Love of Palestinians is Not Enough

The fate of Juliano Mer-Khamis demonstrates that suicidal liberalism among Jews is not confined to the United States. Progressive Jews in America can expect the same fate one of these days, if the Ummah has its way.

Because his mother was Jewish, Mr. Mer-Khamis was doomed from the start in “Palestine”. Only conversion to Islam and devout public practice could have saved him.

Here’s the story from ANSAmed:

West Bank: Director Arab-Jewish Theatre Killed

Tel Aviv, April 4 — The well-known Israeli pro-Palestinian actor and activist Juliano Mer-Khamis, who has an Arab father and Jewish mother, was shot dead today in the area of the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, where he had been leading a theatre called Theatre of Freedom for years, local media report.

According to the first reports, the car Mer-Khamis just had got in was hit by five bullets fired by at least two attackers, who have not been identified yet.

Mer-Khamis, maker of the famous documentary ‘Arna’s Children’, founded the Jenin theatre together with the former local commander of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah, at the time of the Second Intifada.

The actor and activist had reportedly received threats from fundamentalist Islamic circles in the past months, from people who did not sympathise with his origins, nor his secular artistic activities.

Hat tip: Insubria.

6 thoughts on “Love of Palestinians is Not Enough

  1. Somehow, Israel needs to monopolize the entire Middle East market for the following items:

    Life Vests
    Compressed Oxygen
    Transfusable Blood
    Transfusable Plasma
    Vehicle Airbags
    Vehicle Seat Belts
    All Vaccines
    Surgical Instruments
    Traffic Signal Controls

    It would be such a relief to see the entire Arab world forgo these items because of their Jewish manufacture. The mulish obstinance of Muslims would ensure that many of them would voluntarily remove themselves from this mortal coil than ever allow themselves to be contaminated by anything of Israeli origin.

    I have lost all patience with these Islamic idiots.

  2. Ah Zenster, always a dreamer. The easiest way of dealing with it is to add a drop of liquefied pork to every item on the list and then sit back and watch. but you know as well as i do that the chances of this happening are comparable to those of The Nation editors swooning over Sarah Palin.

  3. lbertarian: The easiest way of dealing with it is to add a drop of liquefied pork to every item on the list and then sit back and watch.

    I used to oppose the pig-fat strategy as too childish and ridiculous. That is no longer the case.

    Whatever it takes to play upon the innumerable superstitions of Muslims is just fine by me. Keep them in such a tizzy worrying about what has porcine traces or come in contact with menstruating women, I care not in the least. Just so long as they are going through perpetual vapor lock trying to sort out the haram from the halal.

    Hurt them any way we can and keep hurting them in large enough numbers until they no longer have time or resources to screw around with us.

  4. Zenster Zenstere..:) I admire your intencitity! Truely I believe that if Americans and all of Europe does not get real about the threat of loosing our culturial identity and get angry about the incessent PC we will be lost to the Islamic shuffle!

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