Making the Election About Islam

Ummah Jack

Readers who follow British political affairs know that up until now there has been no political party of any significance that opposes Islamization, with the exception of the British National Party (BNP). British Islam-critics who resist the destruction of their country through immigration, but are put off by the BNP — due to its long-time “whites only” policy, or for some other reason — find that there is no other party that they can turn to. They can vote Tory, and hope that (ha!) the “Conservatives” somehow regain their patriotic compass. Or they can vote BNP. Those are the only choices.

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is a Euro-skeptic party. Its defining issue is the European Union, and the fact that membership in the EU is dangerous and destructive to the traditional identity of the British nation. Up until now UKIP has declined to tackle the issue of immigration, or to touch the third rail of British politics: Islam. But all that seems to be changing.

Abhijit P.G. Pandya is the UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Leicester South in the by-election which is to be held this Thursday, May 5. He is a Christian of Indian extraction, and has broken with the normal practice of UKIP by making Islamization one of the major issues of his campaign.

The British political establishment has not failed to notice Mr. Pandya’s effrontery. His local newspaper, The Leicester Mercury, published a deliberate distortion of a post on the candidate’s blog. The newspaper article told its readers that “In the article, Abhijit Pandya called Islam ‘morally flawed and degenerate’.” However, the entire sentence in Mr. Pandya’s post read:

“A system that treats women as slaves without chains is morally flawed and degenerate in its treatment of women.”

One can only assume that this was a deliberate misrepresentation, and the inflammatory account has actually endangered the lives of UKIP canvassers.

How do I justify this assertion? Last week, just after the article was published, eight members of UKIP went out canvassing for the party in Leicester. One of our British correspondents, whom I’ll call Nigel, was among the eight who went from door to door.

Here is Nigel’s account of what happened that evening:

At the third door I knocked on, two culturally-enriched brothers came out and said they were going to kill us; there were knives and everything.

The guy went straight for me. Completely ignoring the Asian chap stood next to me, who was canvassing with me. I got chased down the street by these guys, who were shouting that they were going to cut me up into little pieces, that I shouldn’t be in their area, and they’d shove my head through the door if I put a leaflet through it.

However, the larger issue — more important than my own personal safety — is that they are trying to shut us down. The media in particular. Because they know if we do well in this by-election, the result will be that the Islamic issue will finally be out into the open in the UK.

So the MSM — the BBC and the local press — are just trying to shut down information and our access to the media. They did a classic stitch-up on us: they published their piece in the Saturday edition, knowing that Sunday and Monday are Bank Holidays.

Now the local newspaper has come out, telling people not to vote UKIP because Abhijit has dared to make the election about Islam. They have also libelled him in the process.

One good outcome, which is very much what we want, is that it the issue has been taken up in India.

But the British media are strangling us into silence, particularly on the national level. Abhijit hasn’t been invited to hustings, or radio phone-ins that the other candidates have, etc. etc. You know the drill.

Now for the details of the imbroglio over Abhijit Pandya. First, here are excerpts from his original blog post, which was published on April 22:

Will Britain face a growing Muslim population on benefits?

Abhijit P.G. PandyaWilliam Hague wishes for Turkey to enter the EU. Turkey will add to the theft of benefits, or the theft of the British tax-payer, that is going to go the way of 8 countries that joined the EU in 2004 (Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia) on 1 May 2011. From that day nationals from these states will be entitled to the same rights as those of established E.U. member states with access income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit by signing on as a jobseeker at Jobcentre Plus and meeting the requirements imposed on British Citizen jobseekers. It is very likely that when Turkey joins, whose nationals on average earn less than £8,000, more hard earned money of British nationals will go to line Turkish national’s pockets. Many of these will have done nothing to contribute to the British economy or that of the EU.

Note that under the current benefit system, that the Conservative Party has tacitly endorsed, for those who have never worked without any capital there’s no time limit on receiving income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance. This so long as you continue to meet all the easily satisfiable requirements (e.g. actively seeking work, a partner who works less than 24 hours a week).

Further, even if foreigners were able to make money coming over here, they would still be entitled to benefit under EU rules. For most of those with some capital (over 16K) and who have paid NICs you get contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance for as long as 6 months. This can be gained for just a years contribution to the British economy, despite others ploughing away for generations.

The moral of all of the above is that that at present it really does pay never to work at all.

However there is a greater social problem that will be caused by those that may come over here for housing benefits if Turkey were to join the EU. Campaigning in Leicester recently, I have been shocked to discover the quanta of those from Islamic backgrounds on one form of a benefit to another. Islamic culture inherently rejects the Western way of life, more specifically the Protestant work ethic that has successfully built the economies of the West. It is also fundamentally socially intolerant, closing itself off to the rest of society and local communities and forming ghettos that are economically dysfunctional and ethically espouse, perhaps without realising it, intolerance that undermines both social and human capital.


The increase of Islam in the UK is going to be a problem for the welfare state. For example, unemployment among Moroccan and Turkish communities in the Netherlands is higher than the national average: (2006 study by The Netherlands’ Social and Cultural Planning Office). In the UK, the important Institute from Public Policy Research study showed that immigrants from many Muslim countries (especially Somalia, Turkey, Bangladesh and Iran) are far less likely to be employed and claim benefits than those from non-muslim nations such as Zimbabwe, Poland and India. The UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission’s own figures show: “Half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed in the UK”. Muslim husbands in the UK with more than one wife to get extra benefits as ministers recognise polygamy (original source Taxpayers’ Alliance). Further a recent study of the 70,000 strong Somali immigrant community in the London Borough of Camden showed unemployment of over 75%. Actual unemployment in war torn failed state Somalia itself, is 47%. A removal of multi-culturalism, and assimilation of these people needs to done to save them from the abyss of exclusion and welfare. Above all, one should not shy away of contemplating deportation for new arrivals who do not work, or threatening it to further assimilation and an effort to find work.


A theological system that fundamentally encourages discrimination between those who believe it and those who don’t, treating the latter as second-class citizens, is backward. A system that treats women as slaves without chains is morally flawed and degenerate in its treatment of women. Cultural practices in many parts of the world which include child marriages and the death penalty for practising homosexuality are reminders that man is capable of going back to the dark ages very quickly.

Read the rest at Abhijit Pandya’s blog, including his support for Geert Wilders.

This was the local paper’s first response, published on April 27:

Outrage as prospective Leicester MP condemns Islam on his blog

The UKIP candidate for the Leicester South by-election has caused outrage by condemning Islam on his blog.

In the article, Abhijit Pandya called Islam “morally flawed and degenerate” and said he backed a controversial Dutch politician, who called Islam a retarded ideology.

Mr Pandya also wrote that Britain should not shy away from forced repatriation of foreign citizens who did not work.

The city’s Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) said it was surprised at Mr Pandya’s “hostile” comments, which it said were “cheap pot shots”.


Suleman Nagdi, of the FMO, hit back. He said: “I am surprised at the UKIP candidate taking such a hostile approach in his web blog by blaming the Muslim community for virtually every problem in society.

“I am even more surprised because the candidate has not attended any hustings meetings and has instead hid behind his measly words. Candidates who cherish our long-standing history of democracy, tolerance and respect for human rights would not make such immature and distorted comments.

“There are a number serious charges in the web blog against Muslims which the FMO would be very keen on having a public debate about…”

The same day Islamophobia Today republished an article that originally appeared in The Deccan Herald:

Abhijit Pandya: UKIP Candidate Supports Wilders

Lovely lookin’ fella’ isn’t he? Maybe if he dyes his hair using peroxide he can try to be the British version of Geert Wilders?

If he wasn’t so Brown he’d fit right in with the BNP. I wonder how the EDL folks who want “British to be about British” feel about this lad? Anybody will do who can save us from the dreaded “Muslamic ray guns.”

UKIP by-election candidate backs Geert Wilders, says Islam is ‘morally flawed and degenerate’

Abhijit Pandya, an Indian-origin candidate for the Leicester South byelection, has sparked fury by making critical remarks about Islam in his blog less than a week before the May 5 elections.

Pandya, 31, is the candidate for the UK Independence Party, which is opposed to Britain’s membership of the European Union.

On his blog, Pandya called Islam “morally flawed and degenerate” and said he backed Geert Wilders, a controversial Dutch politician who allegedly called Islam a retarded ideology.

And the following day the local paper had more:

UKIP shows itself as silly and nasty

It is not our normal practice, as a politically neutral newspaper, to criticise an individual party during an election campaign, but we will make an exception with UKIP. In the course of two days, readers will have learned of the disturbing views of UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Leicester South regarding Muslims, and the admission of the party’s leader that it is running a “paper candidate” in the election for mayor of Leicester.

Leicester South hopeful Abhijit Pandya has said the anti-Islamic diatribe published on his blog was an attempt to highlight issues regarding integration and employment “which we should not shy away from discussing.”

Really? To us it seemed like a wildly inflammatory rant which boiled down to a crass and nasty characterisation of Muslims as lazy, intolerant spongers who are a threat to the British way of life. It was not part of a reasoned debate about multiculturalism, but a series of sweeping, unsubstantiated generalisations which demonise the Muslim community.

The matter of UKIP’s “paper candidate” for the mayoral election is obviously a lot less serious. However, we do think that parties should do voters the courtesy of engaging in the electoral process properly rather than just seeking to get their name on the ballot paper. It seems particularly daft to run a candidate in an election, which has a predominately local focus rather than national one, if you have nothing whatsoever to say about local issues.

Voters will make up their own minds on May 5. However, it is difficult to see how anybody can take seriously a party which has managed the distinction of showing itself to be both unpleasant and silly in the course of a single week.

A couple of questions for our British readers:

Do you take Abhijit P.G. Pandya seriously?

After reading all this, do you consider UKIP to be “unpleasant” or “silly”?

If you’re a constituent in Leicester South, you might want to take a closer look at UKIP. It seems there may be some life in the party yet.

29 thoughts on “Making the Election About Islam

  1. So the MSM read:
    “A system that treats women as slaves without chains is morally flawed and degenerate in its treatment of women.”
    and just assumed they meant islam? When everyone knows that islam is a religion of truce?
    Islamaphobes! Literally, the MSM is afraid of being set on fire by muslims – how racist is that?

  2. I have just read an article where muslims were advising one another not to in a non-islamic election, or basically voting for kufars, so what’s the point in canvassing in their areas, some of which are now no-go areas for non-muslims. Can I also point out that the BNP policy on non-whites was that it was originally a party for the indigenous peoples of the UK and that has been ruled as racist and no anyone can joint the BNP and infact they have ethnic members now too. UKIP are basically a distraction party funded with government money to take the vote away from the BNP. Don’t fall for the media hype about the BNP or you will become just like the rest of them. Party support for them is growing at a rapid rate, never underestimate them.

  3. In hoc signo vinces†

    Making the Election About Islam, a disengenouis stunt manipulating the counter-jihad movement to attack the subsistence of millions of little white families that had their livelihoods displaced by immigration and now Abhijit Pandya wants to strike the final humiliation by undermining the subsistence welfare that has meagerly sustained the little white families body and soul with an immigration double whammy.

    “This so long as you continue to meet all the easily satisfiable requirements (e.g. actively seeking work, a partner who works less than 24 hours a week).”

    The requirements for welfare are not “easily satisfiable” the system is heavely policed regarding little white families.

    “The moral of all of the above is that that at present it really does pay never to work at all.”

    The economic irony of this well worn political mantra in the U.K. is mind-numbing poison all those feckless little white men.

    ” … more specifically the Protestant work ethic that has successfully built the economies of the West.”

    The Protestant work ethic was mostly destroyed by the laissez-faire economics of Thatcherism – unearned entitlements doled out by the banks this was the real welfare state.

    Abhijit Pandya a typical little empire British conservative good immigration, not mass immigration to replace all those feckless little white families.

  4. 4Symbols must live in a parallel UK to the one I inhabit. “heavily policed” indeed (welfare benefits). Why then are there so many benefit claimants in my small village. Most have never worked and never will and proudly say that they have no intention of ever working. They know, and successfuly claim every last benefit. Including free cars for people who simply are NOT disabled.

    To the main point though I applaud Mr Pandya. A brave man to do this in Leicester which is almost part of the Islamic world.
    As for UKIP? Well they were a once a one issue party. To be also
    embracing the 2nd worry of many Britons shows that they are growing up. They’ve certainly raised my interest.
    As for Ethel. On what evidence do you base the nonsensical claim that UKIP is funded by Government money?

  5. The real issue is this: if UKIP don’t do well here the cause of the counter-jihad is screwed.

    Because it will have been tried against the electorate and been found wanting.

    If only the EDL could be brought in to help somehow.

  6. In hoc signo vinces†


    So in your village parallel UK the preference is for good immigration, to replace all those feckless little white families, a cash sum argument of the conservative ugandan type, pay as you go patriotism that has nothing whatsoever to do with identity.

    Be my guest applaud Mr Pandya while you denounce your own the cultural hypocrisy is clear for all to see, saves me the argument.

    Your comment shows an ignorance of welfare politics in the U.K and politics generally UKIP was and is a Consevative Party sop tool.

  7. @4Symbols, So who would you vote for and see as the best party to take us in the right direction?

    @Ethel, they will vote for Kuffars who will bend over backwards for the Muslim block vote. That is until they are strong and numerous enough to stand a Muslim independent candidate and win, just like they did in Tower Hamlets last year.

    Also, you’re not up to speed with the BNP, they have imploded over the last year and won’t make it to the end of this year.

    Good luck to Mr.Pandya, I’d hate to be campaigning on an agenda that had some criticism of Islam, based in Leicester and the media won’t give him an easy time.

  8. This may be off topic BUT it does show how censorship operates in Europe. This week-end, with no prior warning, “Fox News” was removed from the “CanalPlus” satellite platform in Spain. I am furious!!!! It was the only channel where there was a glimmer of truth re. news. I bet the Spanish Government ordered their friends, “Prisa” ( owners of left-wing newspaper, “El País” and of “CanalPlus” to pull the plug.

  9. In hoc signo vinces†


    Have not registered to vote or voted in the U.K. for years, prefer to withhold my mandate and not give legitimacy to the political elite.

    It maybe that the only way to loosen the death grip the political elite has on the British State will be to dissolve it, Scottish independence could be the first move on the road to the peoples of the constituent Nations releasing the death grip of the political elite in the U.K. More out of political and economic necessity than outright nationalism, as the political elite push London and the S.E. of England towards a de facto City State.

    The British subsistence welfare debate is an attack on the white working class nothing more, it would be more relevant in the counter-jihad movement to debate digging up the runways at Heathrow.

    Hands up who wants to end British subsistence welfare?

    See like me the political elite know exactly which political buttons to push.

  10. It’s obvious that the Leicester press haven’t a clue about Islam and don’t want to get a clue, as the ‘unsubstantiated generalisations’ are nothing of the sort.

    I do take Abhijit P.G. Pandya seriously, it is a shame I cannot vote for him as I’m in Enriched Lancashire.

    UKIP are far from silly. I think their manifesto is fab. The British Freedom Party are also interesting, but are still getting their act together. The BNP are ok as far as they go, but are worryingly socialist. There are no heretical parties standing in my district. LibLabCon have all put up muslim candidates!

    I will visit the polling station if only to vote against AV – a system that will only benefit the maggotbrains of the former Labour party and the ghastly dhimmi Liberals.

    As to UKIP being a spook set up – similar rumours about the BNP circulate IN some Nationalist blogs, but WHERE ELSE CAN WE GO? WHO ELSE CAN WE SUPPORT?

  11. I posted about Pandya on my blog a few days ago, saying “The British Geert Wilders May Have Been Found.” The fact that he has brown skin may be an added advantage as it makes it impossible to throw the racism gibe (or even related criminal charges) at him. This, too, is almost certainly why it has not reached the national press yet. You can be sure that if a white person said what he had said about Islam, it would be front page news on the Guardian.

    I intend to vote UKIP in the upcoming election in the hope that it will evolve into a serious Counterjihad party. It is clearly not that yet, however. The leadership is reluctant to engage with the issue. It constantly emphasises how “non-racist” it is, showing how psyched out its leadership still are by political correctness.

    The BNP is a damaged brand, has quite a few dodgy characters in its leadership and is riven by financial problems and internal dissension. I just can’t see the BNP evolving into what we need it to be. Dramatic change would be required, but the brand has been so toxified that it would be simpler at this point to just start a completely new party with a clean slate.

    Pandya’s blog is one of the few signs I’ve seen of a still-pulsing Counterjihad spirit in UKIP ever since Lord Pearson gave up the leadership position. They almost never talk about the issue publicly; they never criticise Islam and will talk about immigration only generically; the only concrete sign of concern about the issue is the commitment to ban the burka in their manifesto.

    Nevertheless, UKIP are still in my opinion the party with the greatest potential to address the Islam issue in the way it needs to be addressed. If they would abandon their lingering traces of political correctness, and fully and publicly engage with the issues of mass third-world immigration and islamification, they could be in Downing Street within 15 years.

  12. UKIP is not an anti-Islamist party. It is a party of disaffected Atlantacist Tories who seek to preserve the privileged interests of the most well off in society and devil take the hindmost. Still, having looked at the other candidates on offer in the Leicester South by-election, I’d vote for Pandya for want of a better choice. Do not however be gulled into backing UKIP, as Farage has previously busied himself making emollient noises in an attempt to win Muslim votes at the time of the Sandhurst Mosque controversy. Irrespective of Pandya’s position, UKIP will treat with Muslims if it thinks that votes can be won.

    There is a new nationalist party in Britain that is anti-Islamisation and seeks the welfare of all British citizens: the British Freedom Party. It would have adopted the name ‘Freedom Party’ – had this not already been registered by a now defunct organisation – to align itself with the European freedom parties such as the PVV and Die Freiheit. For an up-to-date summary of nationalist parties in Britain see

  13. Is Lee Barnes not involved in the British Freedom party? A BNP reject, their former legal director, and someone with a track record of anti-semitism. If he or people like him are involved, I fail to see how the British Freedom party can seriously present itself as a British equivalent of the PVV.

  14. @Ethel:

    You said: “UKIP are basically a distraction party funded with government money to take the vote away from the BNP”.

    I’m afraid you’ve fallen for typical Nick Griffin cobblers. It’s more likely (though still highly unlikely) that Nick Griffin is funded with government money to give the disaffected working class the false impression that somebody out there (i.e. Griffin and the BNP) is on their side.

    You also said that support for the BNP is increasing whereas the exact opposite is the case.

  15. @Cheradenine:
    Lee Barnes is indeed one of the founding members of the British Freedom Party. Granted, he does possess some outlandish ideas (any takers for the 2012 Mayan end-of-the-world fantasy?), but Barnes is not the party. So far as I am aware, Barnes claims to be anti-Zionist rather than an anti-Semite. I’m not an apologist for Barnes however, so you’d have to take up these issues with him directly. If you look at the British Freedom Party’s policies, you’ll not find any trace of anti-Semitism there. Is there any single political party you can think of where all members possess identical views, or which contains only people who are flawless whom you have no issue with? No party is perfect, but this is the best match for the task that’s required in the UK today. Do not fear, if it starts calling for the persecution of Jews or for us to prepare for some version of Armageddon next year I’ll drop any advocacy.

    You’re quite correct to note that the BNP is in rather precipitate decline rather than growing. The internal corruption and mismanagement is startling.

  16. @4symbols. Haha a leftist with the self delusion of being an intellectual. As always resorting to pure insult when losing an argument.
    I’d guess that you don’t come from the era when claiming any welfare was considered to be shameful; when such welfare really was subsistence and didn’t manage to pay for designer clothes and 2 foreign holidays a year; where people who became unemployed went out all day every day looking for work. I do and, given your remarks, I’m guessing you are a welfare claimant.
    I am very familiar with welfare politics and politics in general. Welfare was started as a safety net. It has more recently been used by successive governments of both flavours as vote fodder and also to hide the true figures for unemployment. Now the bill has to be paid.

    I know the parents of some of our local “feckless little white families” as you call them. They were working class and always worked. Now their own grandchildren are following their “feckless” mothers and fathers and living very well on benefits.I OBJECT to the tax on my pension contributing to them living better than I can afford.

  17. “I despise David Milliband.

    The grandson of a racist Jewish Marxist terrorist who spent mush of his life organising the genocidal murder of non-Jews, and non-Communist Jews, during and after the Russian Revolution in the name of Marxism, this vile little shit acts like a typical Leninist.

    You will note the reference to the ‘Zionist Jew Milliband’.”

    A quote from Barnes’ blog:

    Somehow I can’t imagine Geert Wilders saying that. And there are many similar examples.

    A serious party that aspires to be the British equivalent of Marine Le Pen, the Danish People’s Party or Geert Wilders has to steer well clear of this kind of nonsense. No one is going to pay any attention to strained efforts to draw a distinction between anti-zionism and anti-semitism. They will just dismiss the party as consisting of oddball crypto-Nazis.

  18. Mr Pandya is just as alien as any muslim culture enricher. An invader is still an invader regardless of his/her policical affilation.
    If you endorse Mr Pandya you also endorse all none muslim immigration including christian sub Saharan Africans as fellow country men.

    And this third rail is not Islam but racial idenity. Where culture is abstract race is the one physical attribute that clearly defines us as who we actually are. this is why race itself is vigorously denied and tabooded by the nation haters.
    “Race should not matter” is the new lie people are being forced to live.

    I refuse to live that lie. therefore I will not be voting for any party that endorses that lie.

  19. @Cheradenine:

    I agree with what you say re the necessity of steering clear of such nonsense as quoted from Barnes’s blog. As I wrote earlier, Barnes is not the party, and such statements do not fit with party policy. I am not an apologist for this sort of stuff. Somehow, owing to the large amount of articles on Barnes’s blog in support of marijuana, I suspect that he’s possibly suffering from a touch of dope-induced paranoia.

  20. @bewick Well said Sir! Modern values have changed considerably with regard to the welfare system. I applaud Mr Pandya for speaking his mind. He has taken a brave stance but it is a sign that UKIP are widening their platform. I hope it continues because we need a nationalist party to provide some variety to the Con/Lib/Lab clones at Westminster.

  21. In hoc signo vinces†


    Haha a leftist with the self delusion of being an intellectual.

    Love it, at this point in the battle any flank on the left or right of the multikulti political elite will do me fine, as for “delusion of being an intellectual” thanks for the complimentry degree.

    Credit where credit is due the laws that are on the statute books that will be used to dismantle subsistence welfare in the U.K. are the last Labour governments laws, take it you will be voting socialist in the up coming election, now why would communists and socialists hate unconditional subsistence welfare?

    “when such welfare really was subsistence and didn’t manage to pay for designer clothes and 2 foreign holidays a year;”

    £51.85 pw for a single person aged 16-24 and £65.45 pw aged over 25, (the combined rates are less for couples), designer clothes and 2 foreign holidays a year on less than £10 a day, DREAM ON.

    While they are being shameful of their economic circumstances should they also be shameful that they are not of the same cast and circumstances as Abhijit PG Pandya.

    Good immigration, not mass immigration to supplant the white working class this is the new mantra of the British progressive multikulti conservatives.

  22. At the moment UKIP really is the only show in town.Ok it’s not like my ideal which is the PVV of Holland or FN of France but it’s the only hope we have left.Looking at all the other parties on the right of the political spectrum only UKIP has the credibility of winning the most votes that will eventually see MP’s elected to Westminster.The very first most important action that needs to be taken above everything else is complete withdrawal from the EU because until we do that we cannot sort out immigration or the growing threat from islam.The EU is the enemy of British sovereignty and independence.It’s costing us billions and it’s destroying Britain.
    As for other parties:
    The BNP is finished as a political force.The vast majority of the electorate just don’t trust it.It has a poor public image which is tainted with rabid anti semitism and white supremacist ideals.They are run like a dictator ship with a leader most members can’t stand.They just aren’t smart enough to cut it.It’s fading fast and by next year they will have probably gone bust.
    The British Freedom Party showed promise but sadly has proved to be a big let down.The BFP seems to be going down the same road as the BNP,with a total disregard for democracy and fair treatment.When members complained of Lee Barnes abusive emails and the tone of some of his articles they where dismissed as trouble makers,this included 4 members of the executive council.This Barnes character does the BFP party no favours at all,he is a liability.I cannot imagine Geert Wilders would touch them with a barge pole if he ever took the trouble to read any of Barnes outrageous anti semetic articles.They would be wise to steer well clear of conspiracy theory politics…it only leads to political suicide.

  23. @4Symbols
    Well you know politics is a circle. Left and right meet at one point. That is – ultra fascist and ultra marxist. Guess that is where you are. A fascist Marxist suddenly feeling some doubt about where you are.
    Dream on?
    Mmmm. Well I see people who have never worked getting free housing, free cars, and 2 foreign holidays a year on benefits. They are expert at milking the system. They have had children by different fathers, who never paid, and that increased their benefits. Their children are now following suit. I heard one of those say that she wanted more kids but “not until these 3 are at school”. Hell. Another 7 years on benefit.
    They really do buy designer clothes and big TVs and regular new furniture. They even boast about the latest acquisition. I’ve heard them. As well as more booze than I, a taxpayer, can afford. (or would want)
    If I had totally free housing, and associated costs, and neither smoked, drank, or ran a car, then I could very comfortably live on £65 a week. In fact if I extract those factors I do and with some to spare. It’s called economic living. They though manage to smoke drink and run cars on benefit without paying tax but I DO pay tax.
    Given your anger I’m guessing that you are a benefit claimant who hasn’t mastered the system and are now fearful that you can no longer rely on the non feckless ,tax paying, white working class population to fund your lazy lifestyle. Hell you may just, finally, have to work and pay your way – including internet access.
    Mmmm – you aren’t Andy Choudary by any chance are you? He, like you, definitely thinks that he is better than the kuffar – working class slaves – and they must pay for his lifestyle. Your approach is so so similar.
    I could say more but I don’t want to incite you.

  24. In hoc signo vinces†


    “A fascist Marxist suddenly feeling some doubt about where you are.”

    Have no doubts where I am or where you are, the political space you are now in is exactly where I expected you, the U.K. counter-jihad and Abhijit PG Pandya to be in at this point in time.

    From your troll there is a certain amount of bitterness that you did not adapt and take full advantage of the economic enviroment that prevailed and now find yourself blaming and despising those that the conditioning of the poitical elite have told you to despise – the “imperfect” competition as portrayed by the yellow press – your own kinsmen.

    A conditioned and projected self-loathing that allows you to applaud Mr Pandya (David Cameron’s good immigration, not mass immigration) in the name of counter-jihad while at the same time despising your own in the name of welfare, political double jeopardy targeted at the small white man.

    Reds under the bed indeed enjoy the nightmare!

  25. In hoc signo vinces†

    Scottish election: SNP changes Edinburgh political map.

    The SNP may have won a majority with a voting system that was designed against majority outcomes – this could be the the beginning of the end of the British state – Cameron and Clegg do not have the mandate to govern Scotland.

    “Scottish independence could be the first move on the road to the peoples of the constituent Nations releasing the death grip of the political elite in the U.K. More out of political and economic necessity than outright nationalism, as the political elite push London and the S.E. of England towards a de facto City State.” – 4Symbols.

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