Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/5/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/5/2011A prominent Islamic scholar in Abuja, Nigeria has called on the government to make the crime of homosexuality punishable by death. Also in northern Nigeria, gunmen from a radical Islamic sect killed at least six people when they invaded a town, bombing police stations and robbing banks.

In other news, a camel was sold at an auction in Kuwait for a record 2 million dinars (over $7 million) in cash. This was a really good-looking camel, and the seller certified it as a descendant of the camels of the Prophet and his companions.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/5/2011

  1. Quote:
    Gwent Police’s Mike Davies, co-chairman of the Newport PREVENT Delivery Group, which works to help Muslims in Newport to promote anti-terrorism initiatives, said: “Mosques leaders will be taking to task the arguments promoted by Muslim extremist groups.

    What you refuse to understand, Mr. Davies et al, is that terror, violence, plunder, rape and mass murder are weapons used within as well as beyond the Ummah!
    The terrorists will make short work of those Muslims condemning violence quickly and efficiently.
    Just as they will make short work of the “liberals” who embraced them and chose to make clients of them.
    Moderation is not the answer.
    The answer is to discredit the content of your faith, to feel ashamed of its history of conquest, and to sense the incompatibility of being the next Mohammed with being a decent citizen.
    You are what you worship.
    If you worship the Son of God, you are a child of God and will be saved by Him.
    If you worship the revelation of a mass-murdering thug-rapist, you will always have the character, morals, ethics and habits of a mass-murdering thug-rapist.
    You will never rise any higher.
    If you worship a deity that demands your submission, then you will spend your entire life demanding submission from others.
    Yes, you are indeed what you worship.

  2. A relevant point. It may be true that the best Islam can hope for as a religion is to become a more historically grounded and self-aware form of certain secularist philosophies.

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