Rappin’ With Mohammed in Trafalgar Square

Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square #6During the course of Counterjihad London 2011, a group of participants took a little field trip to Trafalgar Square to see the Eid Festival, which took place on Saturday September 24. The event must have been well-attended, because even though we got there after Mayor Boris Johnson left, there was still a large crowd.

The main activities were the performances on the sound stage and the selling of food and merchandise at a series of booths and tables spread around the perimeter of the square:

Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square #2

Hard up against Nelson’s Column was the centerpiece for the occasion, a cave-like stage for performers:

Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square #1

When we arrived, very loud drumming was being blared over the PA system. Not long afterwards, it gave way to “Muslim rap”. It was hard to make out the lyrics, but the singer seemed to be rappin’ with Mohammed or something similar. Since I couldn’t hear all the lines, I made up some of my own that fit the hip-hop beat:

We’re down with Mohammed, can ya hear what I said?
Better listen up, or get a fatwa on your head.

A huge screen on the other side of the fountain allowed everyone to see the rap singer clearly:

Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square #3

It provided a striking contrast with the naked nautical-themed statue in the middle of the fountain:

Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square #4

This beautifully decorated bus seemed to be a vending site for sweets and other halal refreshments:

Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square #5

The Association of Muslim Police was also prominently featured. We’ll have more on that later on.

8 thoughts on “Rappin’ With Mohammed in Trafalgar Square

  1. Trafalgar Square, Eid Festival, 2011 by definition was this a government sponsored/underwritten event.

    Reference No: DD560
    Decision by: Daniel Ritterband, Director of Marketing

    The Director is asked to approve:
    • That the GLA, in association with the Eid in London Committee, organise Eid on the Square on Trafalgar Square on Saturday 24th September 2011.
    • the setting of a core budget and expenditure of up to £50,000 to procure core production and event management services.

  2. This is like hosting a big party on Trafalgar square during WWII glorifying German culture with oompah pah bands and serving wienerschnitzel and sauerkraut. Guess Muslims and their bombings haven’t equaled the destruction the Blitz wreaked on London yet but it hasn’t been for want of trying. It’s bad enough to invoke tolerance of what is clearly a toxic ideology/culture but to glorify it? Help it look puppy dog friendly?

  3. That whole thing just seems wrong and wholly out of place – even though London is 10%+ Islamic.

    I wonder if the rapper was part of the Taqwacore “movement”?

    I got to see an Islamic demonstration at Trafalgar myself years ago, but it was nothing like this – of course it also wasn’t Eid and the Islamicists hadn’t gained such control over London yet.

  4. ‘wadingacross. I think the figure for London may be closer to 30% or even greater. The City could soon be Islam controlled.

    @laine I like wienerschnitzel but hate sauerkraut.
    Then again the Muslims are coming and will we Brits show Blitz spirit, Sadly I think not but I hope to be surprised.

  5. Bewick, my stat is ten years old, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I’m wrong and that the percentage is far greater.

    It probably also depends upon the parameters for the statistics. Is it 10% in London proper and higher in the surrounding metro suburbs or is it 30% for the city proper or is it 30% for the whole metro area which would include surrounding suburbs in the metropolitan conurbation? Statistics are an easy thing to play with… just as now here state-side many Hispanics labeled themselves as White on the 2010 census.

    Either way, England, and especially London has an extremely large ratio of Muslims. If it didn’t sound so racist, I’d say it looks comparible to how blacks in the US moved from rural to urban areas during the early part of the 20th cent. for jobs… but then I just did say it, and it’s clear that’s what is driving many Muslims to Europe. Jobs… and dawah and jihad follow suit.

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