The Voice of Australia’s Islamic Future

We’ve encountered Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon a few times in the past. He’s a former Christian, a native Australian, a convert to Islam, and a Muslim zealot.

Mr. Conlon rivals Britain’s Anjem Choudary in his refreshingly candid expressions of Islamic supremacism, and his unabashed insistence that Islam will one day dominate Australia.

In the interview below, Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon waives his customary $5,000 interview fee to discuss his beliefs with an Australian TV news program. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

Is it just me, or is this guy wearing eye shadow or mascara or something?

15 thoughts on “The Voice of Australia’s Islamic Future

  1. No it’s not just you.

    He’s twisted in more ways than one!!

    His beard is shaped, which isn’t permitted. His whole face is fake

    Check him out on the original, which is much clearer

  2. Hmm… curiosity got the better of me and I wasted a few minutes watching.

    Very photogenic, appropriate for his target audience.

    He’s also got the special Islamist finger-pointing down pat.

    Dark circles under the eyes? Maybe a cosmetic affectation, or maybe just not enough sleep. Or maybe he enjoys the hashish a little bit.

    If it is a sleep disorder, it would be interesting to discover what prescription meds or other meds he might be taking.

  3. Permit me to observe that this rutbag’s car is rather distinctively marked and ― after his disgustingly inflammatory television interview ― I would not be in the least surprised if several yobs recognized this terrorist cockroach and “took him to heaven” a bit sooner than Mr. Siddiq-Conlon ever planned on.

    Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon is living proof that some people are nothing but oxygen thieves.

  4. Zenster said…… some people are nothing but oxygen thieves.

    I bet here in the states there is someone in our EPA figuring out a way to regulate it, along with a politician somewhere figuring out a way to tax it.

  5. Getting here late, but …. my gut feeling is this guy is not what he’s professing to be. Call it intuition and some expertie in reading body language… things don’t jibe.

    I’m not sure what he is or why he’s playing this role but I can’t take him at face value.

  6. Australia shares the greatest language, culture and system of law on earth whist enjoying the perfect geography- bound on all sides by ocean. It alone has the chance to maintain and preserve its identity when everyone else has given in. I’m from Canada- we lost my flag and all reference to English culture is whitewashed to emphasise every other. As a result a Canadian is anyone who gets off the plane with enough money to have bought a passport without him or his family having had to contribute anything to the country. Parts of England look more like the sub-continent than the Mother Country, and the US is so divided agreement on anything is impossible. We’ve diluted ourselves so much that it’s hard to tell what we actually stand for anymore. meanwhile the Chinese, a country of 1.4 billion maintain their identity without apologies and we can see who is the rising power.

  7. Keir

    Thank you for a link to your most impressive and patriotic site.My husband will love it, who like me is an ex-pat Brit. He is a ‘flag follower’

    Australia is going down the same path as other western countries as we are too PC and then of course we have this damned multiculturalism.

    There are many of us fighting back and trying to do something before it’s too late.

    They already took our National Anthem away from us and are trying very hard with the flag too. AT present it is being resisted by staunch monarchists, but eventually it will happen.

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