Turkey Expels Israeli Ambassador

This move is not entirely unexpected. After the UN report was leaked, Turkey began making noises about downgrading Israel’s diplomatic status in Ankara. Now it has happened.

It’s worth noting that there were predictions last spring that a war against Israel would be launched in September or October of this year. Is this the first sign of it?

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Below is an article from AKI with more information on the same topic:

Turkey Expels Israeli Ambassador Over 2010 Raid

Ankara, 2 Sept. (AKI) – Turkey on Friday expelled the Israeli ambassador ahead of the release of a United Nations report that condemned a 2010 raid on a Turkish-led humanitarian aid flotilla that killed nine activists.

Details of the report were leaked to the New York Times on Thursday condemning the raid on the ship that sought to break a naval blockade of Gaza. But the UN said Israel was within its rights to impose the blockade.

Turkey also said it would suspend all military agreements between the countries.

Turkey has in vain demanded an apology from Israel for the deadly raid in May 2010.

Ankara and the Palestinian National Authority in June signed a pact that bolsters Turkey’s support for the establishment of a Palestinian state and increases investment in water resources and agriculture. and increase cooperation in culture, education, health and science.

The agreement was endorsed a week after nine people, mostly Turkish activists, died when Israeli navy commandos stormed a ship trying to break Israel’s blockade that was imposed in June 2007.

Israel claims the blockade, imposed after the Islamist Hamas movement seized control of the Gaza Strip, is to counter indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli cities by Palestinian militants. Opponents says it unfairly punishes Gaza’s 1.7 million people by restricting their access to supplies like food and medicine.

The UN report apparently had the opposite effect of its intention to heal relations between Turkey and Israel.

“Turkey and Israel should resume full diplomatic relations, repairing their relationship in the interests of stability in the Middle East and international peace and security,” it said, according to its text published by the New York Times.

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3 thoughts on “Turkey Expels Israeli Ambassador

  1. “The time has come for Israel to pay for its stance that sees it above international laws and disregards human conscience,” Mr Davutoglu said. “The first and foremost result is that Israel is going to be devoid of Turkey’s friendship.”

    Which way would Cameron and Sarkozy have NATO jump?

  2. To present another piece of evidence of the likelihood of another war against Israel in the next few weeks, Recep Erdoclown has announced a visit to Gaza to take place in the near future, in addition to saying that the days when Israel could prevent Hamas’s supporters from using the East Mediterranean to provide it with weapons are over. Of course, the language chosen to refer to obstacles in the way of military support for Hamas was “Israel’s days of bullying in the Eastern Mediterranean are over”, but even the islamophiles and actual muslims on Erdoclown’s side would not pretend to be ignorant of its true meaning.

    I suppose Erdoclown will use any efforts by Israel to prevent him from reaching his Hamas buddies by sea as an excuse to force the Jewish State into another Six-Day War, and give him what he’s asking for.

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