7 thoughts on “Arson With Impunity

  1. The Scottish police forces are apparently on standby to head south and help out. (Link 1.) (Link 2.)

    Also in Scotland, a couple of young men have been visited by the bobbies after they tried to get trouble going north of the border via Facebook . (See link.)

  2. Does everyone under 25 wear hoodies in the UK?

    OH, That’s to block their faces in a country with 1 CCTV camera per every 54 people.

  3. I think you may find that this actually is Miss Selfridge in Manchester last night – not London.
    I’ve seen other photos of this individual with his distinctive garb. You can be sure that Greater Manchester Police will be trawling CCTV to identify him. At least one news photographer got a very good full face photo so looks good.
    He will be found and prosecuted.
    The UK’s really tough justice system will find him guilty of many crimes and commit him to 100 hours community service.
    Bring back the stocks, and birching, and much else.
    Here in the good old UK 200 citizens attempting to protect their neighbourhood were dispersed by Police. They didn’t “disperse” the criminals.

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