Funeral in Berlin

The following footage shows a mass funeral and protest in Berlin over the stabbing death of a “German” Muslim. The dead culture-enricher was one of twenty gang members who attacked two native Germans. One of the Germans used a knife in self-defense, arousing great anger and resentment among members of the Muslim community in Berlin.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video. Listen for the obligatory choruses of “Allahu akhbar”:

For more information on these events, see Islam versus Europe and Politically Incorrect.

5 thoughts on “Funeral in Berlin

  1. Odds of twenty against two, but one of the two fought back with unhappy results for one Muslim attacker. And what is the reason for awarding a gang member who perished during a cowardly attack the mass funeral/demo? Is it now “Islamophobic” to fight back when your life is threatened by Muslims? Did the person attacked not titrate his response properly risking his own life so as not to harm a hair on the head of his assailants? Where are the mythical “moderate Muslims” denouncing this roving pack mentality of their youth? Instead they glorify one such, making a martyr out of him, thus showing the true face of Islam. They are proud of their hoodlums.

  2. This is the end of the west.We haven`t the bottle to fight,yet the immigrants have stuck together,and are willing to kill us.I pity the little kids in my country,Britain,they have no future,their parents keep on voting to destroy it.I curse the whole lot of those Labour/Tory,Libdem traitors. Dai from Wales

  3. Deport them ALL!

    That’s all there is and there ain’t no more. Pick them all up by the seats of their pants and toss them out the door. Whatever it takes.

  4. Anonymous, it’s not the end of the West. It is the begining of the end for the English. But then again, they brought it upon themselves and have no one else left to blame. I have been worrying about what will become of Italy since our strongman has left and a much weaker left-leaning man has come to take his place. And while there are still far too many Mohammedans around for my taste, I think we (and the Czech republic) still have a handle on them. All it takes is faith, pride and diligence. And the English have lost all of that (but they are of course not alone).

  5. Please, stop with the whining…the Aztecs, Germans, Celts, Romans etc long ago figured this problem out. Every year, a certain number of innocents (think Christians now) should be honored by being chosen for ritual slaughter by Muslims….pick out a few hundred lucky souls, wine and dine them for a year and then turn them over to an Imman as an offer. The Muslims will , in turn, act civilized after the mass beheading and leave Christians alone until the next years offering…so many groups have done this in the past, it is a known solution…

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