Welcome to the Bedford Lubyanka

The Lubyanka Building, MoscowDuring Soviet times, “the Lubyanka” was the popular name for the building that housed KGB headquarters on Lubyanka Square in Moscow. The term was particularly applied to the notorious prison on the lower floors where political prisoners were confined.

Perhaps Bedford Prison will someday carry a similar connotation in England, for that is where Tommy Robinson has been confined for violating the terms of his earlier bail. His recent arrests have all been political, and his current incarceration is also obviously political.

Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner of the Fascist Multicultural British State. Bedford Prison is Lubyanka on the Ouse.

Here’s the report from the ICLA Website:

EDL’s Tommy Robinson Taken To ‘Luton Gulag’

Tommy Robinson and the Metropolitan Police

We have just received news that following his stand for political freedom in Tower Hamlets on Saturday, Tommy Robinson has been arrested and taken to Bedford Prison. People are already nicknaming it the ‘Luton Gulag’ due to Tommy’s status as a political prisoner.

Britain’s reputation for political freedom is in tatters as its mask slips to reveal tyranny and oppression. Tyrannical decisions were of course already been made in the run-up to the Tower Hamlets demonstration when all marches, EDL and any others, were outlawed by the Home Secretary.

Which individual or group will be the next to suffer from Britain’s rising tyranny? It seems clear from the blanket ban on marches in various parts of London that it will not just be the EDL who will suffer at the whim of the power-crazed fanatics who now appear to be running the country.

Will update as this story develops…

20 thoughts on “Welcome to the Bedford Lubyanka

  1. I find myself wondering what sort of pre-conditions would lead to the kind of IRA-like movement El Ingles described in his essays on British disintegration. I think we are getting close to that situation in the UK where peaceful means are pretty close to having been exhausted. I am getting my family out.

  2. Off topic I know, but the Lubyanka, though only five stories tall, was called the tallest building in Moscow… because you could see Siberia from the cells in the basement.

    Back on topic, we should wake up to the disturbing realisation that Tommy’s incarceration was entirely at the discretion of the British establishment: as a matter of English law.

    The chilling reality is that they may want to be finally done with this pernicious gadfly on multiculturalism and Islam, and have him quietly “shivved” to death in the canteen line one day.

    I’m not exaggerating, I wish I was. Here is a quote about the dominance of Muslim gangs in British prisons from, of all places, the BBC:

    Growing fears over Muslim prison ‘gangs’

    ‘”Muslims run it. Muslims run the prisons and there’s nothing the screws can do about it. For a Muslim you’d say it’s good but for a non-Muslim, it’s very, very bad,” a former inmate called Jay says.’

    If this is how it is reported by the BBC, you can only imagine how bad the actual reality is.

    I would also add that Robinson was not arrested at the Tower Hamlets demo (despite enormous attempts by the Met police to nab him) he was placed in custody the next day, which to my mind clearly indicates he surrendered himself to the authorities (after having exercised his democratic rights) when they had no idea where he was.

    A brave fellow indeed.

  3. I am unable to comment on the fairness or otherwise of Stephen Lennon’s (Tommy Robinson)earlier conviction – or was it bail pending. That is the one which led to him being released with conditions. Reason I cannot comment is that so little appears in the MSM and that which does tends to be biased.
    Sometime in the past few days I did pick up something related to football hoologanism but I suspect the reporter had done his research badly and was actually relating data from the conviction of the real Tommy Robinson – a well known football hooligan – some time ago.
    What a pity that Stephen didn’t adopt “Tommy Atkins” as his nom de guerre. That would have more resonance and meaning to many.
    As for his current incarceration. Well he DID breach the conditions, and very publicly, so was in contempt of court. He knew what must happen and actually said so on Saturday. His confinement in Bedford Prison is no surprise to either him or me.
    History tells us of countless brave souls who, almost deliberately, have put themselves in this danger and suffered horribly to bring notice to their cause. Of course the MSM will say very little about it this time.
    On the more pleasant side British gaols are almost like holiday camps these days. Except of course that Bedford is close to Luton so one can summise that many Muslims, some extremists, will also be incarcerated there.
    Keep safe Stephen and I hope indigenous lags form a protective barrier.

  4. This is absolutely disgusting. I am so glad my parents did get our family out, back in the 1970s.

    Tommy Robinson has the sort of courage all too uncommon in the West today. Where’s Amnesty International?

  5. I know what you are saying Baron and defend your right to say it.
    Stephen though was publicly in breach of conditions and hence in contempt of court. He knew that and also knew what would happen and said as much at Tower Hamlets.
    His convictions do seem politically motivated but it is so difficult to tell with biased MSM reporting (or non reporting).
    Perhaps Stephen (wish he’d chosen Tommy Atkins as his nom de guerre rather than the name of a football hooligan) has done this deliberately to bring attention to the cause. If so he has famous historical predecessors. They suffered horribly but Bedford Gaol, like all UK prisons, is all but a holiday camp.
    The danger is that being so close to Luton it likely houses many Muslims, at least some of whom will be extremists. Hope the indigenous lags form a protective cordon around Stephen. Keep safe and keep fighting the cause Stephen.

  6. Making a martyr out of Tommy Robinson is big mistake for those who wish to disempower or contain the EDL movement.

    The government/establishment keep adding evidence to damn themselves with. The movement will grow.

  7. Just read about the hunger strike.

    May not only be a political move, but a very wise one whose intent is so he can actually stay alive – and outwit the plans that must surely now be being hatched in HMP Bedford to cut his throat, like the koran of course repeatedly says should happen to a pesky little Kafir – as I mentioned above, the main time prisoners congregate is meal times.

  8. Pierre,
    as I alluded to earier the hunger strike IS a pragmatic move. Many muslims will be working in the kitchens and as such will “adulterate” any food going to Tommy (I have friends who have done time, and they have told me what goes on). As this is a pg 13 blog I will not detail what Ive heard.
    Tommy is in an “A” catagory jail, they aint hoilday camps mate. Your thinking of “C” catagory prisons.

  9. British Freedom of Speech is at an end. We now live in a Fascist Dictatorship that refuses the rights to protest, who protect the terrorist and convict the innnocent.
    If it can happen in the beacon of democracy that is the UK it can happen anywhere.

  10. Ooops. I commented twice because I thought the first post was lost, by blogger (it happens), in the ether.
    @anEDLbuck. I bow to your better knowledge of the prisons but , according to the MSM, but not the Prison Inspectorate and the Prison Reform Society, even CatA prisons are now similar to holiday camps.
    Some 40 years ago, when reviewing the then Leeds City Police, I came close to inspecting aspects of Armley Prison in Leeds – likely Cat A. didn’t actually happen though. What I can say is that the Police Cells depicted in reality TV today bear little resemblance to those in the Bridewell Leeds all those years ago. I saw those.

    Tommy is right to go on hunger strike in the dangerous circumstances.
    The really BIG problem is that I haven’t even heard a whisper of his arrest, let alone the hunger strike, on the BEEB or in the MSM. Unless that changes his sacrifice will be wasted effort.

  11. @Cheter

    It can happen anywhere. Human nature is what it is.

    That is why you never give up your rights to self defense and the wide ownership effective means to defend your rights…aka heavy arms.

  12. Robbo mate, we are sending you letters
    of support EN MASSE! We will also
    be sending you writing materials
    and stamps my friend,plus postal
    orders,we are also going to do
    a demo outside the prison,and the
    EDL ANGELS are gonna march on
    Parliement, we will not desert
    you mate! Thorson! nfse!

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