Armageddon in the Strait of Hormuz

Iran has upped the ante again by successfully testing medium range surface-to-air missiles in the Persian Gulf. Below is a brief report from the BBC about these latest events:

In the second video from SUN TV, David Harris discusses the ramifications of Iranian policy, especially concerning the possible closure of the Strait of Hormuz:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading these videos.

The Guardian has this report:

Iran Reports Successful Medium-Range Missile Test

Ground-to-air naval test firing follows previous day’s claim of nuclear fuel breakthrough

Iran has claimed to have successfully tested a new medium-range ground to air missile during naval exercises in the Gulf, amid rising tensions over the country’s nuclear programme.

State news agency Irna on Sunday quoted Iran’s naval commander, Mahmoud Mousavi, as saying the missile was equipped with the latest technology and intelligent systems. The missile test was made during 10 days of naval exercises to the east of the Straits of Hormuz, the narrowest section of the Gulf, which Iran has threatened to close in the event of western sanctions on its oil exports.

The exercises come a few weeks before EU foreign ministers meet to consider further sanctions, possibly including an oil embargo against Tehran, after an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report in November confirmed western allegations that Iran had worked on nuclear weapons designs, at least until 2003, and may have carried out experiments more recently.

Amid constant speculation that Israel or the US could use air strikes against Iran’s nuclear programme, Iran has attempted to buy long-range surface to air missiles from Russia. After Moscow cancelled the deal to sell its S-300 missiles last year, Tehran said it would develop its own as an independent deterrent against attack. Sunday’s announcement appeared designed to show it was making progress.

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14 thoughts on “Armageddon in the Strait of Hormuz

  1. Eeerrr… Is Iran planning to fight WWII with F4 Phantoms? ANd I’m sorry but somewhat ought to tell the Mooselims, you can’t win real wars with submarines based on the CSS Hunley…

  2. I saw that same photo in the WSJ, a ‘p.t. boat ‘ (sic) that looks like it came out of a bogie movie of the ’40’s and, yes, the C.S.S. Hunley “heave to’ing” along side it, with twin iranian flags flying, haha. Hadn’t laffed as hard since Sam Kinnison was still around.

    Tex-xas Rangers Fan

  3. Will the iranians be that stupid, locks in the 5 th navy and their own oil export ? Giving us a casus belli for free ?

    The US can wipe our their entire navy in 2 days – will they risk that ?

  4. @Steen, I think they would risk it. The Muslim in Chief is unlikely to destroy an Islamic navy.

  5. Nah, I agree with Steen.

    The US Navy could swab the decks with the Iranian navy in less than a week. As an extra bonus just for playing, the US Navy would take out Iran’s one and only gasoline refinery for extra points.

    The strait is the main route for Iran to export its oil to its biggest customer, China. Unless the Mullahs have gone completely over the cliff, which I am not discounting, this would spell economic collapse for their nation.

    I have a son that is a SWO officer in the US Navy. I am here to tell you that they could wipe out the Iranian Navy with one hand tied.

    The only problem is that Obama needs to change out of his wet panties… I am pretty sure that he would do that during an election year. Can you imagine the political ramifications of Obama voting present during an election year while the price of crude skyrockets here in the US?

    Anyone with half a brain, and that includes the misfits he has advising him, would tell him that it would mean defeat in Nov. 12′

  6. Obama has forced the U.S. Navy to work with both hands tied behind their backs before…and then claimed credit for their ability to succeed despite the handicaps he imposed on them.

    What’s more, he got away with it in the media, and scored points politically at the same time. I don’t doubt his willingness to pull the same trick again, even in an election year.

  7. Chiu,
    While what you say is true, the cost of crude is very hard to obfuscate. If Obama doesn’t let loose the Navy to keep the strait open the MSM won’t be able to cover for him.
    The MSM can’t provide cover for skyrocketing oil prices in the US. 2+2=4 regarding this issue.
    This is one thing I think the American people have a pretty good understanding of.

  8. Yawn…..the US MSM fairy tale that Iran can close the Straits for more than 2 days is truly hilarious.

    A mined HS access gets a channel cleared overnight. That’s why US and Nato have minesweepers.

    Iranian Navy is an artificial diving reef at the end of day one….their small fast boats that escape are engaged and destroyed inbound or by 140 Naval aviators who now have little to do because the Iranian coast has also been sterilised of land based anti ship missiles.
    The Iranian Airforce exists on paper, that’s all.

    What a joke.

  9. By ordinary political calculations, you might well be correct. But Obama has abandoned any strategy of winning by ordinary political processes. Mitt Romney (the current leading Republican hopeful) is already beating Obama in polls positing a match-up between the two. Presumably whichever candidate eventually captures the Republican nomination will be even stronger.

    Obama cannot win through honest politics…to improve things, he must run against his actions of the last three years, which will not improve his chances. He has to make things worse while finding ways to shift the blame to others, his policies have done far too much damage for him to politically benefit by admitting how desperately wrong everything he’s done has been.

    You are right that the American people, those who have the American values of self-reliance and financial prudence, can figure out who to blame for the effect Obama has had on the economy. But they aren’t the ones deciding the outcome of the elections…nor have they been for some time.

    Chiu Chun-Ling.

  10. I doubt if Iran’s new missile is combat effective. In any event it is deployed from Iranian navy ships which in the event of any attempt to close the Straits will sunk in port. If they manage to leave port they will be in Davey Jones’ locker in a matter of hours.

  11. The only problem is that Obama needs to change out of his wet panties…

    obama isn’t wetting his panties, he’s doing what «socialists» (international socialists – how many are western?) want for america.

  12. Unless the Mullahs have gone completely over the cliff, which I am not discounting,

    it’s the mahdi thing…

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