. Once there of course they were soundly defeated by English and Scottish troops at the Battle of Culloden.
    I suppose it’s too much to hope that Derby once again becomes a turning point

  3. bewick, us English need a leader, or leaders. We might be good at fighting, but we need to be coerced and bullied into doing so. When an implacable and strong-willed man appears on the scene, and he forces us to follow him on the necessary crusade against the invaders, then we’ll prevail. Until then we’ll just grumble and look the other way, afraid of causing a scene.

  4. Hello Bewick I am also from Derby, born on the outskirts at Little Eaton village. I have seen even within my modest life the city change utterly and the massive growth of triumphant Islam has made me very sad and very angry. I once took my Brazillian girlfrend for a walk around South Normanton and she said that “But your country is being invaded! These poeple are here to turn your country into theirs!” Now she would have been vilified if she had dared to say such things on TV and called a Nazi, a racist etc. She is none of those things. She just believes what her two eyes tell her!
    In the UK the government spends most of its time on long debates about fox hunting, gay marriage etc. but the really big questions, ie. Islam and the EU, are beyond debate. We live in a two party state. Is this much worse than a one party state? Of course, you have the illusion of a genuine “opposition”, when of course there is none. Under a one party state the opposition may be underground but it is valid and radical.
    As John in Cheshire says, we need a true leader. Us Brits in general are non-confrontational at first and tend to be patient. However, insult ater insult awakes the British Lion and with grave consequences as deep down the Brits are tenacious and fierce. I expect leaders will be born amidst a torrent of popular miscontent as the straws pile up on the camels back. As far as I can see, we slowly drift towards civil war, and perhaps there will be another retreat from Derby, this time of Islamofacism and its far-left cheerleaders…

  5. Wasp.
    I tend to agree with the other commentators. We English are complacent and often apathetic when it comes to politics and society in general. We sit back and grumble into our teacups at home or into our beer mugs in the pubs, but are not prepared to do anything about which we complain in private.

    I suppose this is a result of the English being at the top of the list of nations who are inherently tolerant, fair minded and generous. As are others in the Anglo Saxon diaspora.

    However, history has proved time and again that there is a tipping point where our tolerance cannot be abused as an infinite commodity, to be abused forever. Eventually, a leader has always emerged, once events have gone too far, to lead the English people in reclaiming and restoring the basic rights that took many centuries to evolve. Oliver Cromwell was such a man and before him, Wat Tyler, who led the Peasant’s Revolt.

    History has also proved that once the English have been roused from their seeming apathy by a charismatic leader, they take their revenge against those who abused them and they show themselves to be ferocious fighters who show no mercy to their abusers and those who offended them. The English also hold grudges, sometimes for centuries, and never forgive their enemies.

    I do not believe that a tipping point has yet been reached. However, I also believe that it is not too far into the future. We are already seeing growing opposition in organisations such as the EDL. Now there is another, and potentially far more dangerous to the ruling classes, in the form of the Combined Ex Forces (CFX), consisting of former and serving members of the armed forces.

    It could be that one day there will come the straw that breaks the camel’s back, such as another massive terrorist attack by Muslims. Such an event could be the catalyst in which all the pent up anger and frustrations of the English, combined with the perception that they have become disenfranchised in their own land, explode into violent reaction.

    The ruling classes, looking down from their ivory towers, could rue the day that they established an authoritarian system of government which completely ignored those who elected them. They would do well to read Rudyard Kipling’s poem, ‘When the English began to hate’.

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