The Many Faces of Anders Breivik

Our Swedish correspondent Fröken Sverige sends this brief translated excerpt from today’s edition of the Norwegian newspaper VG:

Breivik was active in debates on various online forums, and had over 30 different nicknames, or “nicks”, which he partially hid behind the websites for Aftenposten, VG and Forum.

“We have connected the accused to over forty different websites,” says Koteng.

From e-mails sent and received, the accused mass murder was involved with thousands of emails.

Police have not yet found examples of Breivik at any time prior to 22 July indicating that he would use violence.

OK, now we know VG and Aftenposten are part of the European “fascist” network. Isn’t it time the Norwegian government shut down these hate sites?

10 thoughts on “The Many Faces of Anders Breivik

  1. breivik was a tool of the left.
    destroy disposable, low investment elements of the left to discredit the right.
    that is why he survived.
    the program is not yet ended.

  2. @bilbo
    I take offense to your comment. Calling those young people of Utøya as “disposable, low investment elements of the left” is beyond low, and a slap in the face of all the innocent people that have been affected by this tragedy.

    Hehe, good point on shutting these sites down.

    The norwegian conservative site has a comment about this ( The site has been under accused of being a hate-site, presenting extremist views, and so on, and more importantly being implicitly accountable for Breivik’s actions. I find the website to be very moderate (and not at all extreme, for example it is far more moderate than this site, which by the way is not extreme either).

    They rightly ask “why haven’t they [the MSN websites] looked into Breivik’s activity on their own websites, while they are so willing to point their finger on”. They probably have looked into it, but did not like what they found. posted all of Breivik’s postings on their website shortly after the tragedy occurred, while the MSN websites are quiet, even though the police confirm that Breivik’s activity on the MSN websites was more “extreme” than on


  3. Perhaps it should have been phrased more carefully, but bilbo’s characterization was essentially correct. Breivik is far too useful to the left alive to discount the possibility that, even if the attack itself is not an outright maskarova, the authorities moved more deliberately to ensure the capture rather than death of Breivik even if it meant increased loss of life among his hapless victims.

    Is pointing out the possibility that these children may have been betrayed to their deaths by the powers that be more offensive than letting those who seek to profit from their murders get away with such a monstrous act?

    I can hardly claim to know. I have a peculiar blindness when it comes to estimating what others may found “offensive”. But in this case, if pointing out the motivations of the left is offensive, then I’m glad to be insensitive to it.

    Chiu Chun-Ling.

  4. “Military deception is an attempt to amplify, or create an artificial fog of war or to mislead the enemy using psychological operations, information warfare and other methods. As a form of strategic use of information (disinformation), it overlaps with psychological warfare. To the degree that any enemy that falls for the deception will lose confidence when it is revealed, he may hesitate when confronted with the truth.”

    “When referring to military deception in military doctrines of the Soviet Union and Russia, the Russian loanword maskirovka (literally: camouflage, concealment) is sometimes used.”


  5. @Chiu
    It is never offensive to point out facts, but such insane statements and derogatory terms of the young people who lost their lives is something I take offense to. It is no doubt that the politicians and media is exploiting the situation to the fullest.

    You say you have a blindness to what might be offensive to others… This is what is usually called “lack of empathy”, and it’s nothing to be proud of. There is a difference between not being empathetic towards all the muslim grievances, and towards a family where a young family member have been viciously executed is called a “disposable element”.

    This kind of behavior, where politicians find it acceptable to butcher people for ideological reasons might be common where you are from, but to think that politicians in “peaceful” Norway would suddenly become such homicidal maniacs is, to put it mildly, far-fetched.


  6. ….and so it begins.

    It didn’t take long before Bush, Mossad, NWO, CIA and whatever else was suspected of plotting 9/11.

    I guess it was only a matter of time before Labur was blamed for 22.7. Sure, they can be blamed for a lack of preparation for such an event, but to be honest that blame lies more with the system as a whole, I sincerely doubt that the security would be nuch different with someone else in charge.

    But believing that Labiur either a) sacrificed the youths or b)had political motives in mind when capturing ABB is beyond insanity. I won’t even comment on a), because it is simply too ridiculous. As for b), the police acted on their standard orders. There was no chance of “an order from above”, the situation was WAY too chaotic. The emergency radio was overloaded anyway, communications that day was next to impossible. ABB was captured alive because he gave himself up, and the police orders say that you only shoot if there is a threat, which an unarmed ABB no longer was.

    I dubt me saying this will have much of an effect though, the conspiracy idiots never listen to reason. They haven’t done so with the holocaust or 9/11, why should they listen to facts and reason now? Sadly, it is no surprise that such conspiracies are fund on the comments section on this site.


  7. And yet, the “peaceful” politicians in Norway are IMPORTING and FUNDING homicidal maniacs hand over fist with the rest of Europe.

  8. Just so.

    Those in power lost nothing of importance to themselves and gained enormously from the actions of Breivik. The same cannot be said of 9/ll or the Holocaust. The wealthy lost enormous fortunes from 9/ll, and even if the Holocaust is exaggerated by a factor of ten, the cost in life was staggering, above and beyond the loss of property and assets which was the equivalent of the wealth of a small nation.

    Furthermore, those in power have engaged in a pattern of policies which endanger the lives and fortunes of their constituents on an ongoing basis. It is an established fact that they are trying to outright replace the lower class. To say that the elites of the left regard them as “disposable” is actually an understatement…their politicians are unabashedly and openly planning to liquidate them entirely.

    And you say we are lacking in empathy when we point this out?

    I must give praise to God that I have not such “empathy” as you.

    Chiu Chun-Ling.

  9. @Chiu:

    “It is an established fact that they are trying to outright replace the lower class.”

    Seeing as though the major part of immigrants vote Labour Party, it would be in their best interest to keep the numbers high and rising.

    They care only for their own politics and not for the well-being of this nation. There are hospitals and well-fare, enough to keep people content and lulled into a false sense of security while they ruin Norway from the ground up, meticulous and sneaky they are. But the fact that it is being abused by immigrants they will not admit. The majority of the well-fare abusers of are Ethnic-Norwegians, but the majority of immigrants are well-fare abusers.

    Ethnic-Norwegians that abuse the system are annoying as well, of course, but after all they are Norwegians, where should we send them? The frightening things is that they let those that have no right to our well-fare come and stick their dirty hands into the honeypot when we easily could have released the bees. Our system would cope with it being violated if it were not for the fact that the Left keep cloning Winnie-the-Pooh.

    – The Trickster

  10. I have to laugh at the comparison of the murderous scum of the third world being compared to a lovable stuffed bear.

    I have reservations about the practical viability of government controlled welfare agencies. Fundamentally, the power of government is to punish (and all punishments inflicted are backed with the threat of death, implicitly or overtly, as those who have ever seen a cop or a prison and thought carefully about the practical aspects of either can attest). It is not at all wrong to make an effort to ameliorate the vagaries of life on those who are unfortunate, but welfare has too much in common with letting a child drink milk through the barrel of a rifle.

    A rifle barrel makes a poor straw, milk is not good for the rifle, and the rifle is not something I want stuck in the mouth of a child regardless of the effect on the rifle. But all of this is probably beside the point.

    Islam is not in Norway for the sake of stealing your welfare half so much as it is there to wage Jihad. While the theft of your social services is indeed an outrage, they are planning to rape, loot, pillage, and then burn the entire country down in due time. It is terrible that the government is helping them do so at tax-payer expense, but cutting off the payouts isn’t going to be sufficient.

    Be ready for what happens when the servants of Allah realize that you have caught on to them. And remember that they’re allowed to lie about their allegiance to Islam when it serves the end of bringing about your subjugation. It’s one of their favorite tricks.

    Chiu Chun-Ling.

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