Drinking While Muslim

If you’re a Muslim girl in the UK, and you’re drunk, you can attack a non-Muslim girl and beat her severely without expecting any real consequences. That’s what happened in the case of Rhea Page: she was badly beaten by a gang of drunken Muslim girls for no apparent reason other than the fact she was white.

The judge let Ms. Page’s assailants off with suspended sentences. He said that they were not used to the effects of alcohol, due to their religious and cultural background.

Here’s some CCTV footage of the assault on Rhea Page. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are some excerpts from an accompanying Daily Mail article:

A gang of Muslim girls who repeatedly kicked a young woman in the head walked free from court after a judge heard they were ‘not used to being drunk’ because of their religion.

The group screamed ‘kill the white slag’ while kicks raining in on 22-year-old Rhea Page as she lay motionless on the ground, the court heard.

The attackers — three sisters and their cousin — were told by a judge that normally they would have been sent to jail.

However, he handed the girls — all Somalian Muslims — suspended sentences after hearing that they were not used to alcohol because their religion does not allow it.

Their victim was left with a bald patch after they pulled a chunk out of her hair during the attack on the High Street, Leicester.

Ambaro and Hibo Maxamed, both 24, their sister Ayan, 28, and cousin Ifrah Nur, 28, attacked Rhea, a care worker, as she walked to a taxi rank with her boyfriend after a night out.

The victim, a support worker, was left so traumatised that she lost her job following repeated absences with stress and flashbacks, Leciester Crown Court was told.

The charge — assault occasioning actual bodily harm — carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

James Bide-Thomas, prosecuting, said Ambaro Maxamed, who started the violence, had called Miss Page a ‘white bitch’ during the incident.

The women, who are all Somalian Muslims, were not charged with racial aggravation.

Victim Miss Page said: ‘I had gone for a drink after work and then I met my boyfriend for a couple more before heading home.

‘We didn’t want to stay out too late so we went to get a taxi and all of a sudden I heard these women shouting abuse at me.

‘We were just minding our own business but they kept shouting “white bitch” and “white slag” at me.

‘When I turned around one of them grabbed my hair — she literally wrapped her fingers in my hair — then threw me on the ground. That’s when they started kicking me.

‘They were taking turns to kick me in the head and back over and over. I was lying on the ground the whole time, crying and screaming. It was terrifying. I thought they were going to kill me.


‘I honestly think they attacked me just because I was white. I can’t think of any other reason.’

Hat tip: Paul Weston.

15 thoughts on “Drinking While Muslim

  1. I hope to god she’s going to appeal.
    What an idiot judge! Are there no normal people in the british judiciary?
    Do English elitarians hate their own people?

  2. @Paardestaart …

    I hope she can appeal. American jurisprudence has its faults but she’d be able to get pro bono counsel for her appeal here, and for any civil proceedings she might wish to bring against these women, who have deprived her of the ability to hold a job.

    At the very least she needs brief, intensive therapy devoted to getting her to a calmer, less reactive state. She is like any war survivor in that respect.

    Her flashbacks and reactivity need attention from someone trained to assist the targets of random violence. She also needs some fMRI scans to see what parts of her brain may be damaged and to ascertain if the damage can be ameliorated…eventually.

    She needs a safe environment, something the UK can no longer guarantee its young women. The rule of law is being slaughtered by the judiciary, who serve in the name of a higher good, i.e., carrying out the dictates currently circulating in the High Church of Diversity and Kumbiyah. Ugly orthodoxies, those.

    If she could get competent help she’d recover fairly quickly. That’s my guess based on the skeleton of her story: employed, had been trained in service work, had a boyfriend, (until then anyway), and seems to have had some structure to her life given that she didn’t want to stay out too late…

    I hope that these urgent medical needs are not ignored by the corrupt judiciary & attendant flunkies…but my hopes aren’t high for a good outcome.

    I wonder if anyone is starting a legal/medical fund to help her??
    We’d be glad to publicize whatever anyone tries to start on her behalf.

    Maybe those attacks can’t be stopped but the victims can be helped by others who form groups for Aftermath Care.

    And the local “counselors” need to begin training young people on ways to avoid being hurt. It would be nice if they were free to come and go as they wished, but they live in a war zone and older, wiser heads need to help them build “work-arounds” that permit them to congregate, have a good time, and still arrive home safely.

    Note: her drinking did NOT cause her attack. But given the wartime conditions under which she lives, public drinking is probably risky simply because it lowers her levels of alertness to the situation around her. Lots of other reasons to avoid public drinking but that’s the main danger.

  3. As usual a glorified civil servant sticking it to the natives in (not so great) Britain. It shouldn’t matter that the slovenly beasts are unused to drinking alcohol. The severity of the attack makes it bloody clear what their intent was and is vis-a-vis white people. Just because their regard for whites came out in a bout of drunkenness does not mean that they are innocent! But, I’m sure more readers here know this already.

  4. Appeal to whom? I understand that there are no more citizens left in Britain. Citizens were expected to be ready to defend their land and these folks are just consumers. Maybe they should stop buying all that crap.

  5. Paardestaart said…
    Do English elitarians hate their own people?

    yes is the shortest most honest answer.

  6. Sounds like “the race” is just a little bit racist!
    I tell you, the prospects for a widespread, persistent right-wing revival are just getting brighter and brighter every day.

  7. “Racist is not random.”

    Good point. The supremacist Muslim mob that chose her once might very well choose her again as she will always be white….

  8. Perhaps she could sue the perpetrators for personal injury.

    Seriously – although the sentence was a joke they were found guilty, and there’s the video evidence. If this young lass can have her health problems, PTSD etc documented and treated, she has up to 3 years to initiate a claim for personal injury for those responsible.

    (If she’s lost her job as a result of this attack, then she can demonstrate a direct financial loss as part of her case btw. Just for a start … )

  9. This recalls the stark satirical moment in Evelyn Waugh’s novel ‘Brideshead Revisited’ in which the young alcoholic Lord Sebastian Flyte was only lightly fined because as the son of a Marquis he was “unused to wine.”

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if the victim keeps voting Labour.

    The evil really does go that deep.

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