Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/6/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/6/2011A race riot erupted in Tottenham (North London) tonight, and is still ongoing as of this writing. The ostensible cause of the unrest was the death of a black gang member in a shootout with police. Rioters (reportedly summoned via Twitter) torched police cars, buses, and other vehicles, burned buildings, and looted stores for hours. The fire brigade were unable to enter the area, and police could not bring the situation under control.

In other news, the Italian supreme court has ruled that having sex in a parked car in a public place constitutes a felony.

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[Update: This post was changed to replace a colloquial phrase that I am told carries a different meaning in the UK than in the USA. The replacement phrase has the same meaning on both sides of the Atlantic.]