Camp of the Saints: Trucking Across Europe

Lampedusa refugees #12

Refugees from the “Arab Spring” are accumulating across southern Europe, mainly in Italy, but also in Malta and Greece. Most of them attempt to move onward from these locations to more favored destinations. France serves as the Promised Land for the Tunisians, many of whom already have relatives there, or claim to. Other migrants prefer to enrich the cultures of Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden — and expect to be enriched in return by some of the most generous welfare systems in the world.

The news story below from Dutch TV describes attempts by migrants to hide in the undercarriages of long-distance trucks hauling freight from Greek ports. By stowing away in this manner, they hope to travel all the way to the Netherlands and other northern European destinations.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

6 thoughts on “Camp of the Saints: Trucking Across Europe

  1. The video is entitled “Muslim invasion of Europe not with tanks but under trucks”.

    But it’s not an invasion at all. The video reveals Europes acceptance, actually encouragement, of the third world into it’s borders.

    Boat, plane, bicycle or undercarriage of truck doesn’t really matter. It’s an invitation not an invasion.

  2. It’s curious that so many thousands of muslims are eager to depart their sweet paradise, created for them by Allah, for unknown lands and harsh cultural differences of the non-believing infidel.

    ___ ___

  3. The invading Islamists sincerely believe that they are doing Allah the favor by colonizing infidel Europe and then instituting Sharia Law for the glory of Allah and the good of the greater ummah.

    The compliant and then conquered Europeans are to be “the slaves of the slaves of Allah” as Sultan Knish aka Daniel Greenfield wrote in a recent Canada Free Press essay.

  4. Egghead –

    “The compliant and then conquered Europeans are to be ‘the slaves of the slaves of Allah’ [..]”

    Phew, then us Dutchies have a lucky break here, ’cause we ain’t Europeans, like Geert taught, when he said about himself:

    “I’m Dutch. I am not a European.”


  5. The “Culture Enrichers” are coming your way, into Europe trying to escape the NATO War in Libya and Tunisia and Egypt.

    You know, the NATO & U.S. Invasion, where the No. Afr. soil is being ENRICHED with Depleted Uranium. If they hadn’t interfered with events, the Civil War in those places, the islamics wouldn’t be FLEEING there!

    Ya get da point?!

  6. Sagunto: Obviously, you have not taken your EU-prescribed dose of Islam-compliant pills today…. 🙂

    P.S. I did read that article that you suggested, but then GoV went down for a while, and the moment passed for the discussion.

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