A Lull in the Action

Siege of Vienna

2011 Spring Quarterly Fundraiser, Day 7

Dymphna is under the weather tonight, so I’m having to fill in at the last minute. She has something significant planned for her bleg post tomorrow, assuming she’s back in action by then.

Tip jarWe’re in the midst of the weekend traffic lull, so not much has been happening today. We’re also in an economic lull — times have been tough for almost three years, and are getting tougher. So when you think about it, it’s amazing that anyone can spare enough cash to apply it to an enterprise like this one.

Especially in Michigan, which is experiencing some of the worst of the current recession. Yet we got two gifts today from Michiganders, so you never can tell. Our donors continue to surprise and delight us with their repeated generosity.

We started our Fund-a-thon last weekend, so we’ll push it all the way through the end of this weekend and have a wrap-up on Monday.

Here’s the roster of places that checked in today:


Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, and Michigan

Far Abroad:

Flanders, Ireland, and the UK

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. You will all hear from Dymphna in the fullness of time.

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