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There has been much discussion in Europe over the last year or two about the costs of immigration. Advocates for immigration insist that migrants enrich European culture, but closer examination reveals that European culture actually enriches the immigrants.

When the average European taxpayer discovers the extent to which his pocket is being picked to support inassimilable and criminally-inclined Muslim immigrants, he tends to become irate, especially given the current recession he is forced to endure. So it’s no surprise that government agencies decline to provide any calculation of the costs of immigration — although the ostensible reason for their reluctance is that such studies would be “racist” and “discriminatory”.

The Dutch government refused Geert Wilders’ demand for an accounting, so his party commissioned its own study, and discovered — surprise! — that immigrants to the Netherlands cost the taxpayer an enormous amount of money, far more than they ever contribute to the Dutch state in taxes.

Other privately-sponsored studies have drawn similar conclusions. The German journalist Udo Ulfkotte has just written a book drawing together all the relevant data on the topic as it applies to Germany. Below is the first part of a two-part video report about Dr. Ulfkotte and his findings. Many thanks to the Counterjihad Collective for the transcription and time-stamping, to JLH for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The video is below the jump, followed by a complete transcript:

Part 2 is available here, in German. As soon as a transcript with time-stamps becomes available, Vlad and I will work on a translated and subtitled version of the second part.


00:04   Germany is talking: For weeks what has been making a stir is
00:09   “The costs of immigrants in Europe who are unwilling to integrate.”
00:14   How long can and will our society afford these measures?
00:20   It was not just the former head of the federal bank, Thilo Sarrazin
00:24   who set off the necessary debate.
00:29   German journalist, Udo Ulfkotte had been warning years ago
00:33   in his books, “Beware, Civil War” and “SOS Western World.”
00:40   In them the author clarifies the results of uncritical and uncontrolled Islamization.
00:47   They increasingly endanger our society.
00:50   Financial crash and mass unemployment, decline in values, increasing criminality,
00:56   rising taxes and tariffs, collapse of the health and educational systems
01:02   and much more and connected with it.
01:06   Now the author has raised the ante.
01:09   Simultaneously with Sarrazin’s provocative book title “Germany is doing away with itself”
01:14   Udo Ulfkotte is publishing in Kopp Publishers, in an almost 400 page long
01:19   book, new facts and explosive developments on the subject.
01:24   Press conference in Berlin in September, 2010.
01:28   The author asks himself journalists’ question.
01:32   The costs are a subject of discussion.
01:34   How expensive are our foreign compatriots?
01:36   How great is the burden for the German social system?
01:40   And what did immigrants unwilling to integrate cost us previously, in contrast to today?
01:47   If I say, up front, just as an example that immigrants in the
01:52   Federal Republic of Germany just up to 2007, have taken
01:56   more than a billion, with a B as in Berta, exclamation point (!)
02:01   more than a billion euros out of our social and welfare systems
02:07   more than they have paid in, then normally
02:13   a person makes a fist and says — I never heard that,
02:17   that can’t be true, must be a damn lie or rightist radical. No.
02:22   Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , June 24, 2010
02:27   from a study. The federal government, regardless of political color.
02:32   an administration has always said in the past:
02:35   Migration is generally speaking an enrichment. And I tried to follow up
02:41   with sources which are definitely not controversial. Is this claim
02:47   credible or not?
02:50   I was astonished in my first researches
02:54   how relaxed people were in a past generation, dealing with the subject of immigration
03:00   and the costs which are caused by it.
03:04   For example, the Spiegel — this isn’t a commercial —
03:09   for example, the Spiegel, on July 30, 1973
03:13   had a cover story with the headline
03:17   “The Turks are coming. every man for himself.”
03:21   In 1973 here in Berlin, there was a — sorry — a financial officer,
03:29   a precursor of Thilo Sarrazin, who estimated,
03:33   according to Spiegel in 1973, the infrastructure costs for every guest worker
03:40   and integration costs at that time, of 200,000 Marks.
03:46   So 37 years ago, that amounts to 100,000 euros.
03:51   Astonishingly, in the book you have lying before you,
03:56   when you allow for inflation. I come
04:01   to the same costs for a Turkish guest worker, for every
04:04   ethnic Turkish guest worker, I come to integration costs
04:09   of between 350,000 and 400,000 euros.
04:14   Is that an enrichment for us?
04:17   From the point of view of the political parties, that may be so.
04:20   You can certainly look at it differently.
04:24   I maintain, I am putting the idea on the table, that a great number
04:29   of the integration-resistant immigrants in the Federal Republic of Germany
04:35   have great potential and indeed on closer inspection potential for destruction.
04:42   Many immigrants in Germany are welfare destroyers,
04:46   contribute nothing to our development, rather — again a quotation,
04:51   Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 24, 2010 —
04:55   rather they take enormous sums from our social system without paying anything in.
05:01   Although all political parties have suggested to the citizenry
05:06   that these very persons should pay for our pensions
05:10   and are absolutely necessary for our future.
05:15   Finally, if you want to hear numbers, at the end
05:20   I say that every taxpayer in the Federal Republic of Germany
05:24   statistically pays about 1250 euros per year for integration
05:32   or for integration attempts by immigrants.
05:37   For the sake of political correctness, it is not desired
05:40   to speak of it, but I would like to speak about it, because we have to save.
05:46   That is uncontested, above and beyond all political-party boundaries, and I say:
05:52   let us spare our integration-resistant immigrants here in the Federal Republic of Germany.
05:59   Pithy words, clear numbers, hard facts.
06:03   The concept “integration-resistant immigrant” has become a new catchword.
06:08   Many foreigners have not felt comfortable in Germany since the beginning of this debate.
06:13   But who exactly is that?
06:19   We have seen the statistical costs for an immigrant
06:23   from anywhere in Europe between 40,000 and 50,000 Euros.
06:27   Whether it is the Netherlands NAIFA institute.
06:31   or Nicolas Sennels, who calculated that for the Danes.
06:35   You can go straight through Europe and you will find costs per immigrant,
06:41   seen statistically, of between 40,000 and 50,000 euros, which, at any rate, doesn’t mean much,
06:47   because immigrants — and here you can take the head of the
06:52   Munich Ifo Institute, Professor Hans Werner Sinn, who says:
06:56   “Immigration is in general, first of all, an enrichment
07:01   for the immigrant, but not for the society.”
07:04   Now these statistics that I just gave are distorted,
07:08   because naturally education-eager
07:11   Asians, Jews and immigrants from other countries are in the same in-flow.
07:15   Through words of the journalist Ulfkotte, it becomes clear once more:
07:19   foreigners are not all alike.
07:22   Ex-Federal Bank head, Thilo Sarrazin, created a scandal with his explanation that
07:27   the difference in cultures is in the genes.
07:31   Kopp author, Ulfkotte is more precise about which culture is better,
07:35   which is less good or which is even unsuited for coexistence
07:39   with the people in the Middle European West.
07:43   Among other things, it seems to lie in the diverse
07:45   aspirations and needs for culture and education.
07:48   And with that, we arrive once again at the differences in culture and religion.
07:56   The problems we have with the subject of immigration/integration —
08:00   we don’t have them with Asians, we don’t have them with our Jewish fellow citizens.
08:05   We have them primarily with a particular population group,
08:09   which comes overwhelmingly from the Islamic cultural sphere.
08:14   But why is that?
08:16   Is that because of a poor social situation, as some say?
08:19   if I can pour in as much money as possible, then in the end
08:23   more integration, more education will be the result?
08:26   No. Because there is sura 3, verse 110 in the Koran and a quotation
08:31   again from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:
08:33   “Education is not a value in the Islamic cultural sphere.”
08:37   The reason for that is in sura 3, verse 110, according to which: I
08:41   both have nothing to learn from an infidel, nor can I allow him to tell me anything.
08:45   Sura 3, verse 110 is the reason that this general lack of respect — for example
08:50   for the police but also for teachers in the schools,
08:54   that is shown by Muslim immigrants — that is the reason it is expanding. No one is looking into that.
08:59   Nobody is scrutinizing sura 3, verse 110.
09:02   Education is not a value in Islam. That is why —
09:07   no matter how much money I have — when I look at the number of Nobel Prize winners
09:11   in the world, and the number of Muslims in the world,
09:14   I have 1.3 to 1.4 billion Muslims; by comparison
09:20   judging by Germany, I don’t know, 12, 14. 16 million
09:24   people of the Jewish faith in the world.
09:26   I have more than 200 Jewish Nobel Prizewinners,
09:29   because education has great value in the religion of Judaism.
09:34   But I have less than a handful of Muslim Nobel Prize winners.
09:38   and they get the Nobel Prize, for example,
09:40   like Yasser Arafat, the Nobel Peace Prize winner.
09:44   Udo Ulfkotte now singles out an aspect that seems almost unbelievable:
09:49   Germany as health and welfare insurer of foreign family members
09:54   who never lived in or paid into anything in this country,
09:59   who are at home thousands of kilometers from Germany
10:03   whose living is financed by German social funds.

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Hat tip: LN.

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  1. Many years ago, when the UK and Germany stopped making “willingness to work” a prerequisite for unemployment payments (UK 1975:turning down a reasonable job offer in your field meant immediate loss of all benefits), the collapse of Europe due to debt was predicted.

    When (in 2005) it was discovered that children of long-time unemployed considered ‘going on the dole’ (D: HartIV) a viable career move, the taxpayers started getting restless.

    When Greece starting having trouble a few years ago, many wondered how the country could afford to uphold a totally parasitic class.
    Previously, the “idle rich” had at least been rich, they employed people and paid taxes.

    Now suddenly, the left-wing (labour) governments, who have been paying for votes (=power) by offering up the earnings and production of the true labourers, are trying to hide their crimes with claims of ‘not knowing’, they are surprised!

    A parasite eventually kills the body it is living on – and then its numerous offspring start looking for a new body to kill.
    It shouldn’t be long now – surgery or death.

  2. @gsw,

    Now we can all pack up our counter jihad kit and know that our children can sleep safley in their beds tonight now that you have collared the prepitrators that have taken Europe to the edge of darkness.

    We should have known all along that it was that 17 year old indigenous welfare schemie that was the mastermind of the ultraliberal plot to destroy our safe European homes.

    Swap out the muscular liberalism friendly word welfare for plunder and then see the perspective of the debate change from the bottom to the top of the U.K. plunder hierarchy. Now where did the billions of pounds National (welfare) defence budget go to?

    “willingness to work” – in practise in turning down a reasonable job offer grace & favour is given to the professional grades not Mr. Ned Parasite Schemie who would have his JSA stopped for doing so.

    Try a bit more bravery in your politics look at the plunderer not the enslaved ground feeder. The British State is not a welfare state it is a top-down plunderer state.

  3. The idea that aging, decadent and complacent Europe needs Muslim immigrants to pay their old age pensions preposterous.

    The Koran does not tell Muslims to pay the pensions of unbelievers, it says ‘kill them and enjoy the booty’.

    These people take their religion seriously, and they have a 1400 year historical record to prove it.

    A hard rain is gonna fall…..

  4. But immigrants are such a great benefit to the economy – they do the jobs that nobody wants to do!™

    (I guess that includes the 30% of their children – across Europe, from Bradford to Germany – who are unemployed, and unemployable)

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