A Transitional Figure

George Galloway poster

A comment on our first post about George Galloway’s upset victory in Bradford West is worth reproducing here:

It is rather amusing to see Labour lose as the result of Muslims voting instead of hanging on to their easy lifestyle.

The puzzle has always been that those who championed Islam and the immigration of Muslims to our country never appeared to realise that once enough Muslims gathered together in one spot they’d vote for who they really wanted in power — not for the Labour numpties who let them in here.

A thank you vote? I don’t think so. George Galloway is a transitional politician — a step away from the Labour traitors who let Muslims get a foothold to politicians who act openly in support of Islamic causes.

But he’s only a transitional figure — one day he’ll have served his purpose too.

Then we’ll all be in real trouble.

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  1. this is the uk,
    no one should be surprised, it was obvious what was coming. it’s also obvious that the main political parties don’t care for the idea of culture or country, in fact their agenda is based around the destruction of these entities to give way to the global government at the sacrifice of sovereignty. galloway appeals to the brain dead mass of indoctrinated people who feel submission to islam is a liberating act when in fact it’s just slavery, oh yeah slavey IS freedom, i forgot.

  2. In the history of revolution it is common to find the early champions of the cause killed and pushed aside once they have served their purpose.

  3. Yes, StewartG, because the victors know that the traitors would also betray them – if given the right incentive!


  4. Historically this seems to be the trend: the ‘expected’ votes for labour do not usually pan out. Was just reading about this
    — either in Planned Chaos by Ludwig von Mises, or in Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley. If I find the reference, I’ll post; meanwhile, both are necessary reading for all.
    Thanks, Baron.

  5. I would question this interpretation, it is based on a racist assumption that the Muslims of the UK just don’t share.

    As if they were just biding their time for the “real Muslim” to appear: by which of course is meant, one with brown skin.

    No. This is the mistake made by the pundits too, and what I sought to debunk in my analysis, as if Galloway was the pinnacle of opportunism.

    Here’s a report of what happened just after Galloway had arrived back from the count:

    ‘Galloway climbed on top of a grey car and was handed a megaphone to preach to the assembled faithful.

    “All praise to Allah!” he yelled, to jubilant cries of “Allah Allah!” [sic] And on it went. “Long live Iraq! Long live Palestine!” ‘

    He IS the real Muslim. The Islamic communities of Britain exhibit the egalitarian character of Islam (from the Quran), because they mostly come from the Indian subcontinent. Embracing Islam was a way out of the stifling racial and class divisions of the caste system.

    These Muslims do not have the racism of their Arab cousins (specifically towards blacks). No. Black, white, brown, yellow; as long as you’re a Muslim, you’re a brother.

    [The exception to this are the recent Somali arrivals who seem to hate absolutely everybody.]

    I also take issue with Paul Weston’s interpretation of Bradford as an Islamist hotbed. No the internal tensions between the different Hanafi sects have, until now, kept it remarkably extremist free. (As opposed to say, Luton.)

    This mirrored Tower Hamlets before Respect’s arrival there, and is exactly what’s about to change. Just watch.

  6. Don’t speak so much rubbish pal. If that was what I meant, that’s what I would have said. But that’s not what I said. Because that’s not what I meant. I suggest you don’t fantasise, don’t attempt to mind-read other people (you can’t do it) and don’t waste your time trying to put words in other people’s mouths. Well you can try doing all that again if you want to, but all you’ll be doing is letting people see what’s between your lugs, and that’s all. Remember that in future.

    Now, moving on …

    Consider Gorgeous George’s untrustworthiness. Galloway is a pure chancer. He may have surfaced in Bradford, & sucked up to the Muslim voters there in an even more outrageous fashion than his old Labour colleagues ever did, and given the disgust many Brits currently feel towards the political elites in our country, managed to pull off a by-election victory.

    But as I said (and here we’re dealing with what I actually said, not your fantasies), when the UK reaches the stage where large enough numbers of Muslims can vote for real, authentic Muslim candidates representing actual Islamic parties, instead of a political chancer like Gorgeous George (described in today’s press as a “parasite”) then we’ll be in a whole new political arena.

    Then we’ll have Muslims voting for other, actual Muslims, who belong to openly Islamic parties (not pretend Muslims playing around with Labour, or shameless chancers like Gorgeous George).

    Once that happens we’ll have MPs who want shariah law in the UK, with all that entails.

    At the same time, our “old school” politicians will kowtow to those Muslims, in a way that they wouldn’t to Gorgeous George. They’ll love the fact that they have real, bona fide Muslims around so that they can demonstrate their tolerance and belief in diversity, by letting them have what they want. At our expense.

    And as I said, when that day comes, we’ll all be in real trouble.

  7. And just to be crystal clear to my intellectually dishonest friend who sees waycism everywhere he looks: Any future Islamic parties in the UK could easily be peopled, inspired and even led by people who have grown up in the UK, and who have fallen under the spell of the moon god. People like … did you see that documentary on tv not long about my brother the islamist …. white as a pint of milk, those gadgies, and crazy for Islam. People like that.

    Race has nothing to do with it. After all, Islam is an ideology, not a race.

    Anyone, whatever their background, can pledge allegiance to the moon deity, grow a beard & emulate the behaviour of islam’s so-called prophet.

    Btw if Mohammed was the last prophet, what do Muslims think of the Mormons, whose prophet walked the earth a thousand years after their guy had popped his clogs?

    Just a thought …

  8. anon.leicestertiger said what you said.racism has nothing to do with it as far as the pakistabis are concerned.you need to listen.you both have good points.me thinks george is an oppurtunist and a muslim.he is also a rat bastard!

  9. baron you can leave the bastard bit out of the last comment.i know you dont like profanities.apologies.

  10. George is an appalling sellout. George is anti-White. George hates his cultural heritage. George is anti West. George hates you.
    If he were from Pakistan we would hate him less, but he is a Westerner who has betrayed our civilisation. But really he is no worse than the mainstream politicians who form the bulk of our “elected” representatives, thats how bad things are in the West now. George is just Cameron or the Labor leader whatshisname – George is just a bit more colourful. Georges policies are the same as the mainstream parties – socialist, anti-White and anti-West.

  11. Islam is a supremacist religion.

    As long as Muslims have non-Muslim infidels to be supreme over, racism may take a back seat to infidelism (ha!); but, rest assured, racism – and entrenched nationalism – WILL rear their ugly head at the time that Muslims gain control over a conquered country.

    This is why Saudis use the word abd or slave to refer to black Muslims.

    This is why Saudis hate Turks hate Persians – and vice versa to all.

    European states will be made into satellite states of the home countries of the majority of conquering Muslim immigrants.

    Now when it comes time for the conquering Islamist countries to divide up the spoils of war – and this IS war because THEY say so – do you think that the Islamists will give the spoils to their blood relatives or the Johnny-come-lately English quislings? Yep, you guessed it, Georgie boy will be lucky if he gets to keep his head and his ‘wives’ – let alone any political power.

    Historically, Islamist conquerors have treated conquered natives like slaves for generations after their forced conversions to Islam.

    Old George is just as forced to convert to Islam as the rest of you – he’s just earlier on the bell curve of conversion forced by political circumstance beyond his control and he thinks that he can ‘outsmart’ his conquerors. If we wait long enough, we’ll all see just how much the Islamists like quisling Englishmen.

    Islam is inherently evil – and racism fits well in that picture.


  12. One fine day, Muslim voters in places like Bradford will cotton on to the fact that Muslim votes, used en bloc, can achieve success in elections like this one, and that it’s not a given that Labour or Conservative candidates will inevitably be elected …

    And they’ll realise that they can raise the deposit themselves, put forward their own candidate, walk around the strees of the town where they do actually live, and that they’ll win.

    When that penny drops, who needs professional political chancers like Gorgeous George any more?

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