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The culture-enricher in the following article has broken new ground in the ethnic grievance industry: she was awarded damages because she was offended by something that she thought would be required of her, but which actually wasn’t.

I’d like to say, “Only in Sweden!” But that’s probably no longer true — this sort of thing could happen just about anywhere in the dhimmi West these days.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the case, and includes this note:

A Muslim woman (it doesn’t actually say “Muslim” in the article, but it is quite obvious that she is) in Sweden has received 60,000 kronor in compensation for being unable to start a culinary education course because she mistakenly assumed that she had to eat pork.

Below is his translation of a report published last Monday by

Discriminated against by the employment agency — receives 60,000 kronor in compensation.

A woman in Finspång dropped out of culinary school because she doesn’t eat pork, and as a result was unable to sample the food. She has now received SEK60,000 in compensation for being discriminated against.

The employment agency had organised an information meeting prior to the start of the culinary course where they informed the audience that all students would have to sample the meals being prepared in class. Because the woman cannot eat pork due to religious reasons, she felt herself unable to start her culinary education, and decided to drop out.

The employment agency was reported to the ombudsman for discrimination (DO) for discriminating the woman. The two parties have now reached an out-of-court settlement in which the employment agency will pay the woman a compensation of 60,000 kronor, the employment agency writes in a press release.

“The employment agency has on previous occasions adapted the educational program to accommodate students who don’t eat pork, but this time this information was lost,” Carl Lindencrona, a lawyer for the employment agency, says in the press release.

According to the employment agency there are no problems involved in adapting the course so students don’t have to eat pork.

In this specific case the woman had not yet started the course, but only participated in an informational meeting where attendees were informed that all students were required to sample the food.

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8 thoughts on “Culinary Jihad

  1. According to the employment agency there are no problems involved in adapting the course so students don’t have to eat pork.

    In this specific case the woman had not yet started the course, but only participated in an informational meeting where attendees were informed that all students were required to sample the food.

    So why was she paid anything at all? I suppose she could be Jewish but I doubt a Jewish woman would allow such silliness afterwards.

  2. It’s a bit in league with the way the fort hood massacre shooter was handled: the PC establishment is trying hard to portay it as a case of “Pre”-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Combat stress without having ever been to combat.

    Only in Sweden… but not for long. Dhimmitude: coming soon to a town near you


  3. Dhimmitude creep. Now Muslims have to be compensated for even offense that’s proven to be imaginary. As Zenster (what’s happened to him) once pointed out, Muslims are the most thin-skinned people in a sand paper world. All the rest of us have to lose some skin and learn from it. Why are Muslims uniquely pampered and infantilized in this absurd fashion? Their faith already makes them immature thinkers but there is absolutely no sane reason to make them the only religion that the western Left enables. Christians have to tolerate, even subsidize with their taxes a crucifix dunked in urine or a Mary smeared with elephant dung in their own countries, but Muslims in foreign countries get to faint at customs in those countries such as eating pork? This woman didn’t ask whether an exception could be made for her as a Muslim because she knew it likely would be and that was not her real goal. No, she hied herself off to the nearest collection of idiot liberals (but I repeat myself) calling themselves some kind of human rights body and demanded money. Just another sorry chapter in lawfare jihad. Exactly how much money would a westerner get in a Muslim country for the offense of not providing him with pork meals or more accurately and bizarrely if pork meals were actually available, for the offense of his wrongly imagining they would not be available? He’d be counting lashes or the bars on his prison, not money for such temerity.

  4. This leads to an obvious question: how does a religious Muslim or Jew join any culinary course not run by co-religionists? It is not just the case of pork. All the meat which the student prepared would have to be halal or kosher respectively. In the case of a Jew, it would not be possible to prepare meat in the same kitchen as dairy products. It would seem to me that, either the student worked separately from all the other students, or he/she could not taste the food he/she prepared.

  5. Not without reason is New Sweden (Nya Sverige) being called Kretinostan.
    Allready on December 6, 2008 this denomination was used by GoV. The absolute, functional idiocy of New Sweden is uninpededly growing stronger for every day. Here, view today’s autocratic political manager of New Sweden wearing plastic hood at his ceremonial visit to a halal slaughterhouse. Who other than morons (ca 90% of the electorate?) would have confidence in this man?

    “The island needs immigrants”
    The collonization also of Gotland, the biggest island in the Baltic, is proceeding. . Gotland will accept more refugees and immigrants and also give them a better reception. Therein agrees Mahmuod Abdulrahem, who came to Gotland from Palestine a year ago.
    “I have a contact at the job center and they pay out around 300 crowns per day, five days a week. But I need to send some money to my family in Palestine, so there is not much left”. His greatest desire is to get his entire family to Gotland. 51-year-old Mahmuod is married for the second time and has nine children.
    “Some of them are married and have families of their own. I married the first time when I was 20. But I want to get my wife and at leastr the youngest children here”, he says. For the family to come, he must have a place to live and work, so that’s what he is fighting for now. “I would like to have a job. I have experience from my country[?] as a car mechanic and construction worker, among other things. Working together with Swedes I think is a good way to learn the language”, says Mahmuod.
    Comparison: a true pensionist of Swedish background (fattigpensionär) might have to exist on about 70-80 SEK a day when the rent for the lodging has been paid —
    and this gentleman of arabian background, coming from “Palestine” one year ago and being called a refugee, is paid about 200 SEK a day from taxmoney, plus getting free lodging.

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