Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/9/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/9/2011London is relatively quiet tonight, with potential rioters perhaps deterred by the presence of thousands of additional police. Violent unrest has spread to other cities, however, with new rioting in Manchester and the Northwest.

In other news, after a volatile day, the stock market closed 400 points higher. The rally may have been a response to news that the Fed will keep interest rates extremely low through 2013.

Meanwhile, the German government says that the Eurozone rescue fund is not large enough to bail out Italy.

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4 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/9/2011

  1. Quote:
    “Prayers in the street are unacceptable, are a direct attack on the principle of secularity and they must stop” Mr Gueant said in an interview to France Presse.

    I have serious doubts– I don’t think Muslims will honor this deal for long.
    Their history is conquest.
    Their legacy is conquest.
    All of it written in the blood of the infidel.
    What makes you think, sir, that they will accommodate you?

  2. Quote:
    Then, in Norway, 500 hundred Chechens and Kurds fought against each other.

    Norway. A peaceful country with deep Islamic roots!
    My heart is so moved with the virtue, the tolerance, the righteousness, the . . . foolishness.

  3. Quote:
    Muslims attacked Christians in the village of Nazlet Faragallah, in the southern Egyptian Minya province, on Sunday evening.

    The beauty of Muslim tolerance is in the news again!
    Those who worship profanely will inevitably do violent things. Just consult Matthew, Chapter 7.
    This Christian judges them by their fruits. Every blow on their faces is a judgment against those who strike them.

  4. @ trencherbone–

    You don’t have an email so I couldn’t explain why your comment couldn’t remain on the post about Northern Europe.

    It was off topic. Way off. That post was about Scandinavia. Your comment is about the London riots.

    I could have put it in the posts about London, but I thought you might prefer it here.

    Please check the rules again cuz I’m going to be enforcing them. Too traumatized not to…

    …and I won’t always have time to do this cut and paste.

    trencherbone said… Muslims are stirring up the UK riots.


    “Islamist extremists are trying to capitalize on the riots engulfing Britain, calling on their followers to help incite further violence so that a terror attack can be launched amid the chaos.

    Via “jihadist” websites, the extremists say English-fluent Muslims should infiltrate social media with messages that encourage the rioters so that the police remain “preoccupied” by the disturbances, according to the Washington-based monitoring group SITE.

    The extremists are characterizing the violence as “useful” for London-based terror cells, saying the rioters are young and impressionable, and can be easily manipulated if the messages appear to be the sort of things they would write.

    The extremists reason that by extending the violence, the police will drop their guard against jihadist terror planning.

    The increased chaos could also force the British government to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, some of the sites say.

    “The events in London are an opportunity for the mujahedeen to make a move in London and attack,” says one prominent entry, adding that continued violence “may weaken the position of (the British) staying in Afghanistan, because the soldiers will be needed in London.”

    The riots spread after Saturday night when a small protest over the police shooting of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old suspected gang member, escalated into violence.

    “We are all Mark Duggan” and “The people want punishment for the killers of Mark Duggan” are among a string of slogans another jihadist site provides as examples it is seeking from English-speaking Muslims.

    Other examples mimic typical slogans of the political left in Britain, such as “No to favouritism and austerity” and “The people want a dignified life.” Yet another — “A call for free people of Britain to stop racism” — is a clear reference to the fact Duggan was black.

    …also at
    Also, if you use that HTML template the Baron put in just above the comment box, your links will be clickable. Readers are less likely to scrape them out than they are to click on a hyperlink.

    Here’s your last URL as an example:

    Would-Be Terrorists Looking to Capitalize on UK Riots

    This is especially important when you insert very long URLs.

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