From Multiculture to Islamic Monoculture

In the advanced stages of the Multicultural society — should we call it the “Multicultural Metastasis”? — the noble ideal of diverse ethnic groups coexisting in harmony ceases to receive even lip service. As soon as a large enough proportion of Muslims are present in the local environment, Islam begins to dominate, tolerance for any other group goes out the window, and Islamic demands grow to control all aspects of the shared public space.

Such was the case in a Kreuzberg school in Germany. A new book written by a former student describes what life was like at her school, where 80% of the students were foreigners, mostly Turks.

Many thanks to JLH for his translation of this brief review from Europe News:

Foreigner Violence: Viviane Cismak Pillories Islamic “Monoculti” at Kreuzberg School

The Book Schulfrust [Aggravation at School]: 10 Things I Hate About School
by Viviane Cismak

Schulfrust (Aggravation at School)Presently running in BILD magazine is a series by the 20-year-old author Viviane Cismak, which describes everyday life at a Kreuzberg school, where the students being taught are 80% foreigners. Her thesis: The ideal “multiculti” has devolved into an Islamic “monoculti”, because neither teachers nor students dare to do anything about intimidation by young, masculine Muslims.

“There is no longer any question of diverse cultures mixing with one another and being treated equally in my Kreuzberg school,” she says. “To be precise, there was only one culture, or religion, whose needs were considered here: Islam.”

The former student describes how her teachers did all they could to avoid rubbing the Muslims the wrong way. So there was no pork in the cafeteria, and in the bakery located near the school the spoken language was Turkish.

The most frequent topic of conversation in class was the hijab question. Muslim students openly admitted oppression of women. They had to be veiled, because otherwise, affairs, marital infidelities and other “bad things” could happen.

Cismak further describes the abusive terms that were current in the schoolyard. “You Jew” and “you slut” were used regularly. The girls were affected by that, and shut down their social and party life because of potential bullying. The young author emphasizes: “To be viewed as a slut, all an 18 year-old girl had to do was to have a boyfriend. On the other hand, a boy was treated like a king if he picked off one girl after another.”

7 thoughts on “From Multiculture to Islamic Monoculture

  1. You know what the best part is? The government doesn’t even take notice! Last time I checked, I am pretty sure that people in Germany can read. I am sorry to say that if Angela Merkel actually gave a crap about her country, she would have dealt with this personally a long time ago. Shame on the German government.

  2. Angela Merkel is old school East German; a true leftist. Why should she care? One cannot expect the government to to anything about this. If anything is to be done, it will have to be done by the ordinary people in the street. I wonder when civil war will break out(?)

  3. There are various movements in the German speaking world. This book will help.

    However, it is difficult since any actual dislike of the ideology of one’s future ‘overloads’ is already a crime in Europe – see Susanne Winter, Elisabeth Sabatitsch-Wolf, Thilo Sarrazin and others.

  4. I Was in Berlin last weekend, its not as bad here as in Malmo or Paris, but dont give them any further step ! Keep your own countries for your children not for some immigrants.

  5. The multi-culturalists are so blind to what is happening around them.

    “Smithy Street Primary School is a multicultural state school in Tower Hamlets in East London. 95% of children come from the Indian sub-continent, particularly Bangladesh. 99% of these children speak Sylheti, a dialect of Bengali/Bangla. Whilst the majority of these children are 2nd or 3rd generation British, some were born in Bangladesh and their first language is Sylheti. Another 4% of children are Somali speakers and there are some Chinese and Urdu speakers within the remaining 1%.”

    Provided a school is > 99% muslim and non-white in London, then it is classed as a “multicultural school”. They’re not just all of the same culture, they are all from one province of one country (hence the fact that they are all Sylheti speakers).


  6. Cockney, the dialect of working class Londoners for 100’s of years, has now been cleansed from London.

    I never hear an old London accent, but I hear dozens of booming African voices, or West Indian, or Somali.

    It is multi-cultural. I just doesn’t include old, working class English culture.

    The hostility I encounter on a daily basis living in London is impossible to miss.

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