Obama’s Family Tree

President Obama’s uncle was recently arrested on a drunk driving charge. There was a brief mention about the incident in the news. Not much was made of the fact that he is in the country illegally, and has had a Social Security number for two decades — best not to talk about that. Nor do we hear much about Obama’s auntie, who is also in the country illegally.

We don’t know much about Barack Hussein Obama’s extended family, because for some reason the media don’t focus on them. However, a closer look at Mr. Obama’s kin reveals a family just like any other American family.

Except maybe for the granny in Kenya living in a hut without electricity. And then there’s his polygamous pop.

And I almost forgot: there’s a communist. And another communist. And yet another communist…

The other day Ezra Levant took a look at the Obama family in his program on SUN TV. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Family Tree

  1. More to the point, the media carefully portrayed Obama as an African-American, when there’s nothing American about him. And I’m not even talking about the birth certificate brouhaha here.

  2. When the story of Obama’s Uncle broke I was absolutely amazed at the collective yawn by the MSM.
    So now, the President of my country and the most powerful man in the free world has not one but two blood relatives living in the US illegally, one of which, the Aunt living on the public dole for over a decade. I am not aware of the Uncle’s financial condition because our media will not investigate and report on it.
    Our millionaire President constantly admonishes us to pay more in taxes for the public good and he doesn’t deem to support his own blood related family! Rather, the taxpayers should put a roof over his Aunt’s head and supply her with whatever other handouts the taxpayer is forced to fund.
    The shame that I would incur were I to do the same thing given his wealth would be overwhelming. I think I am correct when I say that he and Michelle reported an income last year of 5 mil (could be wrong on that but I know it was over 1 mil.)
    Hey Obama, the American taxpayer is hurting. People are losing their jobs and their homes. How about you support your own family (or deport them, your choice.)

  3. There is no doubt of Obama’s communist lineage, but there is doubt that Obama has African relatives, including his Pater. He certainly acts like a man whose only relation to Africa is through a ghost-written biographic deception. He just played a part for the movies, but he doesn’t want to bring it home with him.

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