Away From My Desk

The ScholarI’m going away overnight, and will return tomorrow in time for the news feed (I hope). A truncated version of tonight’s news feed has been scheduled, so that y’all will have something to chew on while I’m gone.

Dymphna will be keeping a close eye on things during my absence. So don’t go getting any ideas…


2 thoughts on “Away From My Desk

  1. Seven d*rty words? Make it nine, here goes [* = beep]:

    M*slim = Victim

    Lying M*slim = Victim

    Violent M*slim = Victim

    Isl*m = Religion of Victims

    Jih*d = Rise of the Victims

    FGM(*) = Cultural Surgery

    Tr**son = Tolerance


    (*) F*male G*nit*l M*til*tion

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