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Update: Since this video has now been taken down for copyright reasons, here’s what the anchorette said, as closely as I can recall it:

The Dostoevsky station on the Moscow Metro has been called a “Mecca for suicides” due to its depressing décor.

This is not to be confused with the Mecca for suicide bombers. Their Mecca is — Mecca. [gesturing in a southeasterly direction]

Also, Vlad’s two words were “Heat. Kitchen.”

The most amazing thing about the brief clip below is that it was aired on the BBC, of all places.

The Muslim reaction is not at all surprising — to learn about how offended the world’s 76.8 quadrillion Muslims are, watch the original video posted by “Daggers of Truth”.

The question is, what sort of institutional groveling will the Beeb have to engage in to smooth the ruffled feathers of Britain’s culture-enrichers?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video. Make sure you read his commentary at the end:

11 thoughts on “What She Said

  1. Actually the accusation made in the Muslim version of this video is untrue – she does not accuse anyone from Mecca, or anyone who goes to Mecca, or anyone who visits Mecca, of inevitably being a suicide bomber – any more than she says that everyone who visits the train station in question (at the beginning of the clip) is inevitably going to attempt suicide.

    No what she says is that a lot of people who are going to commit suicide will go to the train station in question … and a lot of suicide bombers …

    So if you’re not a suicide bomber, and you don’t support suicide bombers in any way shape or form, then you can have no problem with this clip.

  2. It appears that a group called MyVideoRights has extended a copyright claim both on Vlad’s video and the original linked.

    This is their website, for any interested. Their Chairman, Kelvin MacKenzie, worked for BSkyB Group, and edited The Sun. Patrick Walker, meanwhile, worked for the Beeb, and you have to wonder about the rest of that sorry lot.

  3. Copyright the new tool of censorship, doubt if copyright would actually protect this 30 seconds worth of video if tested in a court.

    The B.B.C. must have been panicking to censor this clip so quickly. How much licence fee money did they line anti-BBC Kelvin MacKenzie’s pockets with for him to perform this piece of hypocrisy.

  4. Actually, from additional info provided at Jihad Watch, it appears this woman is more or less PC MC about Islam — which just goes to show what I have repeatedly maintained: namely, that the tactic of softening the rhetoric in order to do an end-run more often than not doesn’t seem to work: they will still call you a bigot and you will still have to backtrack as though you are a bigot — even when you are PC MC:

    In an internet post she said:
    ‘I am anti any prejudice of any kind. And particularly the generally lazy media portrayal of Muslims or any blanket negativity towards Islam.

    ‘…It [her show] deals in irony and in that sense it does the OPPOSITE of what it’s actually saying.

    ‘Any of the comments on here, which are suggesting I am racist or in any way anti-Muslim are a load of nonsense.’

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