5 thoughts on “Stone the Christians!

  1. These gents appear to believe that the patience of French people is infinite. That the French people will forever tolerate the betrayal of their political class after the economy spirals down and the heavy hand of the E.U. is no more.

  2. “I’d like to know where they get all the stones from!? Are they ripping up roads and walks?” (Cyrus)

    Good question, which never comes up in the French MSM. And for good reason. The answer would be embarrassing.

    The media regularly report that “yoofs” pelt policemen, medics or buses with stones in the suburbs. But there aren’t any stones to be readily found in French suburbs. Clichy-sous-Bois is not some Middle-East patch of desert.

    The answer is obvious. Heaps of stones are gathered beforehand, and hidden in strategic places. This proves premeditation. The police (or other symbols of France) are ambushed. It’s not sudden flares of “anger” in reaction to “provocation”.

    There’s a plan.

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