Live From London, Part Six

Live video from Aftonbladet.

Live video from the BBC.

From Stylenoir:

The Hackney Riots maybe out of Stylenoir’s normal reporting but to be honest with you the journalist side of me kicked in and begged me to go report the truth, since there was so many distorted hype created on Twitter.

We wanted to find out why society was rebelling and how. Stylenoir was frontline for most of the Hackney Riots and I implore you, listen to us, for this is the truth, the valiant account of what really went down.

All rioters were there solely for their own gain. Forget what you’ve heard, this wasn’t for a cause, this wasn’t for society or even because of social media. This was just pure aggression and monetary gain. We overheard so many rioters conversations “Tottenham aint got nothing on us” one said, another “we’re gunna loot till we drop”. This was backed up by what looked like an 11 year old child running away with a plasma TV at one point, which was possibly the most surreal thing I’ve ever seen.

Secondly, one of the most peculiar thing was the amount of hipster bystanders. Who actually got their comeuppance. Either shocked by the force of the police, or targeted by rioters. We witnessed one hipster’s fixed speed bike being stolen, as he protested “hey man you can’t steal my bike, that’s not on, that’s unfair” his mugger simply looked him dead in the eyes asserted the well known phrase “OR WHAT?” and rode off.

This inspired us to shoot the rest of the images in Instagram format, simply because it really was that ridiculous, fixed bikes and girls in fur coats everywhere, apart from directly near any of the “action”.

If there is one thing we have to commend, it was the police. Especially the riot police. They didn’t take control of the situation on Mere St as well as they could have, but they did very well in the situation.

It is exceptionally difficult for the police to differentiate in that situation between spectators and trouble makers, everyone looks the same. It does annoy us when those critise who were sitting safe at home, do not make judgment unless you’ve experienced the sheer insanity of it. The Police did a fantastic job.

The looting was systematic and beyond control, on three separate occasions we were within 10 feet of shops being ripped apart. Nowhere was safe, from sandwich shops, to jewellery brokers. We kid you not when attacking a Texaco garage one of the girl rioters shouted “Get me a Lucozade”. Yes, the hackney riots were that ridiculous.

There are a lot of photos at the Stylenoir article.

From Facebook:

United Against the London Riots

Other than many areas in London and Birmingham which have been on the news.. I have also heard rumours that possible unrest in Bristol, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Reading (but this is only hearsay and may not be true) and Hampshire Police are keeping an eye on Southampton following reports via BBM of calls for disorder within the city, if you know any different then let everyone know. Just stay safe everyone.

Some tweets:

#londonriots do these people think this is the best way to be heard? destroying our country and killing innocent people? yes you’re being

Now they are breaking into peoples HOUSES!!! that’s just going TOO FAR!! #londonriots #norespect

How long before a body is recovered from one of these burnt-out buildings? #londonriots

What strikes me about the #londonriots footage is the ring of people around every window-smashing filming it on their phones.

I am starting to wonder what #londonriots would have to do before you call in the army. Oh. Our army is “peacekeeping” in libya.

It’s shocking! Absolutely shocking! What makes these people think that they can do this?! #londonriots

1 man died at the hands of police & #londonriots..1000 men dead in police custody in Msia & there’s still no IPCMC.

Lets all appreciate that no one innocent has died or been killed since the #londonriots started, that’s something to be thankful for.

The lack of policing being reported is just outrageous. Simply not prepared for this. Bring in the army now. #londonriots

I blame the tory government! All the areas facing the riots are the ones who have suffered most from their budget cuts #londonriots

Police Officer: “We can’t cope. We have passed breaking point”, said to @guardian journalist @mrmatthewtaylor #londonriots

I wish people would lay off the police, they are doing their best but the army need to come and sort out the #londonriots

those arrested during #londonriots will just get a slap on the wrist by our courts….. they could be back doing it again this week

This is what happens when the youth realise they have more power than the police….scary stuff… #londonriots!/Guerillaphoto/status/100714205002465280

RT @jerometaylor: London’s rioters have multi-handedly turned the Met from most reviled UK police force, into public darlings #londonriots

Can’t seriously believe Southampton will get involved in riots…Riot rumours in Southampton… #londonriots

#londonriots WTF is going on back in my old town? Not seeing signs asking for democracy & justice. Is it just about lotting sneaker stores?

Hat tips: Nilk and Vlad Tepes.