Does Debate About Islam Create Terror?

Politiken is a major left-wing Danish newspaper. It is often described as “The New York Times of Denmark”, and with good reason — it reliably presents the hippest, trendiest, most progressive opinions. It was no surprise that in the days after the atrocities in Norway, Politiken led the charge against the “right-wing extremists”, “racists”, and “hate-bloggers” of the Counterjihad, who were said to have been an indirect cause of the massacre.

In a change of pace for Politiken, the following op-ed by Mogens Camre presents a different point of view. Mr. Camre is a member of Dansk Folkeparti (the Danish People’s Party), and the paper gave him the opportunity to rebut its customary position.

Many thanks to our Danish correspondent The Midget for the translation:

Mogens Camre (DPP): Artists Talk About Things They Do Not Understand

It is ridiculous that the left with Politiken in front thinks that it is the debate that creates terror, the member of The Danish Peoples Party writes.

I have always been puzzled that some people, calling themselves artists are perceived as especially insightful when it comes political questions.

Almost none of them have any knowledge of significant problems in society that reaches beyond that of the average citizen.

On the contrary, they often have a political perception founded in mental skinlessness which is why they perceive the world in a way which differs from reality.

That rarely makes them worth listening to, if you want to understand that very same reality, but artists are good at making themselves heard, so the rest of us are forced to live with their rubbish-talking about things they do not understand.

Recently we have experienced some of those who are so very busy interpreting the psychopathic Norwegian terrorist and his horrific deed.

It is obvious that both the so-called artists and the members of The Journalistic Left party think that the atrocity can be used to discredit their political opponents in general, and the Danish People’s Party in particular.

They keep talking their nonsense about a right-wing terror threat in Europe, which the Danish Peoples Party has said to have induced. Without, of course, being able to outline exactly how such causal relationship has materialized, and without being able to prove whether such a threat actually exists.

The tragedy in Norway was caused by a lonely, psychopathic weirdo without an ideological base and without a network.

Unfortunately, these kinds of people can be found in any society, but it is also obvious that the danger of them acting as this guy did is highest in societies where debate is not free, and where the politicians do not want to protect the population against far-reaching cultural changes in society.

So far we have to conclude that the terror threat in this world comes mainly from Islamists and Islamist governments’ brutality, not the least against their own people.

The terror attack against World Trade Center on 9/11 2001 had 2978 casualties.

At the terror attacks against Bali in October 2002 there were 202 dead people; in Madrid i March 2004, 191; and in Algeria, September 2007, the number was 50.

Acts of terrorism between Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iraq have taken 250,000 lives since 2003.

Every day we see acts in Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Islamic countries which have the characteristics of terror; the numbers of casualties are difficult to calculate.

That acts of terror are conducted because of differences in culture (religion, ethnicity, Klan-membership) is obvious. So — mildly speaking — it should be considered absurd to perceive a vocation for making stable countries into multicultural societies as “political correctness”.

Clashes of cultures are debated in all societies, but naturally most openly in democratic states, where a very large portion of the citizens fear that the reality of the Islamic world will spread into our countries.

It is ridiculous that the left with Politiken in front thinks that it is the debate that creates terror.

If you really believed in this, the logical consequence would be that Politiken would stop reporting about conditions in the Islamic countries, about Islamic terror, and about problems and costs related to Muslim immigration into Europe, because obviously Politiken seems to think that it is best for citizens if they are not offered the opportunity of making their own judgment about reality.