The Treatment of Women Under Islam

Dr. Wafa Sultan spoke yesterday at the Danish Free Press Society in Copenhagen on the topic “What you need to know about women under Sharia law”. From the program notes for the event:

Wafa Sultan speaks from her own experience as a doctor in Syria about the horrific situation of women under Sharia law, about absolute male dominance, and about the lawless treatment of women in Islamic countries. Violent, murderous and suicidal examples she encountered in her life underline the necessity of speaking up for women now, so that women in the West shall not be subject to the same system that keeps Muslim women in submission elsewhere.

Wafa Sultan is a psychiatrist and an author who was born in Syria and emigrated to the United States in 1989. A frequent writer on Islamic affairs, Wafa gained world-wide recognition after her appearance on Al-Jazeera on February 21st 2006, where she stated that we are witnessing “a battle between modernity and barbarism, which Islam will lose”. Her book A God who hates was published in 2009.

Dr. Sultan’s talk was recorded by Henrik Ræder Clausen, and edited and uploaded by Vlad Tepes. The video of her speech is below the jump:

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2 thoughts on “The Treatment of Women Under Islam

  1. No comments… the article speaks for itself, as far as men go.

    But I’m surprised no women have jumped in to comment on these outrages against women?

  2. Lawrence, so glad you asked. I can’t speak for the missing women, but I’ll answer for myself. It’s challenging for a feminist like myself to make common cause with the angry, misogynistic men and their female enablers, who populate the CJ and HBD communities. I’m still here, not because I’m comfortable with y’all, but because it’s more important for someone like me to keep representing than to stay away, as I’m tempted to.

    If some of you are disappointed at the relative lack of women, gays, social liberals, etc. at CJ and pro-white sites, don’t throw more stuff at us, just imagine how we feel. Yes, feel. Feelings are not detrimental to any cause, although many seem not to know this.

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